Sunday, July 17, 2011

Go Smile Smile Whitening System review

Included in my bag of swag from the event was this interesting little kit:

It promised to turn me from this:
to this:
The method of application amuses me to no end; first you have to remove the tube from its cardboard sleeve, flip it around, and reinsert it back into the sleeve with the sponge tip exposed...
...then you have to squeeze the tube to break the inner glass vial which contains the whitening gel.
Basically, I was about to paint my teeth with a tiny glow stick.
Once you have broken the glass vial, you squeeze the tube until the sponge tip becomes soaked with the whitening gel (excuse my flakey lips and yes my top and my bottom teeth don't align):
Then you paint the gel onto your not-so pearly whites:
Then you run around the house with your lips peeled back like an angry primate while flapping your hands furiously in front of your mouth.
That last step might or might not be necessary.
Day 1:
Day 7:

Can you see a difference between Day 1 and Day 7? Can you see ANY difference never mind 86 frikken dollars worth of difference??!! Because dear god that is what they are selling this kit for at Sephora.
In addition to not whitening my teeth, it also stung like a b!tch wherever the gel got onto my gums. Not surprising since one of its main ingredients is hydrogen in the stuff you used to turn your hair a nice crispy orange back in high school before you knew what toner was.
The application, while amusing, is actually highly impractical. The sponge tip is way too big to use on the narrower bottom teeth, even if I just used the edge of it, I had to risk the gel getting onto my gums and bringing pain and profanity.
Another flaw of the system's design is that it is impossible to get the gel onto the back teeth so even if this did whiten your teeth, you'll have white teeth in the front and ogre teeth in the back.
This product was a complete fail for me and I would advise that you keep your hard earned money.


  1. Ugh, I hate products that don't deliver results! Well at least now I know I won't be buying Go smile.

  2. I was wondering about this product and was so tempted to buy it on Hautelook or Ruelala. Your teeth seem pretty white to begin with, but if you still want to whiten, I'd go with the Crest 3D white strips. They kinda burned at first, but I saw results on the 3rd/4th day - I had some brown discolorations on my bottom teeth that are now gone. Also, the Crest strips allow you to keep your mouth closed so you don't need to run around like an angry primate with flapping hands lol.

  3. ohh sorry to hear it didn't work out for you. most teeth whitening I find does sting your gums because of the bleach in it. I use crest whitening strips and that does work.. but I only use half of it because after a while it stings my gums too

  4. Sorry to say this, but i see no difference :(
    However, your teeth is pretty much white anyways!! You have pretty teeth :)
    I can't believe how rubbish this product looks, you have to "paint" it one? How time consuming! And how can it sting, that's so bad for such an expensive product! I highly recommend Crest whitening strips if you're serious about whitening your teeth, they worked quite well on me, i did a review of it on my blog so check it out if you're not sure :) I'm always worried my teeth will fall out when using products like these on it! >.< xX

  5. Dang, sorry it didn't work for you! It's expensive too and it should hurt! Lame. Thanks for sharing and now we all can avoid it.

    I've heard Crest White Strips with great success, so has my bf. It will make your teeth sensitive and possibly painful but I just spaced treatments out a lot so they never hurt. I also used sensodyne toothpaste and never had bad side effects, never hurt my gum either.

  6. I think it's worth it to spend twice as much and have it done professionally...

  7. hahaha I just had the funniest mental image while reading this post. That sucks that it wasn't even worth all the pain! At least you got it for free!

  8. LOL!!! Your review was hilarious xD
    But geez it's eighty muthafuckin six stupid ass dollars?!And it doesn't even work half as well as Crest White Strips. That's lame as hell.

  9. You could try using strips from Stella white instead. I have been using them for 2 years and they really work and are quite affordable. :)