Monday, June 14, 2010

Revlon Colourburst lipstick review

If you're part of my Twitter posse, you've probably seen the photo of the Revlon Colourburst display I sneakily took inside my local Rexall Pharmacy...either that or you've been putting me on ignore because 90% of my tweets have been about the World Cup lately xD.
I'd initially heard of the East Coast release through a fellow blogger and subsequently went on a bit of a frenzied search of my own here on the West Coast. I finally located them (under a table!) last Thursday!
At CAN$10.48 plus 13% tax a pop, I winced a little...the Nunu is cheap ok?!
The infamous Soft Nude was already sold out on the first day - btw, wth my Rexall only had TWO of each colour in stock! ridiculous right?!
So there I was, on my haunches, looking at the display and the lone tester that was out, when out of nowhere, the SA approaches me and goes "Psst, don't buy it now, we're gonna be having 50% off all lipsticks next week!" Kiff!! I'm hooked up yo!
Anyway, I trekked into Rexall on Monday morning before work and picked up both Soft Nudes, a Carnation, and a Peach. Yeah, if you can't find any more Soft Nudes in Vancouver, you can blame me for buying the only two in stock >__>
p.s. sorry bout shoddy camera today, it was sunny all day until I got home, then it poured -__-

Swatches: Left - Carnation, Right - Soft Nude

Natural lips for comparison:

Soft Nude:


What they say:

-Instant burst of rich, true color with a featherlight feel
-Elasticolor™ technology provides immediate color release and hugs lips with a burst of weightless color that feels like a second skin -Available in range of 20 gorgeous shades

What I say:

Let's deal with Revlon's claims first and then I'll give my 2 cents worth. 
Pigmentation - is sheer but buildable for the two colours that I got. On par with a MAC lustre or glaze's pigmentation I'd say. About 2 or 3 swipes will give you an opaque finish. 
Lightweight -  affirmative. The texture is very light and I didn't feel any heaviness when I had it on.
I have 2 qualms:  
1. I personally find that while the formula applies creamy, it tends to get a bit drying after about half an hour. It might be because I have chronically dry lips and I've always found cream finish to be a bit drying. 
Soft Nude didn't emphasis my lip lines!!! this is unlike most nude lipsticks I own!
2. Wear time. Soft Nude faded really fast from my lips, within 2 hours I would say! Carnation stayed for a bit longer, but I definitely got less wear out of these than I normally get from my MAC lippies.
For those who are sensitive to smells and tastes, these do have an odd smell, almost medical/chemical. It's not TOO noticeable, but it's definitely there. There is no discernible taste.
I really like the packaging, I know some will find it tacky as it's very reminiscent of Chanel packaging, but I think it's the best drugstore packaging around. I also love how the lid colour is very true to the colour of the lipstick itself as it makes for easy identification in my collection.

CAN$10.48 plus tax. I got them for CAN$5.24 plus tax each because Rexall is having 50% off all lipsticks. Run Forest, RUN!!
At full price, I probably won't buy these, but then again, I won't buy any drugstore lippy at full price, but at a 30% or so off, I'll definitely pick up some more. The pigmentation is good, the packaging is cute, the colour selection is large, and the formula really does feel good on. All round, I'll say this is one of the best drugstore lippies I've tried!

p.s. I thought Carnation looked familiar so I went through my collection. It's actually a passable dupe for MAC x Hello Kitty's Big Bow.

Top: Carnation, Bottom: Big Bow
Only difference is Big Bow has blue/purple glitter in it when you look at it from an angle and Carnation doesn't xD Also Carnation is slightly redder or more pigmented.


  1. I wish I got hooked up, I bought Soft Nude and Baby Pink at full price! :( But I love these lippies on me so I'm not too too sad. I'm going to go back for Peach at 50% off though.

  2. I think Soft Nude looks nice on you! It gives you that nude lip look that I've been wanting. My cousin has Soft Nude, I'm going to have to try it. Thanks for the post! =]

  3. I agree! The soft nude looks really good. It's very natural. I was going to go check out Rexall on Friday but I totally forgot! -_-

  4. First, CONGRATS ON 100 FOLLOWERS!! *parties*

    and second, Carnation is purrty! And you're so right it doesn't look much like Snow Orchid, but still I don't need that many magenta/fuchsias... And from your swatch it kinda looks like Cyndi too!

    And to reply to your tweet about nude lippies (since Twitter is down =___=), I've been going on a nude lippie frenzy this year and I bought a ton, but I almost always do something more dramatic with my eyes so I guess I need more nudes rather than brights XD

  5. i love soft nude! my favorite nude shade thus far. works for both pale and tan skin.

    the vortex actually has two burgers that are "heart stoppers." the coronary bypass burger and the double bypass burger. the double bypass has: two fried eggs, six slices of cheese, eight slices of bacon, served between two grilled cheese sandwiches that are used in place of regular hamburger buns. haha THAT'S gonna stop your heart.

    i shall be rooting against aregentina... well just this thursday since they're playing against my home team haha :)

  6. Great review. Glad you could take advantage of the sale to get the shades you wanted

  7. I saw this new lipstick line for a while but never tried it. Yes, it's quite expensive and I look forward to BOGO and coupons. Soft Nude looks really nice. Fuchsia is the famous Revlon lipstick right now. It's so famous it's hard to find :)

  8. i'm so jealous but happy that soft nude makes your lips look gorgeous. i will show you what it does to my lips lol

  9. I've been meaning to get me some Colorburst lippies! In a college town, they can be hard to grab..but now that most of these students are gone, baby, you're allll mine! muwahahahah

  10. Nice lip swatches! You do a great job so pro =) Both look really good on you.