Thursday, July 14, 2011

Birthday giveaway.

Another year older and none the wiser. Growing old but not growing up.
As is tradition, here is a giveaway to celebrate the anniversary of my birth.
As always, the prize is fantastic:
One winner will get the Chanel Topkapi quad plus extras*.
As always there are rules:
  1. Giveaway is open to international readers;
  2. Entries close at 12:00pm midnight on July 31, 2011;
  3. Must be a follower of this here blog;
  4. To qualify, leave a comment under this post with your answer to this question - "What was the most memorable birthday you had and why was it memorable?"
  5. Winner will be drawn using
Spread the word and GOOD LUCK!!


    1. Happy Birthday Nunu! It's very generous of you to offer such an awesome giveaway prize. My most memorable birthday was the 2011 one haha getting old and the other ones are a blur. My b-day started out with a silly fight with the bf and at the end of the day, I was thankful for having good people in my life to celebrate the day with. Thank you for entering me.

    2. Happy Birthday Nunu!
      Aw and that is mighty generous of you =)
      Hope you have a great birthday!

      A couple years back, I went to work on my birthday. Now typically, nothing happens on my birthday and it is never celebrated. So my bf at the time showed up after work with my bestfriend and got me my favourite Maxim cake and a stuffie. And for a special touch lit candles in the food court LOL

    3. Happy Birthday!!! :)
      my most memorable birthday was probably my 16th birthday... it wasnt anything special... just i had a lot of people celebrate it with me :)
      we went roller blading and then to my house and had a house party~ it was really fun coz all my friends were there :) now that im old.. i feel like its hard to meet up with all my friends to even have a dinner!

    4. Happy Birthday:)Following as glammed
      My 7th birthday was my favourite. My best friend had her birthday 2 days before mine and we had a sleepover at her house and then mine with our best friends. 2 cakes and double the fun, it was amazing!

    5. Happy Birthday NuNu!!

      My most memorable birthday was when I turned 14. I spent it in the Philippines with my Lola (grandmother) and other family members. It was the last time I ever saw ever because she died 6 months later on July 4. I didn't see her that much since I live in America, and I was happy that I was able to spend at least one birthday.

    6. all my birthdays suck, mostly because i am getting older and people forget so i dont' bother to celebrate it anymore. yes i am year since everyone forgot, and wanted to do something for someone else's bday, i up and went to Puerto Rico for a week. It was awesome cause it was freezing in nyc, but a nice 85 down there. see, i went to get a tan.

    7. My most memorable birthday was my 20th, I had been working really hard for the whole year and my bestfriend thought I needed a break! Plus she knew I loved hello kitty , like it is an unhealthy obsession. So she invited all of our friends, we went out for japanese at my favorite place. It was a great dinner! But then we went back to her houes for cake, which happened to be a GIANT hello kitty sheet cake! And she decorated her dining room entirely all in hello kitty stuff! It was the best birthday I have ever had!

    8. Have an AMAZING birthday dear!!! My most memorable birthday was when I turned 21!!! I didn't do anything big or crazy but i was really touched that my closest friends all took the time out to take me out and celebrate. ^_^

    9. Happy birthday, dear! You didn't state how old, scratch that, how young you are!

      But the most interesting birthday was when my hubby, who was my new bf at the time, surprised me with a bouquet of roses and a teddy bear. However, I didn't receive it til I was actually home since I had to attend a funeral for an uncle as well. Although the day was sad, it was well-spent since the whole family was together.

      <33 Rena

    10. Yay you're a summer baby just like me! :) My most memorable birthday was when I went skydiving for the first time with a group of friends. It was memorable for 2 reasons: 1) It was my first time skydiving and having a strange guy being strapped on to my back, but it was definitely an experience I will never forget! 2) When I came home that very same day one of kittens that we adopted that had been previously sick passed away, so we ended up coming home to his body and had to bury him that day :(.

      Hoping your day will be full of awesomeness!

