Thursday, December 31, 2009

I am a really lazy blogger xD

Hello my pretties, I trust you've all had a very merry Christmas and are enjoying the holidays before work and school starts again in the New Year.
Between all the insane Christmas and Boxing Day shopping and the mountains of yummy food, I managed to get in some quality time with la familia and catch up with some of shows I'd been wanting to watch. I am now completely hooked to the Korean drama You're Beautiful. I am a Shin Woo girl all the way!!!!But I also adore Jeremy!!And Tae Kyung has the most heart melting smile when he smiles, although I don't really like Jang Geun Suk in this series because he just looks too girly with all the mascara and lipstick. When he first appears with his hair covering one side of his face, I thought he looked like Nana >.<".
In other news, the doctor has diagnosed the bf with stomach ulcers :( he'd been complaining of stomach cramps and pain below his left rib for quite a while and finally went to the doctor last week. He's been put on medication for a month and has to watch his diet, nothing spicy, or too rich and he can't eat too much. This means that there won't be too many Nunu's Kitchen posts for a while. On top of this, his tennis elbow (he works in IT) has gotten much worse lately, to the point where the pain keeps him awake at night. Argh, I just wanna put that boy into a bubble!
Yes, I know you're all just here to see what I've hauled, so without further ado, here are the photos.

Some clothes for work xD

Boxing Day haul, mostly electronics and other bits n bobs for the house.

Some random pressies from colleagues etc.

My new bag courtesy of the Pookie and Frida Giannini xD

On the subject of Gucci bags, how's this for originality? Exhibit one below is Aldo's Bocchigliero (good luck pronouncing that!) it's on sale right now for $20.99 from $48.00

And in this corner, we have the Gucci Pelham studded hobo in Anthracite leather going for a cool $1700, if I recall correctly, it was a 2007 offering.

No, you're not seeing double, these two bags are almost IDENTICAL!The only difference is the colour of the hardware and of course the material.

Friends' kitties amongst all the Secret Santa pressies xD

I didn't realise my eyeshadow matched the kitty until the girls on NB pointed it out heheh. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone, EOTD and a kitteh!

They were so fluffy!!like a stuffed animal!I wanted to steal it xD

My gift from Alienman's Secret Santa! After some mishap with the post office (I live in a newly developed area that isn't on the Post Office's GPS, only bills make their way to our house =.="), it arrived safely yesterday and I totally ripped it apart the moment I got home. This girl got me far far FAR too much!!! I am SO getting her back!!! She got me EVERYTHING I wished for and then some more!!! She got me the UD Half Baked palette!!!!! She even wrote me love notes xD. Thank you very much SH, I loved it all very very much!! Watch out for the package coming your way!

There be no chestnuts roasting over the fire at the Nunu's house, but there be some makeup brushes! Lol, I haven't washed these in...ages...ew...I know, instead of washing them, I just buy more brushes ^.^;

I thought I'd post a photo of my makeup collection as of end 2009. It's tiny, tiny, compared to everyone else's, but I only started collecting in earnest from around mid-year and since then it's been increasing at a slow but steady pace xD. Let's see what it looks like by the end of next year eh?

Whew! what a long post! The New Year is upon us, this year seemed to have flown by so fast! So many things have happened and so many more things are on the cusp of happening. The lovely Miss Yumeko is moving to my hometown (Hong Kong) for the next two years and I would like to wish her and her hubby all the best! I look forward to your posts in the new country! To my beloved Alienman and Dao, both who recently graduated from University, congratulations! I'm so proud of you both! I wish I could've given more than mere mental support through the computer during your hard times, but I'm really so glad that you both made it! and Alienman, you're now officially 2 hours drive closer to being groped by me xD. I look forward to your Only In Portland posts :). Good luck to the Russianfortunecookie with her graduate application, I'm gonna be rooting for you! I know you can do it you smart cookie you! Sooji, you have a special place in my heart, not a day goes by without me bursting out in laughter from reading your posts no matter how bad my day has been. I wish you and David all the best for the future (p.s. I had a dream last night where you posed for your wedding photo with your 4 pack of Tide bahahahahaaaa!). This is by no means a comprehensive list of the people I'd like to thank, and I apologise profusely for anyone I've omitted, regardless here's my Oscar speech: I would like to take this opportunity (omg so cliched I know) to thank the girls on NB for being there always, in my times of happiness and sadness, to my family whom I love despite all its craziness and imperfections, to my colleagues for being the best people to work with anyone could ask for, to my readers for putting up with all my madness and last but not least to my bf, the love of my life, for his understanding, unwavering support and overwhelming love, J I love you.
May you all have a very enjoyable New Year's Eve, stay safe and may all your dreams come true in the New Year.
See you all in the New Year.


