Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rexall lipstick haul - short review and swatches

I just wanted to get lip swatches out for people who might be interested in picking these up at the Rexall 50% off sale which ends tomorrow (18 June 2010), so I'll be forgoing my usual long winded reviews.

Natural lips for comparison:

Vasanti Tinted Lipbalm in Cancun

They say:
A lip conditioner that gives a natural hint of colour. Our tinted lipbalms are loaded with moisturisers, conditioners and natural sunscreens such as: Shea butter, Mango butter, Meadowfoam seed oil, Sunflower oil and Olive oil.

I say:
Smells great! like sweet mangoes! Really moisturising, and gives a nice hint of colour.
Colour is described as "a sheer coral with a touch of pink"
Does, however, contain parabens.
CAN$15 but going for CAN$7.50 right now at Rexall Pharmacies!

Pupa Lip Perfection Natural Shine gloss in 03

They say:
"Gives lips a naturally shiny colour. Exclusive formula with natural active ingredients providing a protective, emollient action. Non sticky."

I say:
Semi-opaque, thicker than MAC gloss, non-sticky, and really moisturising.
Lasts around 4 hours. Does not settle into lip lines.
Slight vanilla smell, no taste.
Paraben free
03 is a bright raspberry-ish shade with no shimmer.
CAN$17 regularly $8.50 right now at the Rexall 50% off sale

Pupa New Chic Brilliant Lipstick in 32

They say:
"Brilliant lipstick, intense colour. Voluminous, extra-luminous lips. Feel-good moisture-rich texture. Perfect coverage. Precise and easy to apply."

I say:
Very unique packaging!! I really like how it has a mirror, that way I don't have to haul out a separate mirror to do touch ups on the go.
Glides on, non-drying.
32 is a gorgeous frosty apricot that reminds me of summer and beaches xD
Contains parabens.
CAN$20 regularly but $10 right now at the Rexall 50% off all lipsticks and glosses sale.

My haul for the last two weeks T.T:

No more lipsticks or glosses for the next year!


  1. thanks for the reivew :)
    now I just have to figure out which one I want to go for. Vasanti gloss or the Pupa one... (if I remember correctly I do have Pupa at my store~) I do like how it looks on the lips (Pupa that is...)

  2. All the lipsticks have such nice color to it. I love how it's very moisturizing. So nice! :)

  3. the pupa lipgloss is supercute! wow...... :D and they all look super moisturizing!...

    need to stop buying lip stuff >_<

  4. you've convinced me to get the gloss!! it doesnt sink into lines at all!! ahhh <3 at first swatch hahha

  5. Ooh, how luscious your lips are XD I like the tinted lipbalm on you, looks so natural yet soft.

  6. the gloss makes your lip look really refreshed and plump! I wish my lips are as nice as yours, unfortunately I got pretty flat lips haha! And thanks for your comment, I actually saw

    selling the same shoes I got recently. They got a lot of cheap shoes :D