Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sana Hadanomy Collagen cream and lotion review

The packaging is so terrifyingly cute and pink that Mr. Nunu whimpers a lil every time he sees it in the bathroom. Onwards to the review!
Promises to:
"Sana HADANOMY Collagen Cream, icy cold to the touch, gives skin a refreshing feeling. It contains 1000 mg of micro collagen, hyaluronic acid, acerola extract and honey. By applying it before sleep, you will be given moisturization overnight. The cream with mild, natural floral scent will leave your skin moister and more supple next morning."
Promises to:
"Sana HADANOMY Collagen Lotion, a gel-type toner, contains 2 kinds of collagen, making it sink deeply into skin in an easier way. The moisturizing effect is greater. It delivers a light floral scent. Applied before sleep, it hydrates skin all night long. It preps skin for a make-up of closer fit on the following day."
$12.99 -$16.99 at Artiestyle (use promocode "Macnunu10" for 10% off your order of $20!)
Micro collagen, hyaluronic acid Na, honey, acerola extract
Collagen, other than being the main component of Pamela Anderson's lips, is a protein that essentially glues the body together. As we get older (like I am) the collagen in our bodies degrade and all sorts of fun things head south. Jowls? I has em.
Unfortunately collagen also cannot be absorbed through skin or our digestive system. Yes, all those bowls of chicken feet/pigs feet/fish swim bladder soup that our Asian mums forced down our throats with promises of "it'll make you prettier!"actually did diddly squat and we could've eaten a steak instead.
So disregarding the 1000mg of collagen contained within these products, we come down to the core question, are these products any good at moisturising?
The answer is yes.
These products plumped out the lines under my eyes caused by dehydration (yes dehydration, they're not crow's feet damnit!). However, like all topical treatments, the effect doesn't last ad infinitum. If you're looking for something to boost your hydration level then these products definitely do the job.
If you're looking for a rich moisturising cream then this cream definitely won't do as it's more gel-like in texture. It's very cool and soothing and spreads very easily, however, it does leaves a sticky residue. And that brings me to my biggest qualm with the products, both the lotion and the cream leave a sticky residue on the skin that NEVER goes away! My face remains sticky to the touch even 1/2hr after application!! This bothers me because I use this cream in the morning and my face just remains weirdly sticky until I put something on top of it like foundation or loose powder. The lotion on its own isn't as sticky as the cream but it definitely does not absorb completely like my Hadalabo lotions do. Texture wise, the lotion is the thickest I've ever encountered but still spreads easily.
People who are bothered by germs will hate that the cream comes in a jar. Me? I'm more a "big germ eats small germ" person so it doesn't bother me.
Although they describe the products as having a floral scent, I don't really detect any.
I've been told that these products absorb better on drier skin so I am personally retiring these to my winter regime. Overall these products give a good boost of moisture, do not break me out and are very reasonably priced. However, the stickiness stops them short of LOVE for me.


  1. Thanks for reviewing these Hadanomy COllagen products! I looove the packaging, so cute and pink. The lotion sounds great and I like how it has hyaluronic and acerola (brightening) as ingredients. I'm not bothered by jar packaging either. ^^ My hands are always clean after washing my face and hands.

  2. I've been thinking of trying this line out but I think I'll leave it off until winter comes too since it works better for drier skin. Have/Are you going try the mist from this line?
    Thanks for the review :]

  3. I've been thinking about getting more from this line. I've only tried the facial mist which I love to death, and I think these would be good too. It certainly looks hydrating. And the chicken feet soup skin stuff doesn't work?! I've been eating them since I had teeth LOL

  4. I was going to try this line out but now that I see it's very similar to the Hada Labo SHA line, I'll skip it. Actually, I still want the facial spray so... I'll get that only :P

    I best not argue with my mom that her collagen soups do nothing. Trying to explain the science to old Chinese folks is hopeless LOL!

  5. i always see this stuff sold at the asian supermarkets i frequent. the packaging is indeed girly haha

    man idk if i could stand feeling sticky all day!!! thanks for the detailed review!! i had no idea that eating collagen doesn't work. now im glad i refused to be force fed chicken feet hehehe

  6. This looks great! I think your under eye looks a little brighter! X

  7. Ok, first of all you do NOT have jowls!! And secondly, I love me some fish swim bladder so collagen are not, I'm going to keep on eating that. haha what a strange translation that is.

    Anyways, you had me with that product until the stickiness!

  8. thx for review
    i use sana hadanomy cream and mist
    so far love it
    so right now i wanna try lotion =)
    but i think sana must wear at night because it really sticky
    however the best for moisturizer

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