Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Face Shop White Mud Nose Pack review

When I saw Pink's rave reviews of The Face Shop's White Mud Nose Pack, I cried a little inside. Why? because Canada's very last Face Shop branch had just closed down a couple of months ago T.T meaning there was essentially no way I'd get a hold of it.
The black heads on my nose futterwackened vigorously.
Thankfully Miss Jenny from the block, a.k.a. Ethereal Prey, had my back! She sent me a very generous love pack with the nose pack and more in it. She deserves an entire box of bacon and sweet chilli chips and more!
Girl, all these gory photos are dedicated to you!xD

What is it:
A peel off nose mask. Basically, spread the mask on, wait for it to dry and peel it off. Black heads will get stuck to the mask and will peel off with the mask. Et voila! unclogged pores!

What's in it:

What I think:

My regular readers will know all about the blackhead colony on my nose, I hide it with a 1" thick layer of foundation, which provides yummy nutrients for blackhead offspring. I usually try to fit in an extraction about once a month or so, but extractions are painful, they always leave me with a nose that's redder than Rudolph's and sometimes a bruise will form where the extraction needle was pressed against my skin too hard. All in all, not an enjoyable experience.
I know that there's a huge variety of these pore strips things out in the market, they even make black ones for perverse people like me who like to admire and wave the amount of gunk that's been pulled out of my nose for house visitors to see. However, for some reason, I've never had much success with those pore strip things. They just don't seem to work for me, my black heads are just too deeply anchored in my skin. Plus, those things were designed only for use on the nose, what about the neighbouring colony I have on my forehead and chin?
Enough of my ramblings, the short and curlies of it is that I was interested in this pore pack because it seems to be more versatile than pore strips, not to mention cheaper (10 pore strips are $8?!?!!!), it's something I've never tried, and others seem to be getting amazing results from it.
Firstly, this pore pack is not for those with sensitive olfactory nerves. It smells like a mixture of super strong wood glue, and bad floral perfume. I literally have to breathe through my mouth for the first minute or so after application or I swear I'd pass out from the fumes.
Secondly, do not use this mask unless you're at least slightly masochistic. I think of myself as having quite a high pain threshold, it takes a lot before I will complain about pain, but DUDE, THIS STUFF HURTS!!! it will rip out all the little hairs you have on your face!! I feel sorry for you if you get any onto the area just under your nose because you will cry like a little girl when  you peel it off. It hurts quite a lot even when I'm just peeling it off my nose. Thankfully, despite the pain, it doesn't leave any red marks on your skin afterwards and I haven't noticed any ill effects on my skin despite having used it quite a few times since I've received it.

My results:

Oh man, I do love a good pore strip photo. It's like porn to me, I Google Image "Pore Strips" just to get my fix.
My results were definitely a lot less intense compared to Pink's. You can see that it got quite a lot of the black heads on the sides of my nose out, but almost none from the front of my nose hmph!
If you have a lot of blackheads like me, then you'll probably need several sessions before your nose is completely clear.
Do it after a long hot shower when your pores are open.

$6 plus tax for 50g

It works reasonably well, but I think it's very much a "Your Results May Vary" type of product, some will get better results than others.
I like that you can use it wherever you need to remove black heads.
It's MUCH cheaper than using a once off pore strip.
Due to the whole pain factor thing, it might not be a suitable product for every one.
For the Canadian girls, your only options to get one of these is either from online/beg a friend in a country that has a Face Shop.


  1. You got me, I need find this product! Thanks for the post!! =D

  2. i am one of those girls who needs to FIND an american/korean friend first and then beg without any dignity for this peel

    i quite enjoyed the pore porn
    thank you =)

  3. looks like a great product! did the one in metrotown close?? can't believe it!

  4. Oh Nunu, it's posts like these that make me <3 you so much. hahaha i cracked up so hard about how you like to look at your strip results. I do it too...

    Man, that products looks like it works well. I don't think we have any Face Shops in GA. Perhaps I'll take Sooji on an adventure with me to find some other brand that carries something similar to that White Mud Nose pack.

  5. I'm sooo ready to try this product! Seen it on Pam's blog too! Luckily, I live in CA so there's a Faceshop ~2 hrs away. When I go, I'm stocking up so I can hook some sisters up. lol

  6. LOL at the stripped pictures :) Like you, I'm fascinated at the stuff that stuck to the pore strips. I even showed it to my friends for shock effect or something. It really grossed them out when I did that :)

  7. I just brought it today! The Face Shop opened up in Pacific Mall.