Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lise Watier Winter 2012 Glamour Rose collection swatches & review

Winter is coming.
Actually, Winter is already here for those who live north of the wall border. Vancouver was uncharacteristically warm and sunny for the first week of October, but Thanksgiving brought around the grey skies and incessant rain which will probably let up sometime around June of next year.
Ah well, at least Winter heralds the beginning of the Holiday season and with it, all the Holiday and Winter releases from the various beauty houses.
Lise Watier teased me relentlessly with their Winter 2012 Glamourose catalogue, the promo imagery is tres Madonna circa La Isla Bonita no? Anyway, I finally got around to swatching and reviewing the samples I received.
"The Rose, the queen of flowers, is blossoming into a collection of refined shades and products. This flower is the inspiration behind this new Lise Watier collection, a symbol of beauty, love and femininity."

Palette Glamour Rose in Vert Minuit
Price: $45
Lise Watier sez: "A trio of eyeshadows, half cream half powder, that comes with an embossed rose shaped blush and a matching blush brush."
Nunu sez: The Vert Minuit palette consists of 3 pearl finish eyeshadows in white, khaki and black, and a matte pink blush. The eyeshadows are all soft and finely milled, however, the pigmentation and texture is not on par with their awesome Aquarella quads. Of the 3, the khaki was the most pigmented and applied the smoothest, the black was slightly chalky but still pigmented and the white swatched the poorest. I didn't really feel the "half cream" part of the formula, in fact, the shadows kick up quite a bit of dust when used. I suggest wearing these with a primer or a base, as their intensity fades rather significantly without one. The blusher is cool toned and has decent pigmentation, however, it applies a bit too powdery for my liking.
The cover art on the palette is beautifully ornate and I wonder why they went with a cardboard packaging which cheapens the whole effect.
Illuminating Face & Body Powder
Price: $35
Lise Watier sez: "This versatile powder is ideal for illuminating the neckline with a soft pearly shade, or for adding a touch of glimmer on the eyelids and cheeks"
Nunu sez: The beautiful embossing on this powder reminded me so much of the beauty powders from MAC'S A Rose Romance. I didn't notice any colour being imparted by this powder, top swatch is heavily done with a sponge applicator and bottom swatch was done with a domed powder brush. Imparts a lovely glow without being overly frosty. Thumbs up for this one.
Luxurious Satin Finish Eyeshadow in Gold
Price: $24
Lise Watier sez: "New formula combines exceptional brightness and silky texture that can be worn alone or over another eyeshadow for a more intense and brilliant look."
Nunu sez: I got quite tanned during my time in Hawai'i and as a result have taken to wearing warmer shades of makeup, much to the consternation of the Other Tine. The formula is much nicer than that of the shadows in the Glamour Rose palette, it is smooth, and pigmented and doesn't kick up any dust. This is a really pretty light gold and I look forward to pairing it with a cranberry shade for the Holiday season.
Eye Shine eyeliner pencil in Black Gold
Price: $18
Lise Watier sez: "Two new shades featuring micro-glitter have been added to the line of eyeliners renown for their soft texture and metallic lustre. "
Nunu sez: This is my favourite product from this collection! I ended up using it before I took photos for this review. Bad blogger! But it is so gorgeous and I just couldn't resist xD.
Don't let the words "micro-glitter" deter you, this pencil applies silky smooth, is extremely pigmented and lasts all day. The glitter shows up as a uniform metallic gleam and the result is sultry glamour instead of Ke$ha. The colour reminds me a lot of L'Oreal's Infallible Eyeshadow in Cosmic Black, it's got that same bronzey-golden sheen in a black base and I love using it on my lower lash line. Ugh, SO MUCH LOVE!!
Rouge Plumpissimo Lipstick in Glamour Rose
Price: $21
Lise Watier sez: "Perfect for an irresistibly plumped look with a highly pigmented rich pink colour"
Nunu sez: I have reviewed their Rouge Plumpissimo lipsticks before here and I am happy to report that they no longer have that odd licorice smell!! In fact, they now appear to have the same yummy cake smell as their Rouge Gourmand lipsticks. The formula is not exactly moisturising, but it's not really drying either, it wears comfortably on my lips on its own but I would recommend lipbalm underneath. It's a lovely bright cerise shade which fades to a lovely stain and I was able to get a good 5 hours wear from it.

The collection, which includes a few more pieces, will be available from November 2012 to January 2013. If you are Canadian, London Drugs and Shoppers Drug Mart carry the line, or you can order online from
Ok, now I am going to crawl back into my cocoon of blankets. Revive when necessary with copious amounts of heavily spiked egg nog.


  1. I was wondering what these shades look like since I have the other palette! Love that gold eye shadow!

    1. Haha we always end up getting different colours xD

  2. Oooo oooo ooo pretty pretty! Love the rose pattern on the powders although the thing that caught my eye the most has to be that pretty glittery liner... don't blame you for using it before photographing it looks amazing!

  3. Satin Finish Gold looks gorgeous~ but I am biased, as I like the golds for shadows~
    The liner swatch is quite lovely as well~ the gold bits!

  4. I love the illuminating powder, anything with cute embossed designs are always a hit with me XD

  5. Sosososo pretty! The rose embossing is just beautiful. And the eyeliner looks amazing! Black eyeliners with a twist are always so lovely.

    New follower~ loving your blog so far :D

  6. Love the Luxurious Satin Finish Eyeshadow in Gold - gorgeous!

  7. whoa everything is so gorgeous! not sure if I need another lemmings ignited after reading this post XD that black liner with shimmers totally up my alley. the blushes r very luxe-looking with the rose motif! and the greens look amazingly shimmery - so is the highlighter >_<

  8. oh my, this is such a gorgeous collection.
    i am kinda relieved that LW is not avail here, but of course, i am secretly longing for it. ;p

    1. They have an online shop now! Go check them out xD

  9. Hey Nunu! I'm really starting to like these eyeliners with gold in them. I recently got a sample of Laura Mercier's eye pencil (forgot the color...). It's not quite black but more of a neutral brown that I love because of the subtle color. So glad to see you're doing well with your makeup blog! :)

    1. Coloured pencils are awesome for a quick simple eye look and it's not as harsh as black.
      So happy you still read this blog!