    11. Happy birthday! Yay! :)

      My most memorable birthday was when I turned 22 because it was the first time my boyfriend was able to celebrate my birthday with me in person. We had been in an LDR for 4 years and was never able to celebrate my birthday because I was always away for school. It was one of the best birthdays I'd ever had! I was surrounded by everyone that I loved!

    12. Happy birthday! My most memorable birthday would have to be when my family & friends surprised me with a party, when I thought they all forgot it was my day! :)

    13. Happy Birthday!! My most memorable birthday was the one I had this past June in Las Vegas. I had so much fun shopping, eating and sleeping! Thanks for offering such a fabulous giveaway!

    14. I am following your blog on blogger/google connect.

      My fave birthday memory is my 30th. My fiance told me we had to go to a work dinner with his clients to a Ninja restaurant but he had 20 of our friends shout "Surprise!" as I entered the private room. I nearly passed out and was promptly given a glass of white wine. It was a lovely night of food and a ninja magician who made coins disappear.

    15. Happy Birthday Gorgeous.
      One year older, another year appreciated. Just followed your blog & i love it. Can't believe i didn't find you sooner?! Keep on blogging Nunu!

      Most memorable Birthday was this year. My 19th birthday. It was memorable because i was able to share it with a man I love at the waterfront& watched fireworks go off as we also celebrated New Years :) Got to get drunk and sing some really bad karaoke too! haha

    16. Not big on birthdays, but last year's was memorable cause the bf moved away right after :(

    17. 2 yrs ago my boyfriend decorated my room with rose petals and heartshaped balloons, put my favourite song on and bought a special made cake for me...i'm not such a romantic type of person but that was the sweetest thing anyone did for me for my bday

    18. Happy Birthday!

      A few years ago, Jamal took me to Nice for a birthday surprise, and we went to Monte Carlo too. That winter sun was really welcome in Feb!

    19. Happy Birthday!

      My most memorable bday experience was this year's where me and 5 of my closest friends just sat down together for a dinner and afterwards they bought me to a dessert place where they ordered a bday cake for me all ready to go...I was so spoiled and I felt very loved.

    20. I usually do the same thing every year. A small get together with the family and then a meal with the besties. Every year is memorable as I get to spend time with the people I love. :)

      Thank you for this amazing giveaway!! <3

    21. Probably my 21st birthday I was really touched that so many people came out for my bday even though it was -35 degrees it made my bday that much more special because everyone braved the cold for me.

      Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

    22. Happy Birthday, Nunu! <3

      My most memorable birthday is actually 18 years ago :P

      When I was 17 in highschool, I was totally obsessed with the National Geographic magazine (which costs a bomb here!).

      My bestie stealthily went round collecting funds from our mutual friends (which they could barely afford) and purchased a ONE-YEAR subscription for me ^_^

      Thus, I was getting birthday presents from my fantastic buddies for 12 months straight :D

      *still gets me teary-eyed*

    23. Happy birthday! :D

      The most memorable birthday I ever had was last year. It was the first time I really went out with all of my friends and celebrated by going dancing and it was just a lot of fun.

      Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway! bye! :)

    24. Happy Birthday Nunu!

      My most memorable birthday was last year. I had moved less than 6 months ago, and I hadn't told anyone that it was my birthday. Somehow, people found out, and the whole day I had people stopping by my desk to wish me happy birthday. No one every wished me happy birthday in my previous workplace, so it was extra special to me. I didn't do anything spectacular, but just that everyone took the effort to wish me happy birthday was enough.

    25. I know we're past your birthday by now, but I hope you had a great one! I think this might be the first time I've tried to enter any of your giveaways! lol

      So...most memorable birthday was probably last year. It had been a while since I had a group of people with me to celebrate. I know, lame, right? It was a good, small group.

