Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Olympic Issue and Valentine's love pack.

The Olympics are in town!!! here at MACnunu headquarters, we're really excited as neither of us have experienced such a large international event in our hometown before. Yeah, so the people of BC will probably be paying for it for the next 30 years, but since it's already here let's support the athletes, and enjoy it!
I joined the crowd in welcoming the torch to the city:

The Olympic Cauldron:
Can't see much? eh...we couldn't's apparently one of the controversies surrounding the Olympics; people have been complaining that there isn't a decent place to take a photo of the cauldron. You can't see it in this photo, but there's a iron fence around the cauldron and people are saying that it gives the cauldron an "imprison" look.

The queue to get into the Sochi House:
Sochi, Russia is where the next winter Olympics is scheduled to take place. We literally lined up for over 1hour to get inside so we a Russian vampire movie...
Skip unless you have the patience of a saint, and time to burn. There's really nothing inside, other than a big screen TV, a bar, and Ovechkin's hockey jersey. Oh, and a couple of Russian girls. We did manage to take this rather spectacular photo though.

People built these little Olympic figurines alone the beach, how in the world did they get them to stay up??!! And what exactly is the etiquette for jacking stones from your neighbour's figurine??...

People everywhere:

We went into Chinatown to have Pho for lunch. It was meh =.="

We discovered that there was an open air food market just a couple of blocks away AFTER this... It's ok, we went back at night xD

Standing behind the Olympics news broadcasting booth, waiting for a chance to make an arse of myself:

Of course I can't give up the opportunity to throw a fob sign:

There was this crazy dude there juggling on a unicycle with just his doondies on:
Please remember this is on a winter's day...

Hand painted paper lamps:

Taken from Granville Island:

Celebrating in the streets after Canada's 8-0 win over Norway:

Canadians are serious about their hockey:

Here I am hooking up to the Tree of Voices...oops wrong reality xD it's actually the Bell Ice Cube:

The Pooker also got the opportunity to go watch Curling live. It's a sport which he now pretends to understand after watching for 3 hours.

I was more interested in THIS curling game!

$5 lamb curry. Told you we went back to the food market. Was pretty good actually...

Curry fishballs:

Fish Siu Mai: - haha, these were being sold by this white guy who was hawking it out for the shop's Chinese owners xD

And to round off my night, I come home to this:
Miss. Pink's Valentine's day love pack. I gobbled up the cookies already, omg they are sooooo goooooood! Thank you very much for thinking of me! I'm quite a fan girl of Miss. Pink, so I'm never gonna wash my hands again.
Bitch didn't leave a return address, now I'm gonna take it as a personal challenge to find out her address.
What a pic heavy post!! Expect another Olympic related post some time this week!


  1. Love the photos! I wish I were there with you >_< ..such a great great experience!

    on another note: too bad Team Canada lost last night :(

  2. :)
    Thanks for posting pics~
    My friend went to Van cuz his friend got a bunch of tickets for some of the events...and he still hasn't put them (pics) up!
    I don't really watch a lot of the events on TV...more of a 'need to be there' kinda girl...

    ps love the fob sign.
    seriously i am so used to it, i feel awkward when i dont! XD

  3. Looks like a fun time! I love food markets bwahaha. I love food :D

    More nunu eye candy please!

  4. our atheletes are just SLIGHTLY disappointing this year!! but I wish I was not working and on vacation so i can attend a live event!!

  5. Great pics, esp the one with you holding the FOB sign...hehe! ;)

  6. Great pictures! Everything looks so exciting!

  7. ohh I love these pics!! It makes me miss living in Vancouver! Aww Pacific Centre.... and Robson street... hehe I played curling for the first time 2 weeks ago, it's freaking hard!

  8. You're so lucky you get to experience the Olympics first hand! Jealous!

    Btw, I love how the hockey projection is of Jarome Iginla. XD Go Flames??

  9. That looks like a lot of fun! I want that cookie now! Not fair, you already ate it. And you make me want to eat a cookie T_T

  10. LOL avatar reference :DD

    Curling is the bestt! I watch it almost everyday even if i dont udnerstand it still..

  11. Lovin' your photos of BC! Makes me miss home and my friends! BTW ur jacket is so cute! loves :)

  12. Ah wow~! Thanks for sharing! It must be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be in Vancouver with Olympics going on!
    And OMGOSH you look gorgeous!! I love the whole outfit!! And... You have my dream bag!! Ahhhhhhh so lucky~! ><