Thursday, November 18, 2010

NOTD - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Emerald City

I grabbed Emerald City together with Mystic Lilac when the X-treme Wear line was on sale at Rexalls for $1.99.
I own several other X-treme Wear polishes and have never been disappointed with the formula, however, for some reason Emerald City bubbled like mad on me even though I didn't shake the bottle and waited more than 15mins between each coat :(

See all the bubbles? le sigh :(
NOTD is 3 coats of Sally Hansen Emerald City plus 1 coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust with some 3D nail stickers for accent. 2 coats is really all that's needed for bottle colour but I'm an obsessive 3 coater.

Blurred to show the holo qualities of Fairy Dust.

Overall a gorgeous green shimmer that applies very easily, such a pity about the bubbling!
Rexalls Pharmacies has X-treme Wears for $1.99 and Complete Salon Manicures for $4.99 until Thursday (18 Nov, 2010)


  1. why does nail varnish bubble I wonder?

    I love this green, quite Christmas-ish right??

  2. ooooh the green is lovely~ but I can't think of a reason why it would have bubbled.
    my friend thinks that acetone residue makes polish bubble, but I always clean my nails with acetone before hand, to get rid of oils.
    And I don't have bubbling problems.
    but boooo bubbles.
    yay for pretty nails XD

  3. such a vibrant colour! :) Too bad about the bubbling :(

  4. I love green nail polish, pretty NOTD. It sucks that is bubbled though, I hate when that happens. Your 3D nail stickers are adorable.

  5. You nails are SUPER cute! The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming! XD

  6. I keep hearing about this nail color, but I thought nothing of it until I saw your pics. I think it's the additional CG Fairy Dust on it - beautiful! I also love the nail stickers - they're so cute and pretty. :)

  7. Wowo Wowo I can't believe how pretty this has turned out, the sparkles are so pretty!!

  8. what's the target users of B12 cream actually? do you use it at night or twice a day :)? how do you 'rub' it so it doesn't sit on top of skin?? sorry too many questions lol....

    yeah i was thinking of getting the ELF studio brush set (the black-handled ones with 11 piece i think) where are you going to order from ^_^?