Thursday, December 17, 2009

It wasn't mono and haul (plus a minor Sephora rant)

I didn't have mono after all.
Instead, I had a mofo case of strep. Antibiotics were taken and I have made pretty much a full recovery. Thank you all for your concerns.
Things have been really crazy at work since my return to the office, the only thing keeping us going is the continuous stream of chocolate which have been arriving at our office. Nonetheless, I managed to sneak in a quick visit to the downtown Sephora, they had been sending me almost daily reminders of how it's the last day to spend my $15 Beauty Insider coupon, and my Asian genes were screaming at me to not let go of a good deal.
Oh. My. God. it was utter chaos inside.
Things were flying off shelves, I saw a man indiscriminately throwing things into his his basket, and women fighting over the last remaining Urban Decay palettes. I grabbed the 2nd last NARS Orgasm blush and the 3rd last Dior Petal Shine quint and ran to the cashiers.
Here comes my rant.
The below conversation took place between me and the cashier:
Me: "Do you still have the clutch with the 8 samples?"
Sephora: "No, besides those don't apply in conjunction with promos."
M: "Apparently I can get a Kat Von D tote with this coupon..."
S: "I've never heard about it."
M: "Do you know what's the Sephora sweet steal for this week?"
S: "What is that?"
M: "It's when you have a special product that's usually discounted to like $10, but only for a limited time."
S: "We don't have that for the holiday season."
M: "..."
When I got back to the office , I checked the Sephora website and saw that the sweet steal of the day was a Philosophy shower kit for $5!!!!She lied!!!I'm kinda angry because I really want that kit!!!Grrr!
Anyways, for all you who are interested, here is a photo of my recent hauls.

I made a big Bookcloseouts order when they were having their Black Friday sale. All those books only cost me $37!!! If I'd purchased them individually at somewhere like Chapters, that would've gotten me about 2 or 3 books if I'm lucky! Raw deal!!! As you can see, I'm quite a fan of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series (still debating whether or not to buy the final book, it's just not quite the same if it's written by someone else), I am also finally reading the Bridget Jones Diaries and The Devil Wears Prada.
While I was in line waiting to pay at La Senza, I saw these cute colourful tubes of eyeshadow, (actually I didn't know what they were, the Pookie told me xD), it's like a loose shadow with a built in sponge bullet applicator. They remind me of those old YSL Eclat de Givre eyeshadows. They're part of Victoria's Secrets' Beauty Rush line and were on promotion at 5 for $10, so out of curiosity I decided to swatch them on my arm:

Needless to say, these 5 promptly came home with me. I believe the colours I got were Bluetopia (light blue-green), After Midnight (dark navy) , Plum Passion (who named you?!), Brown to Earth (brown with gold shimmer) and Gold School (true gold). They're all shimmery (or "Luminous" according to their label) and they're definitely pigmented. I used After Midnight the other day as a liner on my upper lash line, I did have to reapply once throughout the day, but then I do have super oily lids >.< and I never really remember to use eyeshadow primer...
Another haul I made today:

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl and Pearl Powder masks. They were on special again at my local Asian supermarket for $10.99 a box of 10 so I hauled hard. These are going off to my girls xD.
It's exactly 7 days until Christmas!! Have you all done your present shopping? I'm not really a Christmas person, I'm more of a scrooge xD, but I will be attending an xmas dinner with le pookie and some friends this weekend, there is going to be a $20 secret Santa hahah.
Until next time my lovelies.


  1. oooh did you send me the white pearl one last time? my face is so shiny right now, in a good way, thanks to those masks you sent me.

    i looooved bridget jones' diary <3 <3

    Aw, I hope you feel better soon! I hope you're getting plenty of rest <3

  2. oh nunu

    i'm glad you're recovering! i definitely know what you mean with MA's that don't really know what's going on in their stores :T it irks me, though it could be bc we're obsessive about it and for them it's more of a job than an obsessive hobby(?)... hahaha at least that's what i try to tell myself ;x

    i saw the petal something quint at sephora the other day and i thought of you <3 you should post up a look of yourself with it on!! :D and orgasm looks really pink in your photos, i wonder if it's the flash?

    i spy a new gucci wallet ;x haha which one did you end up getting!?? :9 wait is it even a wallet? haha ;x

    those VS shadows look really nice and pigmented btw, let me know how they work out xD

    i should try hunting down those beauty diary masks, i feel like they should be available somewhere here.... hmmmm....

  3. Honey I am sending you a box!
    Yes that is indeed a wallet you spy, but it's not for me, it's to replace the pookie's old wallet xD. I still haven't decided what bag I want, but due to the general consensus, it's probably gonna be the Sukey!

  4. Oi, unhelpful sales ladies are so annoying! It's your job to know about those things and help the customer in the best way you can...I think?!

    Holy cow, that is a sweet deal on those books. I got the whole collection of Sherlock Holmes (in one book) for my Bf and it cost around $40.
    I've tried some of those loose eyeshadows from La Senza, I thought they were ok, I just really didn't like that sponge tip thing it comes with!

    Woo, Beauty Diary masks are nice! There's a lot of serum left after one use so I finally decided to "re-use" them at least another time to make better use of it! Have you ever tried that?

  5. Books! That's a nice haul you've got of them! I love reading actual/physical books. Reading them on pdf or digitally (even for free!) just isn't the same. Lady Chatterley's Lover should be good - I've read DH Lawrence's other works. Let me know how The Black Dahlia is - it's something I've been wanting to read. Sounds like you've got a relaxing holiday ahead of you. I can imagine you literally sitting pretty with your makeup on, sipping tea and reading books. :)

  6. Funny you should ask. I had a post scheduled to be posted of Bella being Demon Cat. Ever since I upgraded Wordpress, though, my posts have been timing out and missing their schedule! So, I postponed the post until after Christmas. As for the clickable bewbs... BLOODY BRILLIANT RON!!!!

    Happy holidays, nununnunununununuu!!!

  7. i love bookcloseout as well~ i believe they had a 50% off sale last boxing day, or the year before, and went nuts on them XD

    anyway im totally jealous you were able to get stuff at TBS~ I wanted to go, but was occupied the entire day, and the one mall near me didn't have TBS, so alas I missed out. I can only hope for yet another one XD

    hope that you are 100% better, and that you have a wonderful christmas filled with awesome eats~ I'm trying to bake some stuff today, and help cook...but seeing as I suck at cooking we will see how that goes^^

  8. =O Gucci..!!
    Nice haulage! I love that Dior shadow palette too! I must really pick up that Nars blush.. been on my list for some time now!

  9. Sweet haul, girlie! :) are too funny...yep, there's a Gucci.

  10. ooh I just got linked to your page from Pam's... do you mind telling me where you can find My Beauty Diary masks? I live in Vancouver too :)

    thanks in advance