Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Latest aquisitions and the spouse thing

After my nail polish collection post, a lot of you expressed interest in seeing my makeup collection.
Alas, that cannot be, as I do not wish to be confronted with my addiction, it's like asking Lindsay Lohan to do a documentary on cocaine.
I can, however, show you pictures of my latest acquisitions.
Just a mixture of gifts, things bought by me, things I shamelessly begged my friends to help me buy and uh...things the boy does not know he bought xD mwahaahahahaa!

I won an E(vil)Bay auction for a bunch of Aube products. Price was good at $20 for the lot but shipping cost me a ridonkulous $9 -__-"
Swatches in order of display
The lipsticks are simply amazing! they're very pigmented, what you're seeing is 1 swipe, and the formula is extremely moisturising. The lippies have since gone on to live a better life with my mum lol. Try looking for these in ebay lot sales, they'll often come 2 or 3 together at a really good price. Retail price is something ridonk like $20ish each. I was unimpressed with their shadow and liner duo (the first two swatches on the left) it was impossible to get to the eyeshadow powder, the included applicator is absolutely useless, but even if you get the powder out, good luck trying to get it to stay on your eyelid.

The Anna Sui loose powder and the Christian Dior quint were sneaky bday gifts from Sheila, the Canmake and L'Oreal glosses were part of an unexpected gift from Kay (Thanks so much Kay!!!) and the two MAC Venomous Villains lip products were the results weakness.
The Anna Sui powder is heavily rose scented, like my ouma's bloomers drawer, but it gives your skin a very flawless, almost airbrushed effect without caking. The powder is shimmery, so don't be too heavy handed with this unless you want to look like Eddy Cullen. I got the purple one which I think helps with redness.
I love Canmake Nudy Glow glosses, I'm so happy that Kay got me the newest colour in Peach Milk xD

Kate palette, Lunasol Nature Summer Blue palette, Jill Stuart mixed blush in Candy Orange and Rose Fairy, Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster pen, Sonia Kashuk Circle Around A Cause brush set.
Apart from the brush set, all products were courtesy of a CP by the lovely Sheila. The two JS blushes have become my go to blushes. Rose Fairy varies from a light pink to a dark rose and Candy Orange varies from a light pink to a dark coral. Depending on how you swirl you swirl your brush around, you can get a a range of different colours. Although cute, the brush that comes with these blushes is kak. I believe both blushes are from the 2010 Spring collection. The Sonia Kashuk brushes were acquired with the help of Dao. It's for charity and it's pink, 'nuff said.

This is my favourite brand of shampoo & conditioner. 
I've been using Lux Color Shine for black hair for the past 6 months and I'm in love. I'd given up with Western brand hair care, it all seems to weigh my hair down and make it waxy and greasy, and Tsubaki, although easily available, is quite pricey.
Lux Color Shine gives me soft, shiny hair that isn't weighed down and smells gooood! This is also the first shampoo & conditioner system where I can get away with only washing every other day (although I'm quite OCD about washing my hair and as long as there's running water, I'll wash it every day!). I got this boxed set which consists of 200ml shampoo, 200 conditioner and 50ml rinse-free treatment for $7.99 plus tax from T&T Superstores. I believe this is available at most big Asian supermarkets.

Lastly, a HUGE thank you to those of you who have congratulated on me being spoused! I purposefully left that statement rather cryptic because in reality we are not yet married xD
The reason why I said I became someone's spouse instead of saying that I got married is because I recently received this:
That's my extended healthcare card, I'm covered under the boy's company's medical plan. Apparently I am now a "spouse" lol.
Lastly, my NOTD:
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mystic Lilac. A dusty lilac with green shimmers. In shade it looks almost like a taupe, but it's definitely lilac. Formula applies very sheer and is only opaque in 4 coats. Wear is fantastic, this photo was taken 3 days after application.


  1. Wow, those lippies look great!!

    And aren't your friends sweet? XD
    The SK brush set looks really pretty. PiNK!!

