Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sponsored - DHC Lip Cream Review

Artie Beauty kindly sent me the DHC Lip Cream a while back and I'm finally ready to write my review!
$8.99 from Artie Beauty
Promises to:
"Blended with emollients, including squalane and aloe, this formula is amazingly smooth-gliding. Free radical neutralizers in olive oil and vitamin E defend against feather line creators and collagen deflators. Lips receive long-lasting moisture, look less rough, and feel undeniably more luscious."
lanolin oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride, euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) wax/candelilla cera/cire de candelilla, lanolin, beeswax/cera alba/cire d’abeille, stearic acid, olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, squalane, pentylene glycol, panax ginseng root extract, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, tocopherol, phenoxyethanol, stearyl glycyrrhetinate
My lips went through hell this Summer; first they'd burn, then they'd itch, and finally they'd peel - in chunks. Then once the peeling was finally over, it'll start all over again. 
I also ended up with a free trout pout because the skin around my lips got so irritated and swollen from the peeling.
In the end I had to resort to applying 2% hydrocortisone cream to my lips, and while that kept the itching and peeling at bay for as long as I kept applying it, the moment I stopped it'll all come back. 
Burn, itch, peel. Rinse and repeat.
Since hydrocortisone is a steroid hormone and not intended for long term use, I had to look for a safer alternative.
I was quite skeptical about the DHC Lip Cream as I'd tried just about every other lipbalm out there to relieve my peeling lips with no avail, however, it proved me wrong.
The DHC Lip Cream doesn't heal like the hydrocortisone, but it does prevent the vicious cycle from restarting once my lips are healed. On application, it forms a protective barrier against any further loss of moisture and also leaves my lips soft and glossy. 
I especially love how the lip cream comes packaged like that of a sleek lipstick instead of those fiddly plastic tubes that most lipbalms come in. 
While the price is a bit high, this has definitely made HG status for me.
Flakey dry lips:
 After DHC Lip Cream:


  1. This lip balm sounds great. Sorry you suffer from such dry and itchy lips though, glad this is stopping the cycle.

  2. LOL btw, it's Kalmo from Cambo Soup. I used the wrong account, sorry!

  3. it looks super moisturizing! def gotta hunt this down. thx for the review hun!

  4. Looks like an alternative to my cost-a-bomb La Mer lip balm!

  5. Considering Jack Black lip balm is $8 here, I don't think $8.99 is too bad for a semi-luxe lip balm. Yeah, I'm a total sucker for lip balms packaged like lip sticks :P

  6. It looks like it works well! I really want to try DHC products,but they're so expensive!! xX

  7. Humm...sounds like something my lips and I go through's worse when I'm working dry, cracked, peeling lips must scare most of the customers away. LOL
    I might have to try out this one since it sounds like it might work better than the $15 Murad lipgloss that was suppose to solve my lip problems. And that was the most costly lipgloss I have ever bought. It was partly because there were no dollar amount whatsoever attached to the item when I purchased it. The sales lady just went and grabbed me one and I forked over a twenty dollar bill thinking I'd get at least $10 back, which I didn't.
    Anyway, I think $8.99 isn't too bad.
    <33 Rena

  8. Yikes that sounds awful! Though your lips don't look too bad in the before. I don't think $8.99 is too much for needed relief! Did you try Vaseline too?

  9. Great review!! My lips are always dry throughout the entire year...and I have a bad habit of not applying so kind of lip balm on them. :3 Looks like this one is pretty promising!!