Monday, November 8, 2010

Warning: cute kitteh photos ahead.

I'm a terrible blogger.
A couple of MONTHS ago, CSN sent me one of their products for review, and I'm only getting around to it now 
-__-". Ah well, better late than never no?
So what did I get?
Usually I'm the guinea pig on this blog when it comes to testing out new things, however, this time...
Oh, hai!
*sniff sniff* is it nommies?
Wot are you doings? I helps?
Oh look a camera! I do maneki neko pose?
Follow the ball...
OMG!Pucky you didn't clean properly after doing your business!
I come up there too ok?
See! we fits! we are not fats!
*swat swat*
Ooooeh...lookit all the upside down people!
I'm shy now
I go hides.
As you can see, the kids clearly love it. From my perspective, shipping took quite a while, around 3 weeks for it to get from Boston to Vancouver. I also had a bit of a snag when making my order, CSN wanted to charge me $41 for "international fees", however their customer service was absolutely amazing, one phone call to their call centre and they had everything sorted out for me.
The post came in a box and assembly is required, the boy had no problem putting it together following the Chinglish manual using some basic tools.
We'd seen a lot of posts where the base was poorly made and resulted in a wobbly post, thankfully this post was nice and stable.
The only complaint I have about the post is that the platforms are a little too small, my cats are only 7 month old kittens but 1/3rd of the their body would dangle off the platforms. This is definitely not suitable for bigger cats. In addition, the basket at the top of the post is pretty much useless as there is no way they can get up there.
The price of this cat tree is just under $80, for those of you who have shopped for cat trees will realise this is a very good price for a cat tree of this size. This item also came with free international shipping, which makes it an even better deal.
In conclusion, this is a solidly built cat tree suitable for kittens/smaller cats. 
For those of you who are interested in trying out CSN Stores, keep an eye on this blog! I will be hosting another giveaway from them sometime this week!


  1. My goodness your kittens are becoming cats! Pucky's got such long fur now.

    PS, the basket could be the kittehs timeout spot. Just scoop 'em up and put them in the basket and see how they fare. :P

  2. OMG my cat would love that! The only thing missing is another cat to play with lol he's an only child :)

  3. Too bad I don't have any kitties yet! lol thanks for the review anyway, glad to see you back :)

  4. I'm not a cat person but Pucky has me sold, sooo cute! I just want to hug him and he's so fluffy!! What's your other cat's name? He's so cute too! You have a nice family going here =]

  5. Super adorable pictures! It's so nice that you have two kitties to keep each other company. :) Yay for good costumer service, shipping to Canada is so expensive i hear and paying $41 would have been redonk. Thanks for the CSN store review too.

  6. Goshdarn it, now you've got me wanting to enter your giveaway (which I never do) just so I can get a cat tree for Poopmonster too.

    Oh well, guess it's a good thing because Poopmonster would probably make it collapse under her weight XD

  7. OMG so cute!!!

    "I go hides" hehehe

  8. awww too cute XD
    looks like they are still having fun, despite the platforms being a tad small~

  9. Aw you're kitties are so uber cute! Wish I owned pets that aren't either a)contained in a cage or b)contained in a fish tank *sigh*

    Thanks for your encouraging words, I'll def try to not let others words get to me =)