Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quick 'n dirty Valentine's look.

I hate Valentine's Day. Seriously, my best friend and I used to sit there and watch horror movie reruns on Valentine's day. Our ideal Valentine's date was Freddy Kruger xD

The Pook, however, insists on celebrating Valentine's day >_> I got him to compromise after last year's dinner disaster, and since this year's February 14th also happens to be Lunar/Chinese New Year, there's even more excuse to stay at home xD.
This one is for you ladies who will be dolling up. A pink based look, keeping it simple and sweet.

Products used:

  • MAC Fafi Eyes Quad 1 
  • MAC Mineralised Skin Finish in Light Medium
  • L'Oreal Lineur Intense liquid liner in Black
  • NYX eye/eyebrown pencil in Dark Brown
  • MAC lipstick in Myself
  • Daiso lashes the criss cross kind
  • The Body Shop blush in Roseflower
  • Formula D concealer (Thanks Dao!!)
Not pictured: Estee Lauder More Than Mascara mascara; The Body Shop Matte & Prime; Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin; MAC Studio Sculpt foundation in NC20.

  • Prime skin, apply foundation, conceal if necessary and set foundation with MAC MSF;
  • Prime eyelids with UDPP;
  • Line a winged cat eye;
  • Curl natural lashes, and apply false lashes;
  • Fill in brows;
  • Using a flat brush, pat Hey! (golden beige pearl) over the entire lid area up to your crease;
  • Using a pencil brush, apply Pink Venus (pink shimmer) onto crease and bring down into outer corner;
  • Highlight highest point under brow with Vanilla (off white matte);
  • Using a fluffy brush, lightly blend the edges of the shadows using an upward motion;
  • Line outer1/2 of lower lash line with a dark brown pencil;
  • Apply mascara to lower lashes only;
  • Apply Roseflower blush (light pink) to apples of cheeks;
  • Apply Myself, or a similar "My Lips But Better" lippy.
Close up:

In warmer lighting

Hope you girls have a fabby Vday!!! Mwah!


  1. You look gorgeous!!!! I love the way you did your hair too. :) <3

  2. Really really pretty! :) I just bought that blush yesterday (I'm excited to try it out) lol

    Happy New Year and Happy Valentines Day!

  3. oooh pretty! i love those lashes. you have such pretty eyes, nunu. :)

  4. You look so pretty! I especially love how you did your hair. <3 That's a great lip color btw.

  5. You look pretty!! I have the same Body Shop blush that you have on here. It's really nice to use, gives a soft "flush" to the cheeks, lol.

    I hope you have wonderful V-Day/CNY!!

  6. Ooh girl, I love this look! So pretty and flirty. *^_^*

    LMAO at Freddy Kruger being your date!

  7. awww~ love the look^^
    the blush is on heavy rotation for me as well...that and this one annabelle one i got XD

    hope your valentines was wonderful~

  8. Hahaha, Freddy!! LOL I've never seen that movie yet.

    Wow, such a pretty look! I wish I had skills like you. I like how natural you make it look.

    Hm, well I don't use the HD powder all over my face since I'd probably breathe it in while trying to swirl the brush in the product (plus I personally don't think it's all that great as an all over powder since it leaves my face too matte without some glow). I only use it under my eyes after concealer with a cosmetic wedge. It works great to set it and stop it from creasing!

  9. The first thing that popped in my head when I saw your look was "Wow look at the perfect lashes"... hehe~ It's gorgeous with a great hint of pink-ness! :)

    If you make the recipe tonight, tell me how it went. I would like to know... hehe~

  10. omg you're sooo pretty and love the eyelashes. You got great skin too! Haha I'm not a big romantic and never was a big valentines day celebrator as well.

  11. What a gorgeous Valentine's Day look, you're so pretty. :)

  12. Why didn't I see this before? You look so luverly! Love love love this look!

    P.S: the word verification is 'rocku' hahaha

  13. Love the eye look. Simple but cute!