Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vancouver IMATS 2011

Thus begins the very arduous task of blogging about the IMATS. Arduous not because of the subject, but because of the sheer volume of photos I had to edit.
This year's IMATS was held at the beautiful Vancouver Convention Centre. The crowd turnout was phenomenal.
9am ticketing queue:
Somebody overslept and missed the bus. The same somebody almost went to last year's venue. Somebody, I'm not gonna say who, but somebody got stuck in a queue real bad.
Of course I was nowhere to be found on their press list, I'm lucky like that, they were lovely about it though and soon we were on our merry way.
At the exhibit hall we were confronted with this:
One monstrous queue stretching as far as the eye can see. The reward? MUFE products at 40% off retail.
Given that there were four of us, we ended up taking turns to man the queue while the rest went to shop and take photos elsewhere.
Justine and I took time to cam whore while we were in line:
The one booth that really stood out for me was the NYX booth. Never have I been in the hallowed presence of so much eyeshadow. Just look at the amount of products they had!

Yes I took about a zillion photos of their booth.
Their discounts were 30%-40% off retail, that coupled with the limited availability of NYX products in Canada made me one happy shopper. I quickly grabbed their HD foundation which has been touted as being a cheap alternative to MUFE's HD Cover along with a couple of other bits and bobs that I will show in my haul post.

Royal & Langnickel
I decided to invest in a couple of their brushes to see how they compare to the Crown brushes I bought last year. They had some beautiful sets for $70 but honestly how many brushes do I need? Don't answer that question.

Considered the holy grail of makeup brushes, these babies are handmade in Japan and have the price tags to show for it. Justine and I both reckon that had they their lacquer collection in stock, we'd be much poorer by the end of the day.

Ben Nye
I'm happy to see that Ben Nye greatly expanded their booth from last year and had actual products for sale this time. I love the bright colours in their collection.

Make Up For Ever
After a mere 2 1/2hrs wait, we were finally at the front of the MUFE queue. Seriously ladies, next year, do you think you could PLEASE go to your nearest Sephora or The Bay and swatch to your heart's content the day before the show? Just make a wish list, hand it over to the nice exhibitor people who'll fill your prescription and then all you have to do is pay for it. It's much less time consuming than swatching at the booth with 100 others behind you. By the time we made our purchases, they were already completely sold out of Aqualiner #8 (light purple) and several of the Lab Shine glosses. There are rumours of exchanges being possible at Sephora and MUFE free standing counters but you didn't hear it from me *whistles*.

Beautiful demo by the MUFE artist:

Nigel Beauty Emporium
A new exhibitor to this year's show. I was most taken with their human hair lashes which sold for an insane 7 pairs for $10. If I was a false lashes person I would haul by the bucket load. Unfortunately I am more a chicken wings person.

Once again Temptu was there to demonstrate some lovely airbrush work. Did you know you can airbrush eyebrows?!
Eve Pearl's presentation.
Eve Pearl's booth:

Look at some of her makeover results! Amazing no?

Liz Yu herself was there to (wo)man the booth this year. I'm happy to report back after some swatching that their eyeshadows have a much more complex finish and apply better than the Coastal Scents palettes that I had previously likened them to. I was sorely tempted to pick up a few of their single eyeshadows but I have nowhere to put them and I REALLY don't need more eyeshadow. For about $2 you get a penny sized amount of eyeshadow. Not bad really.

Another new exhibitor to this year's show was Vivid Cosmetics. I found their triangular palettes really interesting!! Very sci-fi xD

Then of course there was Crown Brushes. Their brushes are much more budget friendly than Royal & Langnickel. However, I do feel some of their brushes are not as soft in comparison. I really recommend their eye brushes but steer clear of their duo fibre brush as it just never stops shedding! This year they had a more complete line of products - I think they had all their brush lines there as well as their colour cosmetics collection.

Graftobian was there with their range of HD and theatre makeup.
Lit Cosmetics
Enough glitter to make Ke$ha a very happy girl.
Naked Cosmetics
I bought 2 of these sets last year.
Eye Kandy
"Go insane, go insane, throw some glitter make it rain"
I was quite sad that they weren't selling the Unii palette this year :(

Next up! Student's competition and my haul!


  1. oo how i wish there was something like this nearby... T___T MUFE T___T hope you had a stronger resolve than i would've in such situation...

    regardless, i HAVE to ask what foundation you're wearing. your skin looks absolutely flawless!! *jealous*

  2. Aw sorry you had a bad morning before IMATs. You look soooo pretty in the picture. Gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing all the pcitures. NYX display looks magical, love all of the colors. So many booths and products, looked like fun!

    I'm going to try to go one day.

  3. Jeez that looks like make-up heaven!! xX

  4. omgggg the NYX display is so crazy!!! i would've been too stunned to even know where to begin! looks like you had a great time!

  5. I love the pic of you and Justine. It made me smile on this ghastly monday lunchtime x

  6. Your skin looks great in your picture! And of course, you had great pictures of the contests and exhibitors' goods. :) I'm so glad you're bloggin again