Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Me Nads.

Nothing naughty, just my first Konad.
I must be retarded because for some reason I can't to do something 12 year olds can do. IT.JUST.WON'T.PICK.UP.IMAGES!!
After 30mins of furiously scraping, rolling the stamp back and forth on the plate, removing polish from plate, reapply polish to plate, shrieking like a banshee, scaring the cats and sending the boy scurrying back to his man cave, an angel on Twitter finally suggested that I lightly file the stamper with some sandpaper.
Bazinga! It worketh!!! Kinda, sorta. It still won't pick up an entire image but I managed to do a half arsed "Konadicure" with it.
Yes I screwed up the thumb and I couldn't be bothered to go back and redo it.

What I used:
  • Color Club - High Society
  • Konad special polish - White 
  • Konad plate - m71
  • Konad 2 way stamper
Konad polish and plate are courtesy of this pirate's favourite Old Cow. For a daily dose of wonder, visit her blog.
If you have any tips on how to konad, please share them!
No FOTDs lately cos the sky has been getting dark at 4:00pm -____-"
10cm of snow tomorrow. Joy.


  1. You did a great first job, seriously. Mine was such a mess, hahah ^^;;

    I find it helps to just gently roll once. No need to do a "back and forth" movement.

    As well you have to work fast. Literally within a second after scraping the excess off go in and grab the design. Quickly do a gentle rolling motion and roll it onto the area you want the design to be. If you wait too long the polish will get too dry and it wont stick onto your nails.

    If that doesn't help maybe try Youtubing videos... seeing it should help more than words.

  2. wow!! it's not bad for the first time Konad. I haven't tried konads at all LOL so can't give any tips :(

    you must be so high up (latitude-wise)!!! getting dark at 4pm!! 10cm of snow is THICK!!

  3. You are so welcome.....I will be sending more plates your way in the future but for now let's get you up and running!!

    Filing your stamper helps a lot and so does using an acetone polish remover to wipe over the face of the stamper too!

  4. preeety! I tried the konad once at my friend's place and you're right, it's not easy! You have to work fast and try not to scrape too hard or you end up removing a lot of the nail polish , good luck!

    you guys are getting that much snow there?!!!! wow! have fun making snow angels ;)

  5. scotch tape is ur friend! i visited the konad distributor office in hong kong once and the guy taught me the trick

    u can use scotch tape to remove failed konad from ur stamper and even ur nail. much easier than nail polish remover

  6. I have yet to try Konads, but it look fun to play with :)

    ryc: I think the seller doesn't know about it, I saw a bunch of masks from other brand too but doubt their authenticity.

  7. teehee i think you have picked the hardest design to pick it up! i had some trouble with this pattern and it spoil my whole nail when i remove them..rawwwrrrr... but i usually do under "no wind" condition XD and use only one stroke on the start of the design and use the scraper to push all the polish to the whole of the design...good luck! jiayou!

  8. Thanks for the Body Shop recommendation - decided not to do another haul though. I'll wait for the next 3 for 30 deal. I was thinking of getting the bag of goodies, but I couldn't see myself reusing the bag so I opted out :P

    Hope you're having a good weekend with the kitties!

  9. I'm in envy of anyone who can do Konadicures. Wait, I'm envious of anyone who can paint their nails properly. sigh

  10. great job done for a newbie! i just don't have the skills/patient to work on anything involving a single coat of color :p the girly floral design looks very elegant~

  11. Weird that it didn't pick up!
    Love the nail art and end result though!

  12. Great outcome! It's nice. I like the color and the design as well. Enjoy! Kisses

  13. like ittt. you did a great job with the konad :D

  14. you did really good with it. konad is fun to do but it takes some practice. i haven't done mine for a while.

    btw, check out my holiday giveaway at

  15. that's impressive for the first time! very pretty, btw I love your tweets!

  16. i lol'ed at the "shrieking like a banshee" part hahaha

    totally understand you with the konad... it's not as easy as it looks!!!

    try watching asami's konad basics vid ( it's pretty lengthy (around 15 minutes long) but it really helped me!