Monday, December 14, 2009

First snow, Volturi makeup and still sick

Woke up this morning to find that the first snow of the season had fallen overnight. Soft perfectly symmetrical snowflakes fell from the sky only to melt the moment I managed to catch it. The first time I ever saw a snowflake I was so surprised to find that it really does look like ones I'd seen in picture books as a child. 

View outside my window this morning.

While beautiful, snow also means my most hated season of the year has officially arrived. Being a southern hemisphere transplant, its been really difficult for me to deal with the long, cold, and wet winters typical of Vancouver. For pretty much my entire life, I've had Summer Christmases consisting of month long holidays from school, bbqs by the pool, and sunny beaches. My bf finds this strange, he can't imagine Christmas in Summer, to him Christmas is all about snow, fireplaces and hot turkey dinners.
The fact that I'm still sick adds to this winter misery. I was feeling much better by Friday morning, possibly due to the promise of a free dinner, but by Friday afternoon my sore throat was back with a vengeance and by the time I got home at the end of the dinner, the pain had spread to my entire upper respiratory and even to my ears. I was practically screaming with each swallow.
So it was back to the doctor the next day, and the diagnosis? they now suspect that I have glandular fever.
Mono at my age.
Off we trot to the labs for a blood test (where I proceeded to 'break the tension' of the waiting room rather beautifully with my wailing). So now I have to wait for them to call back to see if i'm infected, and in the meantime, I just have to suck it up.
Think Happy Thoughts.
Remember the Twilight themed makeup I mentioned in my previous post? I hunted them down during my last trip to the drugstore. No swatches because the saleswoman was already giving me the evil eye when I took these photos. I couldn't risk getting kicked out cos I needed me some drugs damnit! I will go back some time this week with a better camera for swatches for my Twilight fans.

The entire display.

Some kind of glittery body mist

When I initially saw these, I was like, "I wonder what are these?", the pookster pokes his head in over my shoulder and says "They're loose eyeshadows."
He follows my blog xD.

The gift sets that I mentioned in my previous post. From what I can see it consisted of an eyeshadow palette, a dual lipgloss, 2 nail polishes, an eyeliner, a sharpener and some kind of shimmery white eyeshadow? Oh wait, maybe it's for your face to achieve that sunny vampire sparkle. The price is really reasonable for so many products but no idea what the colour payoff is like. Maybe I'll get a set just for the fun of it xD. I don't know any fans that I can pass it on to tho...


I conclude with a photo of my current position.

Since I am quarantined, I have no excuse not to study for my LSAT. The analytical reasoning questions are driving me insane, I donno how I'm gonna do this for real come February next year =.=". 
Lastly, I'd like to thank the pookiemon for taking care of me during my sickness despite being quite ill himself. Baby, I love you mwah!

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