    Congratz on being a spouse ^^

  2. Ohh candy to my eyes! The pink brushes look so nice! Nice lippies too and agreed, shipping rates are ridiculous...any shipping rate over $3 is! lol As you can tell I don't like paying for shipping when I'm buying BUT it's different when I mail stuff out. hahaha

    Yay to spouse insurance! Just when you do get married, show us pictures! Pretty please. =D

  3. I think after you won that auction, the seller went into shock because now she has the lots at just 2 pieces instead of 5 at once XD

    How does that shampoo compare to Tsubaki? I know its SOOOO expensive, but I dont have black hair anymore (or I'm trying not to... gonna dye my hair red again this holiday, hehe), so I dunno if that will work.

    And you just reminded me I owe you a bankful of money. I can't wait to meet up for ramen again!! <3

    Lastly, congrats again on being "spoused"!!

  4. I pass my unloved lippies onto my mom too... or my bestie who is too lazy to buy her own. HAHA. It's a good way of justifying buying more ;)

    THe gifts from the girls are so sweet! Do you like Anna Sui? I find her stuff too fragranced for me - I had a mascara but the rose scent made me sneeze. The JS blushes are GORGEOUS. I have one of the LE ones with the white imprint that I've only used a couple of times as I love the overspray too much haha. And lately I am into cream blushes. I could probably start layering the two so I use more of my stash at once...

    I am using Tsubaki right now and then I have the Golden Repair series to try (they had a set on sale at T&T for 25$ for an extra large shampoo + conditioner) and then I think I might try Lush... thanks to Sheila :P

  5. i believe i haven't congratulated you for being a "SPOUSE" just yet. so CONGRATULATIONS babe! put all those kick-a$$ kitchen skills to good use! the boy will surely be pleased. :D

    omg, i want those sonia kashuk brushes! PINK!!!! :)

  6. Haha, makeup addition. Yes, I'm sure a lot of us know how that feels. We really need to have a meeting about it... do swatches on each other or something :p haha

    Ah, the lipsticks are great!!! You have made me want to Ebay search again! :p

  7. ahahahahahaha

    "ouma's bloomers drawer"

    My Ouma's kniebroek drawer smelled of Lily of the Valley!

  8. nice lippies XD and you surely know what items to CP too XD!!!

  9. Great haul!

    Ooohhh...I LOVE my JS Candy Orange too :) So versatile. And am I glad to hear that I'm not the only one who doesn't use the attached brush. I detach mine immediately upon purchase and they've never been used LOL They're too much of a hassle to sanitize/clean.

    BTW, my I know the name/shade of the Aube lippie, right most beige shade?


  10. oOooOoooo look at those pretty cosmetics! Congrats on the 'spouse' status..I should be there in approx 6 months too >_< ahah

    Cute NOTD - I'm glad to see it because I picked it up to purchase and then decided not to get it last minute. I ended up choosing the one that didn't have the sparkles (but it's nice to see that the sparkles aren't really noticeable) :D

  11. Major haul city! Good job. ;) Pretty lip swatches but boo on the high shipping. LOL at the rose scent mom's drawer. It's nice that you gave the lippies to your mom. The Jill Stuart and Sonia Kashuk stuff are so pretty and pink... looove. Hmm the shampoo set sounds great and affordable, thanks for sharing. Love the NOTD. ^^

  12. Ooh, you are sneaky. ;) Well congrats on being a "spouse" then! I need to try me some of that Lux Color Shine since my hair's back to black now. Hope I can find it here!

  13. Ooooh the brushes are so pretty looking! I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it :D Price points?? ^^

  14. Haha! Things your boy doesn't know he bought you?! You are a genius goddess.

    Hm LUX sounds very intriguing now. I must try sometime after I finish my jumbo shampoo and conditioners as well as my backups. Note to self: do not stock up too much on shampoo and conditioners *sigh*

  15. LOL re: lindsay's addiction. You are so funny!

    Gawd, you are quite the enabler too. I love the Anna Sui loose powder thingy you've got there. Will be on my Xmas wishlist...