Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My latest obsession

I've never been a nail girl, and I honestly don't know what set off this new addiction but lately I've just been buying bottles and bottles of nail polish. My friends haven't been helping either, instead they've been encouraging this addiction by sending me oodles of polish. A prime example being Rasilla, a fellow Canadian beauty blogger and dare I say friend sent me a GIGANTIC box stuffed with nail polish including the elusive Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. I have yet to thank her properly but rest assured my dear, it will come back 3 folds. At least xD.
So in the space of one month I have gone from 5 bottles of nail polish to just over 50 bottles.
Anyway! moving on!
I promised my friend Jaq that I'll take photos of my stash once my 8ty8 Beauty order came in, so here it is, in all its glory.
I've previously received some flack for showing photos of my vanity collection, but Jaq taught me a great come back in the event that I receive more of those "you have too much stuff" comments.

It all fits nicely inside this wooden box xD

Yup, so there it is. It's not the biggest collection by a long shot but I'm sure it's a lot more than what most "normal" people have xD
For the Canadian girls, if you're wondering where I got all the China Glaze, I got it from an online shop called 8ty8Beauty. Prices range from $2.88 to $3.58 a bottle, shipping to Canada is $15 for 1 to 6 bottles of polish, $30 for 7 to 12 bottles, and $36 for 13 to 24 bottles via USPS Global Priority shipping. There is no sales tax and the seller is willing to mark the package as "gift" so you MIGHT not be charged customs.
This means if you order 24 bottles, you'll be paying $1.50 shipping for each bottle. This might sound rather hefty but considering  that a bottle of China Glaze from Sally's Beauty sells for $5.99 plus tax, you'll only be paying $4.50 a bottle. Obviously if you're only going to be buying 1 or 2 bottles, it's cheaper to go to Sally's. Keep in mind though that Canadian Sally's don't really stock much of the LE or special polishes.
In addition to 8ty8Beauty, there's also TransDesign (they still stock OPI polishes) and Head2toebeauty. Of the two, I've heard that TransDesign is the kindest in terms of Canadian shipping, although I haven't tried it out personally yet.
Expect to see lots of NOTDs in the future! and let me know if you'd like a swatch of anything you see in my stash xD

Extra NOTD pic:
O.P.I. At your Quebec and Call. This was part of Rasilla's gigantic gift package xD. It's a gorgeous shimmery golden olive which flashes more golden in the sunlight with dark olive corners. Formula was on the thin side, total opacity requires 4 coats. Brush is a wide flat brush which was very easy to control and required no clean-up.


  1. the polish is sheer, a little annoying but I liked the colour, so what can you do :P
    and wonderful collection! kk, I love looking at collection photos, so im glad you posted~

  2. Good math calculation there LOL from 5 to 50, that's impressive XD i'd love to have the same for blushes or palettes LOL

    please show us your makeup stash some day ^_^

  3. ^ditto the stash XD
    but omg seriously, you make it seem like i sent you so many! lol it wasn't that many >_<

  4. whoa awesome collection! I love nail polish, usually change colour 1-2x week :D Keep those NOTD posts coming!

    Thanks for the posts of the online polish retailers :)

  5. work that stash! hahaha me too, i used to be contented and happy with my 10+ bottles of polish, but now my collection has grown to... nah, i dont want to count. LOL

    nice NOTD! i like the color on you! :)

  6. Give me your address so I can send you some too!!

  7. Great collection Nu Nu! I order from 8ty8beauty and Head2Toe as well, it's so tempting to get more each month but I have so many untried colors. XD I'm still super jealous of the SH Hidden Treasure, can't find it anywhere. PSSH at those people who gave you flak about your vanity too, boo! Pretty NOTD. :)

  8. Wow! Your nail polish stash is growing really rapidly!
    I love the color of your NOTD, very pretty :)

  9. OMG!!! It's so awesome!!!! I want that last one, O.P.I. At your Quebec and Call!

    And is that China Glaze Atlantis I see?! I want that one! I missed it when it was available around here but I will order it soon.

    Is CG For Audrey everything you thought it would be?

  10. Lol! That's like what happened to me! I went from 0 to a whole bunch after getting my first Konad set.

    Don't mind what others say... stash pics are awesome!! Would love to see your makeup corner next ^^

  11. lol i believe i'm the person she hooked you up with the Lunasol coffret LOL! i'm getting 2 sets in total :) hehe

  12. Sweet collection! Which brand would you say is your fave in terms of staying power? I hate it when it chips within days. :X

  13. Haha ! I've had a similar experience. Suddenly I felt the need to buy a lot of nail polishes accumulated quite a lot in a very short period. It's fun to paint nails but so time consuming ;-x

    Love the OPI colour 1 It's quite unique. Reminds me of olive oil with flecks of gold in it X-D