Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Sorry for the lack of updates lately me lovlies, but I have been getting sick on and off for the past week and this week I have finally come down with the flu.
No, not the swine kind, just the normal boring kind.
As a result I have not done anything shopping, cooking or beauty related.
No, wait, I lie, I bought face masks from The Face Shop and a dress...not from The Face Shop xD.
The dress:

It's my workplace's annual Christmas party this coming Friday and it is going to be held at a downtown Italian Restaurant. Of course I maintain that I have nothing to wear despite owning at least 10 dresses which I've worn once and never again....la la la...
I saw this dress and instantly fell in love with it, it's gray lace with very intricate beading, such a refreshing difference from all the other shiny satiny party dresses out there. It's a stretch fabric so it's quite forgiving on the *hips that I've suddenly grown (*not really hips, more like love handles but hips sound better >.<).
I'm scared of the neckline, I will definitely be using double sided tape!
I have absolutely no idea what jewellery or makeup I'm going to wear, I am absolutely useless when it comes to these things. Dramatic smoky eye with nude lips? Subtle eye with red lippy? Do you ladies have any suggestions?
I hope I am not still sick on Friday >.<
On the cooking front, I made dinner for le pookster's parents the other night, sort of an early Christmas dinner as his mom is going overseas for Christmas. I was terrified, I've never cooked a large meal and his mom is Buddhist vegetarian so no meat, no eggs, no garlic and no onions. I've never made a strictly vegetarian meal in my life! I made steamed miso tofu, mushroom risotto, steamed fish (for Pookie and his dad) and grilled veggies. This was my first time making risotto, I didn't realise you had to stir so much!!! No wonder Ramsay is always screaming and shouting when his contestants make risotto! In the end it all came together, the food all came out fine, and his mom even took all the leftovers home! I'll take that as a compliment xD.
No photos because I was too busy during the cooking to take any and too hungry to take any after cooking xD.
I also got a haircut today:


Sorry, no full frontal, I'm a bit paranoid about posting photos of my face.
While I was waiting for my antibiotic prescription, I noticed that the Calvin Klein makeup line was available at my local Rexalls drugstore. You'll remember that the line was discontinued at Sephora a while ago. The ones I saw were prepackaged kits with 5 or 6 products in a box for $40. If you're wanting to snag yourself some of the collection, do check it out.
I also noticed Twilight Volturi makeup sets for $35 for a set of 5 products. For all you die hard fans, that's at London Drug.
La la la that is all, back to Neocitran and electric blanket.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you've caught the flu, especially b/c I still remember so vividly how awful it was for me 2 weeks ago. So, I hope you a speedy recovery and as much peace during the process as possible. Hoping the Pookie is able to spend enough time to nurse you back to health! My pooky berr made it so much easier for me to endure the painful nights.

    I can't wait to see you in that dress. If you're intimidated by red lipstick, try a red gloss, instead. The Balm has this gorgeous strawberry-red sparkly one that isn't sticky and is really pretty. It's festive and contrasts well enough with the grey of your dress but isn't so bold and opaque that you'd feel self-conscious and constantly checking for smears.

    Did his parents enjoy the dinner you cooked? They must be so impressed and relieved that their little boy is well fed :)

  2. Get well soon, McNunu! Love that dress and your new haircut. Talking about haircut, I desperately need one myself. Well, after the defense anyways.

  3. i LOVE The dress!!!
    I'm a huge fan of lace, so feminine and sooo Old fashion (and im a HUGE fan of old fashion goodies, lace & pearls are great...if only I could pull them off properly XD)

    There is a black one that apparently was pretty close to one of the black mineralized shadows from mac. but it was sold out by the time i put in my order, so couldn't try it out :) but I just received a mixer, so going to try it foiled (unless it doesn't work, and will need to find something better)

    but yes blue line = love XD

    ps. love the hair! i do need a cut soon...but...im not a fan of cuts, just cause it never really turns out the way I want. but it is getting so unruly now~

  4. I love that dress :) The color is so soft and I like the details. I'm sure it's even more stunning in person, I agree, it is a nice change from shiny/satiny dresses. I bet you'll see a shiny red dress at your Christmas party :D I'm guessing double sided tape...to keep the dress in place? :) I've never tried that! I think smokey eyes would look oober hot with that dress, especially if it's a grey smokey :D

    I didn't know Buddhist vegetarian's couldn't eat garlic or onions! Interesting! That's so nice of you to cook a home-made meal for them. I've never made anything for my bf (other than sandwiches) because he always critiques his mom's cooking, and I'm afraid he'll do the same with mine! haha, one day...

    Cute hair, and hope you're feeling better soon!