    26. woohoo.. what a giveaway!! i've been eye-ing this palette for a while :) thanks for the opportunity!

      my most memorable birthday was my 16th birthday because it absolutely SUCKED. hahaha i'm an only child so honestly i'm used to spending my birthdays with my parents, i think this birthday i was at a retreat away from home and it hit me like a ton of bricks that it was going to be my first birthday without the rents. gah that makes me sound like such a baby, but it's true. i was extremely homesick and was having a horrid time XP

    27. My most memorable birthday would have to be this year! This year was the first year in the last 5 years, that I have been single, and I spent the day with my friends, having a blast! :)

    28. My most memorable birthday was when I turned 9. My mom gave me colorful M&Ms coz that's what we can afford during that time. That memory makes me love my mom so much.

    29. HBBD Nunu~
      I can't really say I've had a most memorable birthday. Always wanted a surprise party, and never got one...yet *fingers crossed for next year*

      But a few years ago, as soon as the clock struck 12, I got a phone call. It was a friend. Friend told me to come outside. In hand was a McFlurry! It was really cold (winter birthday) but we sat in the car, and ate the Flurry~

      Chitchatted for a bit, got my present, and then friend was off to go home and sleep.

      So that was nice. Its not easy to eat icecream in the middle of winter, but friend did it anyway for me~ So the sacrifice made it memorable. Friend couldn't come into the house as friend was male, and mama would have freaked. haha...ah well.

      Oh I just realized another. My mom never really surprised me with gifts as a kid. just bought me what I wanted, together. But one year, in gr 4? I came home, and she went TADA! and handed me a camel coloured teddy bear backpack. Loved that was so cuddly and cute...and just what I had wanted! So I loved that mama took the time to notice something that I liked, and surprised me with it~

      Anyway as my mom always says to me on my birthday, "you should be thanking me for giving birth to you! wheres my present?" Hope mama got some love too XD

    30. Thanks nunu for a great giveaway!

      My most memorable birthday was my 20th birthday because my family took me on a 7 day cruise to the caribbean. And my 21st birthday when one of my friends that I haven't seen in a while took me out to celebrate and that same day my school had issued a snow day for the following day. And since then the fun had never stopped. =]

      Hope you had a great birthday!! Happy belated birthday! <3

    31. happy birthday darling ! :)
      my most memorable birthday was my 13th birthday because it was also the day that my house was sold & my would move to New York in a few weeks. I was really sad :( haha.

      gfc follower: evil_eva12
      email: evil_eva12 at hotmail dot com

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    33. My most memorable birthday will have to be my 18th birthday because that's the year I got my tongue pierced. After dinner, my girlfriends and I bus downtown and walked to Adrenaline while I was holding 4 helium balloons only to find out they were closed early. We ended up walking around downtown trying to find another piercing place with no luck. Got a lot of random birthday wishes from strangers and had a lot of laughs with friends. We went back the next day and got it pierced and I had my piercing since.

    34. Happy birthday! My most memorable birthday was my 17th birthday in high school. I was running some orientation program for grade 9s that day and part of it was "initiation"... a couple of my friends dared a grade 9 boy to "cake" me so I ended up being chased around the school and getting cake slammed all over my face. It wasn't pretty, haha!

      xo, alison*elle

    35. Hi! Happy Birthday!! You are too sweet to give this away! :) My most memorable would be last year when I went to Vietnam. We went to a resort/restaurant and invited all our family. Most of them have never eaten out like that and with so many people at one time. It was such a treat to share with them! Plus a funny thing happened.. it was raining quite a bit and part of the roof collapsed so a gush of water fell onto another table! It's funny thinking about it now but kinda sad since they got soaked! I can't believed that even happened- def most memorable for me.

    36. Happy birthday!
      I can't remember which birthday it was (I was probably in junior high or the beginning of high school), but we used to live on top of this steep hill and I had a bunch of friends come over so that we could have a rollerblade party. Well, one of my friends dared me to go down the hill at full speed and I ended up eating asphalt. Scraped up the entire side of my left leg. Being the tough kid I was, my mom cleaned it up and I went back to rollerblading. I don't think I went down the hill again.

    37. Happy Birthday! :D
      My most memorable birthday was my 18th birthday, because I went clubbing for the first time and I was given a Balenciaga City bag by my parents.

