Friday, May 18, 2012

L'Oreal L'Or Electric Collection Color Infallible Eyeshadow

I don't know how much longer I can keep up with collecting these eyeshadows, I really adore their texture and their pigmentation and long lastingness is most excellent, but I am fast running out of storage space for these lil buggers. In the event that I stop collecting, you can always head over to Asiyakei's blog for swatches as I'm sure her OCDness will not allow her to stop collecting xD.
Anyway! The L'Or Electric collection was created to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival. The collection has not yet been released in North America and I don't know if it ever will but I can confirm its release in both the UK and Asia. I got mine courtesy of my Hong Kong CP buddy and fellow polish fiend Rach of Through The Looking Glass (Thanks Rach! Nice boobs! *gets slapped* xD)

Three new shades of the Color Infallible eyeshadow were released with this collection; Magnetic Coral, Cosmic Black and Metallic Lilac. In the UK, 3 additional shades, Innocent Turquoise, Sassy Marshmallow, and Naughty Strawberry were also released as a part of the same collection. Those are on their way to me and I will post swatches of them once I receive them.
From left: Magnetic Coral; Cosmic Black; and Metallic Lilac
Both Magnetic Coral and Metallic Lilac have bits of purple pigment mixed in with the base colour, something I've only seen in the Georgio Armani Eyes To Kill shadows, however, in swatches the purple bits are not apparent.
If you're think Metallic Lilac and Cosmic Black look familiar, you're quite right...
Swatches from left: L'Oreal Infallible Flashback Silver; L'Oreal Infallible Metallic Lilac; Armani Eyes to Kill 04 Nola; and Chanel Illusion d'ombre Illusoire
Swatches from left: L'Oreal Infallible Magnetic Coral; Bronze Goddess and Cosmic Black
Indeed, in the pan, Metallic Lilac and Cosmic Black appear to be similar to Flashback Silver and Bronze Goddess but once swatched these shades are quite different.
Metallic Lilac is darker and pulls more blue than Flashback Silver. Armani ETK Nola is darker than Metallic Lilac.
Cosmic Black is an antique green gold on a black base which swatches significantly darker to Bronze Goddess.
Magnetic Coral looks rather scary in the pan and in swatches, but it can definitely be sheered down to be wearable. I wore it in my FOTD with Infallible Color in Amber Rush and think it's a rather good alternative to Pantone's Tangerine Tango.
Yah, sorry about shitty phone camera photos. I appear to have misplaced my DSLR's transfer cable somewhere...
Of the 3 shades, I would say Metallic Lilac is not a must-have for me. I already have Flashback Silver and I rarely use silver shades in my daily makeup routine. Fans of shades like MAC Silver Ring, Knight Divine and Smoke & Mirrors would enjoy it though.


  1. omg~ Magnetic Coral and Cosmic Black are soo pretty! thanks for the swatches and the review, now I'm considering to get these two shades :D x

    My Blog ~ xLittleBells♥

  2. omg...cosmic black is so flipping lovely~~~~ xD
    And C, I love these posts on them. I still have trouble with finding a good base for them to stay on my lids, but they are just so dang shimmery I forgive my skin for being such a jerk lol

  3. I'm liking these new ones. They look really pretty and complicated!

  4. Bronze Goddess! I'm drooling! :D

  5. I LOVE that coral shade.....I'm a coral freak...I need that!

  6. gahhh these are indeed quite purdy but i can't buy anymore!! i promised i'd stop after i get a dozen hehe

    love the eotd! it doesn't make you look like you have pink eye!! i reallyyy love Amber Rush, it looks like i painted my lids w melted pennies bwahahahhaa