Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rowenta Beauty Curl Active review

The PR for Rowenta Beauty contacted me a while back to do a review of their Curl Active curling iron, I procrastinated until now because I was waiting for my hair to grow. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
 Curler comes with a built in stand! You won't have to set it on a protective mat or worry about it burning your counters!

$179.99 from Rowenta Beauty
Rowenta Beauty sez: 
" The Curl Active offers glamorous, salon quality curls in an effortless gesture. Equipped with a high tech curling system, this revolutionary tool automatically rotates hair around a motorized barrel. Optimal rotation speed ensures hair is perfectly coiled, and the tool’s varying temperatures support all hair types. Full bodied curls are seamlessly achieved, even at the back of the head, and results are long lasting.
  • Motorized curling system
  • 2 rotation switches for various hair styles
  • Variable temperature: 2 heat positions of 180°C and 210°C
  • Heating element within iron for a perfect thermic conduction
  • Fast heat up (1.5 minutes)
  • Ceramic coating to protect hair and increase shine
  • Ideal curl diameter (23 mm)
  • Exclusive trigger to grip and hold hair in place"
Nunu sez:
My hair is naturally thick and coarse which means it takes quite a lot of effort to curl. Effort I am way too lazy to exert. The Rowenta Curl Active curler takes away all that extra effort; all I really  have to do is clip a section of my hair to the curler and press a button and the barrel automatically rolls up. No more having to wind the curling iron up to my head! It even rolls backwards a bit when it gets to the end of the section so that klutzes like me don't end up burning their scalp.
I use the higher heat setting and hold the curler in place for 10 seconds, on release I get lovely soft curls. Heat up time was fast, I was able to use the curler within 30 seconds of turning it on.
The curler does take a little getting used to, the first few times I used it I would press the wrong direction or the release trigger instead. I also found it slightly awkward to use on the back of my head and on shorter hair in general as the clip is rather short, of course if you have longer hair this isn't really a problem.
Allow me to illustrate the process:
Attach the clip to the bottom of a section of hair:
 Press the direction button and watch the barrel roll up the section of hair. Hold for 10seconds.
Continue to do rest of hair, remember to go in alternate directions or your hair will end up in 1 giant curl.
Look forlornly into the distance:
In both directions:
Back view:
Ahjumma gangnam style!
I was originally going to make a video until I realised that I looked like this:
Used on my friend who has long hair:


  1. OMG NUNU!!!!!! you look so so sooo darling in here. Very pretty curls and it suits you soooo well. I love your hair style and the curls add so much bounce in your look!

    1. I wish I had more time in the morning to do my hair -___-

  2. eeeehehehhee i like the ahjumma style!!! like one of those super trendy ahjummas who dress better than me sometimes. make sure to take your LV bag when u go to the market XD

    i had no idea an automatic curler existed. this is so baffling.

    1. I will do it next time I go grocery shopping. Must rem to take LV Neverfull xD

  3. hahahahaah i am loving it.
    i agree with midgey, u look like one of those super rich trendy ahjummas in apujeong driving SLKs.

    1. The CLS is more of a rich ahjumma car. My old boss drove one and used to make me drive it to do errands xD

  4. girllll, I love you with your curls! You should curl your hair more often. You look so pretty!

    1. I wish I had the time to do it more often :'(

  5. Wow that looks amazing! You curl hair really nicely. :D

  6. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.........The shot of you curling in action is priceless.

    Very nice ahjumma style. You just gotta dye your hair a caramel brown colour and you're good to go to the market with your LV bag and huge sunnies. All joking aside you actually do look rather fab.

    Automatic hair curler? I need one of these when I don't perm my hair. I am so mal-coordinated when I try to curl my hair I make a bit of a mess =_=

    1. Caramel brown or that weird reddish colour that ahjummas tend to favour!
      I could never use a regular curler, I end up burning myself cos so unco-ordinated and clumsy. Then I tend to swear and throw things in the bathroom...