Sunday, August 21, 2011

Harry Potter Challenge: Beauxbaton version

Yes I was one of those who disturbed your movie by bawling her eyes out. I couldn't help it, the tears started when the Hogwarts teachers began putting up spells to defend the castle and didn't stop until the credits rolled.
I grew up with Harry, I have laughed with him, I have cried with him. I was at every single midnight book release, and have probably read each one in the excess of ten times. After every new film release, it was mandatory tradition that I go and re-watch all the previous films and re-read each book.
I clung desperately onto the films after the book releases ended and now that even the films have ended, I feel like my childhood is well and truly over T.T

"Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend."
— Stephen King

Yumeko over at Bittenbefore started a Harry Potter makeup challenge to celebrate the release of the last film and a couple of my favourite Twitter ladies along with myself decided to jump to the challenge!

Yumeko's Griffindor
Vicky's Hufflepuff:
Justine's Ravenclaw:
Yasumi's Slytherin:
And finally, my off the beaten path Beauxbaton:

"Bah! Bill don't look at me, I'm 'ideous."

Do you like my wand? It's Sirius' xD 

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  1. haha the last photo of u with the wand is so cute!
    loooove tat blue on you, you look FAB!
    truly it only works on ppl who are fair like you

    dont mind me, i am being jelly!!
    thanks for joining in!!!

  2. I love it!! We need to get someone to do Durmstrang although green and red seems more Christmas-y than anything.

    Why don't we have Pottermore e-mails yet ;____;

    I love love love the light blue and silver - light blue shows up as white on me!

    And the dress!! I remember when you bought that. <3

  3. i was SO sure that was a chopstick until you declared it a wand

    i love this look
    youre gorgeous as always =)

  4. you did an amazing job! What a fun challenge. I love your powder blue eye makeup!

  5. oops I forgot to say.. in reply to your question, yes my husband does have a Scottish accent. really unexpected when people first meet him!

  6. LOVE IT!!!!!!! This is a fab look!!

    I hope we can all do more challenges in the future?

    But you missed out Vicky :(

  7. :'( I got teary during the part when the Professors cast the spell too! And when Ron's bro died :(

    :O You have a wand!!! Jealous! lol.

    Love the look you created, the last pic is super cute. My parents laughs at me when I do that with my pens haha. <3

  8. Omg I got teary eyed too during the teacher part! Luckily I maintained my stone cold exterior rep by not shedding any. I like your Beauxbaton look and the Gryffindor ones the best! Very true to the schools :)

  9. look great with that "wand"! XD I've only seen the first two movies. *runs and hides*

  10. i love your wand! so badass hahaha i grew up w HP too. all these twilight kiddos will never understand our relationship w HP XD

  11. I grew up with HP too and am sad to see it end. LOL I love the Stephen King quote but to be fair, I've never seen the Twilight movies nor read the books. (not going to either lol)

    Love your blue EOTD and the wand@

  12. Wow, you're like the first ever harry potter fan that is actually a true H.P fan!!! You re-read all the books AND watch all the movies before the new ones??! That's total dedication!!

    Love the dress-up and make-up! Very pretty!

    Ooo you have twitterrrr!!! What's your twitter name? I'm still pretty new to twitter :) I'm not sure if i've added you yet, so let me know :) My username is @KawaiiCrystals. xX

  13. I love it =) all these looks are amazing =) I've always wanted one of the wands =D maybe it'll be on my Xmas list :p

    xxx Vee