Monday, August 15, 2011

L'Oreal Color Infallible eyeshadow review

I'm sure you've all noticed these curious little pots in my latest FOTDs.
They're the new Color Infallible eyeshadows from L'Oreal and they are simply amazing. I own 4 of these babies courtesy of 2 ladies who love me long time (Justine and Vicky I'm looking at you), and I love every single one of them.
I get the feeling that these are L'Oreal's answer to the Chanel Illusion d'ombre and Armani Eyes to Kill but I wouldn't call these "cream shadows" because they are definitely powder and there is no "bounce". Imagine a soft pressed pigment and you're close, but unlike pigments, these shadows don't kick up any dust when used.
Of my 4, only Time Resist White applied crumbly, the rest are buttery smooth and all 4 impart a gorgeous metallic/pearl finish.
I prefer to apply these with my fingers like I do with my Chanel Ombre Perlees as I find brushes tend not to pick up these eyeshadows too well. Time Resist White has the finickiest application and requires being patted on carefully but all the rest are easily swiped on and blended.
Purple Obsession, Permanent Kaki and Endless Chocolate all have AMAZING staying power. You all know me as a greasy pirate, but these will stay on my lids without primer for over 12 hours with minimal fading and creasing. With primer, they wear like iron.
My friend Justine has a couple of the matte shades that are currently only available in Europe and she apparently found them "weird". I've seen swatches of the matte shades and I find them rather inferior compared to the pearl/metallic finishes.
I believe there are currently 9 colours available in Canada, there's a couple more European exclusives that I fully intend to beg/blackmail/guilt my pommie chums into getting me. No shame here people.
Endless Chocolat:
Permanent Kaki:
From top left: Permanent Kaki; and Purple Obsession. From bottom left: Endless Chocolat and Time Resist White.
Each little pot comes with a plastic keeper which prevents any loose powder from escaping onto the lid.

Swatches from left: Endless Chocolat, Permanent Kaki; Purple Obsession and Time Resist White
Endless Chocolat: a beautiful rich chocolate brown that amazingly doesn't pull too warm. It works wonderfully on my NC20/25 skin and doesn't make me look dirty!
Permanent Kaki: Not really a khaki but more an olive. A medium green with golden undertones.
Purple Obsession: I <3 the name of this one because I truly am obsessed with this colour!! A beautiful jewel toned purple that carries a bluish tint in certain lighting.
Time Resist White: An off white. Appears beige in the pot but on skin it shows white. Colour payoff for this one is rather poor and the texture is quite crumbly. I like to use this one in the inner corner of my eyes.
Swatches from left: Purple Obsession; Chanel Ombre Perlees purple; Permanent Kaki; Chanel Ombre Perlees green.

The texture of the Color Infallibles reminded me of the Chanel Ombre Perlees quint. Both are soft shadows which leave a pearly finish so I though to compare the 2 colours which appeared the most alike. As you can see, the Chanel has a darker undertone and are "dustier" whereas the L'Oreal are brighter and lack the complex finish of the Chanel. Texture and finish wise though I still feel they are similar.
For $10, I don't think you can get better eyeshadow that the L'Oreal and I totally have Pokemon complex with them.


  1. Wow these eye shadows are gorgeous, thanks for the pretty swatches. $10 is a great deal for such quality shadows.

  2. I love these!! I just bought forever pink it's really pretty.

  3. I want Permanent Khaki!! (The UK one has a 'h' in the 'Kaki' XD)
    I'm sure you'll have the whole infallible range soon XD I'm here if you want the shades that are exclusive to us, the L'or L'or L'or ones are coming out soon~~! :P LOL <3

  4. Woah these look really pigmented! Love that purple color.

  5. I've got Permanent Khaki and Burning Black - I love the formulation and they are so much cheaper than Armani, lol!

  6. these are GORGEOUS!!! gonna have to go see if these are available in the US. omg Purple Obsession is soooo pretty!

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  8. I've tried one of these for the first time on the weekend and am so impressed! Would love to get my hands on that khaki and purple one