Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a while back...(EXTREMELY pic heavy!)

I saw the Grand Canyon:
I frolicked in the sun:
I ate:
Oh man did I eat:

I saw London:
I saw France:
I didn't see anyone's underpants though.

We found vermin in our food!:
We went to Africa for a Safari:

I met a friend:
We ate:
I sang in the rain:
I wore a flower in my hair...:
...but forgot to when in San Francisco!:
I went on a Forbidden Journey:

We ate some more:
We drank butter beer:
We ran with Forest:
And we ate:

We got lied to:
I tried to act cute:
I left my heart at the most magical place on earth:


  1. Wow!! You went on an amazing adventure!
    Can I come next time? Please? xD

    I miss LA and San Francisco, last time I went was when I was five lol but I still remember Disneyland and the food! :D

    You must come and see the real London again! xx

  2. Fab travel pics!! just looking at your pics makes me feel better!

  3. disneyworld??? i was just there in may!! :) i loved it

  4. haha cute post! Omg what does butter beer taste like???

  5. Haha awww I think you looked cute in that picture - you don't even have to try that hard!

  6. Wah you look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures. I'm dorky and my dream honeymoon would be going to Disneyworld haha. I would especially like to go to HP world and drink some butterbeer. Yay, glad you're updating and posting again.

  7. omg i loved this post!!! so many great pictures & food. looks like an amazing adventure!

  8. woww love all the amazing photos!!..ahh Harry potter!does the butter beer taste good? ratatouille!

  9. Man did you eat indeed!!! How do you maintain your perfect figure after all that food missy!!
    I cant believe you had butter beer, what did it taste likeee????? I'm a huge Harry potter fan, it must have been a surreal moment when a fantasy meets reality! Or am I going a little overboard... Great post, i really enjoyed it!! You look like you had an amazing holiday!!! xX <3

  10. I love our pic together! Too bad I couldn't have taken you to more places. Come back soon!!

  11. Sounds like a wonderful vacation!! I can't wait to get over to Hogwarts..

  12. Wow. I really like how you executed this post. Looks like you had so much fun! YES I'm jealous damn it!