Saturday, June 26, 2010

Invisible false lash application + FOTD (kinda)

Miss Watercoloursky recently covered this topic, and Youtube guru Queenie Chan was probably the original inventor of this method of eyelash application.

Read Watercoloursky's post here
Queenie's video:

I know the video is in Cantonese, but it's pretty self explanatory if you watch it. What it basically involves is instead of sticking the false lashes on TOP of your natural lashes like in traditional application, you stick the false lashes BENEATH your natural lashes.

Like so (eh yeah the one corner wasn't fixed properly...I have really crappy glue T.T) :

You won't be able to apply the false lashes in one single strip, you'll need to cut the strip up into 3 or 4 pieces (I was lazy and only cut my strip into half xD but I wanted to layer it). Apply it to the strip of skin that lies between your eyeball and the lash line. I know that sounds scary, but trust me, I'm a complete lash noob but this felt SO comfortable! I couldn't feel the falsies at all! Once applied properly, it is completely invisible from the outside.
Just remember not to stick it too close to your natural lashes, or you'll be in for some fun when it's time to remove them. I speak from experience.
Nyah nyah nyah! you can't see me!

The opportunity was too hard to pass up so I threw on some eyeshadow...
Just a simple silver and black smokey eye, I highlighted the inner corners with a shimmery white shadow, then dusted Gosh Effect Powder in "Bottle" all over the lid. The result is a blackened teal smokey that shimmers - absolute LOVE! Thanks Chyi!!

Excuse my oiliness:

Sorry no foundation or blusher, I had an allergic reaction the other day, the doctor doesn't really know what was the cause, but my entire face is now covered in what looks like goosebumps.
My skin looks really clear, even if I do say so myself, and I can thank Vitacreme B12 for it!

I don't know why my lighting changes T.T

See what I mean about the goosebumps? I don't know what the allergy was from, I suspect my face wash but I've been using that brand for well over a year now T.T

I leave you with a photo of a really odd creature I found in my house...


  1. Hm... what an interesting method! Can you not feel it when you blink? I'm so scared of getting it in my eyes o___0

  2. ooooo i really want to try this!!! if i have time tomorrow im going to try it! it DOES look so natural! i was actually only browsing your site for pictues mainly (im so damn lazy i didnt read) and i was like... why is she showing pictures of her lashes? is it a new mascara? i dont get it... until i actually read it! ^^;;; anyways, beautiful EOTD! and cute kitty ^^ (oh this is isis btw!)

  3. i saw this on Beauty QQ before but I never tried cause it does look scary! But I'm going to have to since I suck at putting them on top!

    Thanks for the picture tutorial!

    <3, Nina

  4. omg blogger jerk said they couldn't complete my request, and erased my comment :(

    anyway the gist of it was that the look looks hot~! rawr!

    and i suck at this application, can't get it in the right position so I gotta keep practicing...

    cat = awesome!

  5. Your skin looks great! Ooh I got to try this one, looks very nice.

  6. Hmm, I'll have to give this a try tomorrow. Did you curl your lashes after gluing them on? I guess that's one thing I struggle with is making my real lashes kind of blend in with the falsies.

    Haha, and I love the cat-butt photo. lol

  7. pretty!! i cannot wait to try it!.love queenie! wanna learn canto so i can understand all that she says! but its nice that she recently has added some english and mandrain haha...
    lol the cat looks too relax

  8. Wow, that blackened teal looks awesome! I'm so glad you like the shimmer dust :D

    You know, I had something similar last spring/summer. It was not only on my face, but on my arms and hands as well. You're lucky that it hasn't spread like it did with me but I know how you feel.

    As for me it was atopic eczema, she ran an allergy test first with no results and after finding out it was eczema, she told me to pick up a specific cream at the pharmacy and sub it on my skin 2-3 times daily.

    It's never fun when one's body or face is marred. I hope it goes away soon and your doctor finds our what it is.

  9. that eyelash application looks a lot more natural! I'll have to try this method the next time I feel like wearing false lashes.

    sorry to hear that your skin is acting up - has there been anything else new that you've been using on your face? my skin sometimes reacts to facewashes/creams now, so I always keep some sensitive cleanser/lotion on hand. Hopefully your doc can figure out what's causing the reaction, or just try a process of elimination with your products.

    haha, my cat has recently taken to sneaking into my duvet to take naps, since there aren't any buttons or anything to close the bottom of the duvet.

  10. So that's how they dooo eeet! hahaha!

    LOL at Munchies' butt! That's called defying gravity through seat cushion, yo! She's ready for a gig at Circ de Solei :)

    I'm sorry to hear about your allergic reaction. I hope you'll feel better soon. Love that e/s btw. Don't even think of sleeping, Imma send Belly to steal it!

  11. Omgoshhhh.... >< That looks so scaryy!! It looks like it gives such better results though. Perhaps I shall grow some courage and try this one day =D