Sunday, February 7, 2010

A belated makeup post...

It's about bloody time I did a FOTD.
I know I'd previously said that I'm paranoid about posting my mug up on the internet, but since this blog has nothing to do with my work, I don't think anyone would have a problem with it *shrugs*.
It was a miserable day of rain and I really wanted to do a summer look!

Go from this:

To this: (btw why does my head look disjointed?)

Using these:

  • MAC MSF Natural in Light Medium
  • Dior Shimmer powder in Rose Diamond
  • MAC Fafi Eyes Quad 1 (I only used the gray shade to draw in my brows...yeah I'm ghetto like that)
  • Urban Decay Get Baked quad (I <3 u Sooji!)
  • MAC Shape & Sculpt in Lightsweep & Shadester
  • MAC mineralise blush in Nuance
  • NYX eye/eyebrow pencil in Black
  • MAC lipstick in Hue
  • MAC lipglass in Underage
  • Shisem lashes XOG (Mwah Sooji)
Not pictured: MAC studio fix fluid in NC20; Estee Lauder More than Mascara mascara; The Body Shop Prime & Matte; UDPP in Sin.

  • Prime skin, apply foundation and set foundation using MAC MSF.
  • Line eyes, curl natural lashes, apply eyeliner and false lashes (I always mess up when I apply falsies, so I need to apply them before applying any other eye makeup xD. Tsk tsk I'm such a sorry excuse for a beauty blogger. Btw...ALIENMAN WHERE IS MY FALSIE TUTORIAL?!?)
  • Cover any visible eyelash glue with eyeliner.
  • Apply eyeshadow primer.
  • Apply Half Baked to inner lid, Baked to outer lid and Twice Baked to outer V and crease. Blend away any harsh lines using a fluffy blending brush.
  • Using an angled liner brush, apply Flipside to your lower lash line and water line.
  • As a last thought I applied MAC Vanilla to my brow bone as a highlighter xD
  • Apply mascara to lower lashes only.
  • Suck in your cheeks, make a fish face and apply the darker shade of the Shape & Sculpt duo to the hollows areas on your cheek to contour. Blend up, down and out using fluffy face brush.
  • Apply Nuance to apples of cheeks, sweep upwards towards temples.
  • Highlight cheeks using Rose Diamond.
  • Apply Hue lipstick and Underage gloss on top!
Ok...I can kinda see why my mom told me to go get a nose job...

Maybe I should get that laser peel while I'm at it... Hahahaha! and check out that horrendous falsie job!

And once more for the cam whore in me!

While I was taking these photos, people walking by outside our house were giving me weird looks...they were probably thinking "look at this vain girl taking photos of herself" T.T
I need a "Blogging in progress" sign!


Yes!!! Alice is finally mine!!!! The Pookie got it as part of my "Not a Valentines gift gift" lol. He even put himself on Sephora's waiting list for it xD.
I lub you!
Now the question is, what do I get him? @.@


  1. I love that blue eyeliner and the lashes.

    I'm so jealous of your masks and the AiW palette too! Sephora is already sold out of it now XD

  2. Wah~ such a lovely BF XD
    Anyway lovely to see a FOTD from you~ Looks great! Love the blue pop.
    And Shisem~ I'm trying to get my friend to get her friend to ship me some from Korea~ Otherwise I think I will just order a bunch through Gmarket or something XD
    But then again, cause my lashes and eyes are so short/small, ELF natural work alright for me...maybe I should be content with that?

  3. I looooove how you did that look on your waterline <3

    omggg i wanna each u up in that before pic you look SO CUTE xD <3 <3 <3 be my li'l sister <3

  4. Hey!

    Thanks for your offer, but Erynn ( already got it for me. Thanks again =)

    P.S. I'm currently stalking and reading all of your entries from start to finish =)

  5. really nice FOTD! :)

    and you have an awesome bf...getting you that awesome palette! He's gotta teach my bf a couple of lessons on being a good bf ;P

  6. Omgosh girl you are totally gorgeous! Shame on you for not showing your face sooner haha!
    The look you did looks very fresh, well done!

  7. *GASP*

    You own Alice!!!

    Love your FOTD you look fantastic!!

  8. Your faux lash job is as good as MAC's :) Pretty look, I like!

    And OMG, I want to fly over and steal that palette. That is love, girl!

  9. When I first got the Clarisonic, I noticed how clean and fresh it made my skin feel. After a while though my skin got used to it. I haven't technically seen any dramatic results from using it. So I figure it's not a must-have for everyone.

    BUT.. recently after starting to use mineral foundation powder on a daily basis, I noticed that my skin started going hay-wire. I soon figured out that using my hand to cleanse my face wasn't enough. So I started using the Clarisonic daily and thus my skin got better. For me, I'd say the Clarisonic is a must as you might know I'm a skincare freak =P. I feel like it really super cleans all the gunk off my face better than just by hand. I suppose it depends though on the person. That's just my take on it =)