    38. ahh happy birthday nunu!!...
      err can i say that i do not really have a memorable birthday as i do not really to celebrations for it haha..usually just a small gathering with my friends! XD but the nicest one i have is when a was 18 a group of my college friends whom i know for 2 years then surprised me with a birthday cake that i was sayin(a yr ago) that i would probably get it when its my birthday and they still rmb it!was super touched and hope our friendships will last forever! cheesy line XD

    39. My most memorbale birthday was my 25th bday. My husband threw me my first an only suprise bday party ( i hate surprises!) but i ended up havign the best time!

    40. Happy friggin b'day and thanks for the generous and fabuous giveaway! GlitterGeek retweeted which is how I found you and am so glad to have another Canadian AND BC blogger to follow! My most memorable b'day was when my husband took me to Vegas to renew our vows with Elvis (impersonator, obvs LOL)- had a great time and now is another "anniversary" too! Good luck to everyone and I look forward to your posts :)

    41. I've been retweeting this like a madwoman but I just realized that I actually haven't entered. #facepalm

      My most memorable birthday was when I turned 7 and my parents hired three clowns for my birthday party. I thought they were so cool! But my parents didn't think so; they thought they were hella ghetto clowns. :)

    42. HAPPY BIRTHDAY~ I just found your blog yesterday, and it is so cute!

      As for my most memorable birthday, it has to my 18th. Not because I got any awesome presents or fantastic surprises, but because that was the day I was on a flight to China. It was the H1N1 epidemic period, everyone arriving from abroad have to be checked before landing. Health inspectors covered in white from head to toe checked everyone's temperature on plane. We were told to stay indoors for the next 7 days following landing. So that was my amazing 18th birthday, 14 hour flight, scary health inspection and well, laying around the house. XD

    43. Happy Birthday Nunu! ^_^
      My most memorable birthday would be my 6th birthday because my parents tricked me to thinking that we were going our for dinner and we ended up going to the airport and going to Disneyland! Needless to say, 6-year-old me was happy LOL
      Thanks for holding this give-away! I would never be able to afford a Chanel quad on my own. I think I might give this to my mom though :)

    44. Happy birthday my dearest "Macnunu"!

      My most memorable birthday was when I was 8 or 9, in China. I was staying over at my aunt's place over the summer and they have one of those bathrooms with the slidey door that has those hook locks that you lock by turning a dial on the inside. Well me being young and stupid, locked myself in the bathroom, on my BIRTHDAY for a good 2 hours. I was crying and scared in trying to find my way out. And also it was the only bathroom in the apartment so anyone else who wanted to use the bathroom couldn't. After lots of tears and screaming from me and just tears and worries from my mum and aunt, I finally got out. And then I had to go back in because I was so scared that I wanted to throw up, which I ended up doing. And you know some Asian parents say (I dunno if your parents ever told you this), if you do something on your birthday you're gonna do it everyday of the year? Well they then proceeded to tell me that since I threw up that day, I was gonna throw up everyday of that year. So the rest of the day was me being scared that I was gonna throw up every day... The end =___=

    45. Happy belated birthday, girl!

      The most memorable birthday? It has to be my 14th birthday. We invited my parents' best friends over and guess what they gave me? A remote control toy airplane.

      It was supposed for my brother. They thought lil' bro finally could walk.

      It could have been the most awesome birthday present ever had I get to play with it. But lil' bro claimed ownership and I was one present short. 16 years later, I still remember that incident.

    46. most memorable believe it or not is my bday last year :)
      my bf surprise gift, a french chocolate cake, rose, and stuffed toy..its ok for me to not have gifts but the fact that it was a surprise and i just woke up he was in our house holding the stuffs awww <3
      *GFC: amz88
      *Email: amz88blog(at)g m a i l (dot)com

      love ur blog design and profile hihi

    47. hi nunu! Hope you had a great birthday? My most memorable birthday was my 21st. I brought my dog to the beach and played with her at the seaside and then fell asleep on the grass after that...