Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vasanti Lipshine in Coral Sea review plus gratuitous Revlon Colourburst in Blush swatch

Forgive me for the excess of lip product reviews lately, blame it on the Rexall sale >__> I been going there every day this week, and leaving with something every time. Oh Rexall, you're going to make me poor!
My Rexall is really great, the staff is always friendly, the beauty counter SAs and I swap make-up recommendations, I get random freebies, and they have a HUGE variety of cosmetics. Pupa, The Balm, Emani, Vasanti, Sally Hansen, all the usual drugstore brands, the works!
Today I picked up a Vasanti Lipshine in Coral Sea on a whim.

Natural lip for reference:


I would say the colour is a mauvy coral with very fine multi-coloured shimmers.

What they say:
A non-sticky long lasting lipgloss that moisturises with Vitamin E. Coral Sea is described as the perfect shimmering coral pink to brighten any complexion.

What I say:
This is an absolutely incredible gloss. With the exception of a packaging that needs a bit of work, this gloss is perfect in every single way.
The texture is slightly thicker than a MAC gloss, pigmentation is semi-sheer, it is truly non-sticky, and it manages to keep my chronically dry lips moisturised.
The sponge tip applicator is much longer and more wand like than the usual doe foot applicator - I really love this design, it manages to cover more of my lips in one swipe unlike that smaller doe foots where I have to make at least 4 or 5 swipes before my lips will be fully covered.
It smells and tastes absolutely amazing. No funkiness, it smells and tastes just like those freezies that I would snap in half and eat as a child. Oh my gosh, it tastes absolutely amazing and I haven't been able to stop sniffing my lips the whole day. Yeah if you walked into my office today, chances are my lips were curled up towards my nose xD
Wear time of this gloss is around 2-3 hours, typical for a non-sticky gloss.
This gloss makes my lips look like some kind of wax fruit, you'll either love or hate that effect. Me I love it!

CAN$15 plus tax, got mine for $7.50 on sale!
If you like thick semi-sheer glosses, and don't mind parabens or fruity tastes then you will absolutely love these. Only problem is that Visanti is a Canadian Company and I don't think their products are available outside of Canada. Some might find it a bit pricey.
I really wish I didn't have so many pink and nude glosses at home so I could pick up more of these glosses. RUN out to your closest Rexall and pick up a few on sale before the week is over!!

p.s. for some reason I keep thinking this would be a passable dupe for MAC x Liberty of London's Perennial High. I don't own Perennial high so I can't swatch them side by side, but I did swatch Perennial high in store and Coral Sea gives me the same kinda vibe.
p.p.s. Sheila if you're reading this, look at the name of the gloss and think Jay Chou xD
p.p.p.s. I picked up Revlon Colourburst in Blush today, here is an gratuitous swatch:

What do you guys think? I have no idea how to describe this colour, a reddish brown perhaps? I haven't quite decided if this is my colour, it is a tad dark for my tastes, and a wee bit too frosty methinks.


  1. I haven't got any Vasanti gloss, good to know it's good.

    When you go to their website, there's an option to choose the country (Canada or US), so they do sell to US, hun

  2. I was pretty sad, apparently blush would have been closer to my natural lip colour than soft nude (way too light on me).
    anyway ahhh there are 2 more days left...and im tempted to pick up a vasanti! lol

  3. I would say the Revlon color is pink red with a touch of brown. It's interesting, I guess you can use it on days you don't feel like going nude but don't want lots of colors either.

    OMG, that Vasanti lip gloss looks awesome! Also, you have Pupa in your hood?