Friday, August 5, 2011

A $2 blush that loves you long time.

As is with 90% of the things that I buy, this one was as a result of Justine egging me on. I was innocently trying to convince her to try a $6.50 BB Cream we found at YokoYaya (a local Japanese dollar shop which sells products made for Daiso) when she turned around and said she'll buy a $2 blush if I buy one.
See, it's all her fault.
Ellefar, is a made in Taiwan brand which I believe is available exclusively at Daiso shops. Other than blushes, I've also seen their face powders, mascaras, and eyeliners at Daiso. I saw only 2 different colours of MultiCheek, a pink and a beige. Justine got the pink (of course) and I got the beige.
The packaging is typical of Japanese drugstore brands; a clear plastic compact complete with a useless brush which I won't even bother trying.
Packaging compared to other Japanese drugstore brands. From left: Kanebo My Featuring Colors Blend Color Cheek; Daiso Ellefar MultiCheek; Canmake Cheek Gradation.
While the plastic tray is really blah, I'm really impressed with the 3D embossing on the surface of the blush.
FOTD using MultiCheek Beige:
"Beige" is a misleading name, as the blush actually applies as a gorgeous peachy coral glow that is very reminiscent of NARS Orgasm. Pigmentation is amazing and I had to be rather careful with my application to avoid looking like a baboon bum. Unlike both the Kanebo and Canmake blushes, the MultiCheek blush is amazingly well pressed and kicks up no "dust" during use. Lasting time is around 6-8hrs.
Close up of the finish:
Swatches from left: Canmake Gradation Chocolate Stripe; Ellefar MultiCheek Beige; and Kanebo Color Cheek.
Close up of MultiCheek Beige:
One more cam whore!
I am completely flabbergasted by the amazingly quality of this blush. I really can't believe that they can produce such a finely milled and pigmented blush for $2. I think everyone within the vicinity of a Daiso should go and buy every single colour they can find RIGHT NOW!


  1. Oh you changed your blog layout! I like the streamlined look.

    I have this blush, it's so cute and love the pigmentation. You look so cute in the last picture. I can't remember where I got mine though, maybe a blog sale. XD

  2. I bought an incredibly cheap eyeshadow palette at Daiso in Muscat and I really like it! Great blush!

  3. Great find! That's a gorgeous colour and it looks beautiful on you. Once again you make me miss Diaso so much...

  4. ahh i never really get any cosmetics from diaso coz im not sure if they are any good!! but this one really amazes me! :) great find!!

  5. great buy! blush looks lovely on you

  6. omigad thanks for sharing, I'm gonna head over there today and see what I can find.

    Love your photos <3

  7. Wow, that's pretty! I'd buy it but no Daiso in L.A. *cries a river*

  8. There are 4 different MultiCheeks available: Brown, Orange, Pink, and Beige. I know because I collected them all at one poin :P. They're very good blushes for $2 and Beige is my favorite out of the bunch.

    P.S. Love the new blog header<3

  9. Hmm I shall have to remember this whenever I manage to use up my giant Orgasm stick! Hmm gawd, sorry that my comment sounds so dirty :(

  10. wow, props to Justine for making you buy this blush! it looks so nice on you, gives you a lively flush of color. :)

    nice new layout and banner! kitties & make up! *claps*

  11. I love how CHEAP in japan doesnt mean SHITE QUALITY like it does here. Great find!

  12. It really is a lovely shade and it looks incredible on you. Great find!

  13. the blush looks great on you! oh how I wish there's a Diaso in the States!! so lucky!!! :)

  14. oh mine this blush looks fabulous!! *run to the nearest daiso to search for it*