  1. aww christine! this was such a great post! i'm so sorry to hear about J and the stomach ulcers, someone i used to know used to have the same problem and he actually used to drink lots of milk to help with the stomach acids (i'm not sure if this will apply or help with J but just saying). he's so lucky to have such a caring and loving girlfriend to pull him through though!! <3

    btw are you done with You're Beautiful yet? did you get to the supermarket episode/???? xD

    btw your boxing day haul is... AWESOME! i love getting great deals on electronics, but i gotta ask. what are those two wii boxes in the center of the photo (the ones with a blue and red wiimote covers)... are they covers? hahaha we've been faithfully playing our new super mario bros and i freaking SUUUUUUUUUUUCK ;x i was never a mario kind of gal ;)

    and. i'm glad you liked the gifts, sorry it came so late :( i hope you have a use for all the things i got you! :D

    and also to you too christine, NB has really proved to be a blessing in my life, i've met so many great ladies that have proved such an incredible support and loving hearts! i'm so glad i got to meet you, and even though it hasn't been that long, it really feels like we're bosom buddies already! :D i'm glad we will have each other to share the future comings of our lives! <3 hope you have a great new year!!!

  2. I finished You're Beautiful 2 days ago!!!Ahahaha the Supermarket episode was so funny esp when they were re-enacting their commercials (Bi bi mein!) I cried during the Jeremy and Mi Nam bus scene when he asked why won't she love him. The ending was a thought it'll be more...climatic y'know xD
    Those two Wii box thingies are starter kits (we got a Wii as a xmas gift from J's friends) they come with a charger, wireless sensors, covers and cables.
    Hahahahaaa!I also suuuuckk with the new Super Mario Bros!!I really suck with all platform games, I can't jump n always fall into the crevices and die x.x and J always steals my mushrooms!!!
    I love my gifts and I'll def do a look with all the stuff you got me! Those brushes are sooooo soft!!!
    I hope you enjoy your New Year's eve!!

  3. xD nunu you are the sweetest!! Thank you. Your support has been more than generous and helpful. Sometimes, all a girl needs is a friend to believe in her :)

    Awesome holiday haul!! I still loooove that picture of you with the cat. You look picture perfect xD

    Happy New Year!!

  4. i was reading this fabulous entry and suddenly i saw a mention of me! omggg u are too sweet i swear

    come and visit me in hk! i'll help you add to your collection MUAHAHa * evil laugh*

    say you come visit me ok?

    btw wat eyeshadow are u wearing??

  5. just stumbled onto this page via NaTGN, and I LOVE your blog..I'm gonna subscribe :) Happy New Year! btw, I loved the Glass Castle. I went to India this past year and that book killed some travel time for me, I hope you enjoy it!

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have time :)

  6. yay! another Wii-er!! We should see if we can fit in a game with you, me and Sooji. hahahaha. I finished Mario Bros on Wii a few weeks ago. I got frustrated with the game too sometimes because my bf would "accidentally" pick up my character and through me into a crevice or at a goomba or some other bad guy. thank GOD we're done.

    i hope you have a happy new year and that your bf gets better. it's no fun being sick. :(

  7. got my mama a similar Gucci for Christmas! Great blog by the way (and youre a Canadian..awesome :p)

  8. Whattt Gucci? Wow!
    You got some great stuff from boxing day and Christmas! And those kitties look so fluffy and cute!
    I'm lovin' your smaller but yet quite efficient makeup collection. It's nice to know you didn't spend a crapload of money on too many products that will probably get neglected! (I'm the same!)