Sunday, April 15, 2012

Essence lipstick review

Full steam ahead with reviews of my recent Essence cosmetics haul.
I picked up a few of Essence's lipsticks along with their lipglosses that I reviewed in my last post. With the low price point, I had to constantly remind myself that at last count my lipstick/gloss collection numbered well over the 50 mark. Twas difficult job but someone had to take one for the team. These lipsticks have apparently won Allure's Best of Beauty award and Essence products are not tested on animals.
The colour I got is called "Like A Lady". Must be a very bold lady xD.

They sez:
"soft, seductive and unbelievably creamy: the popular essence lipstick is available in ten new shades just in time for spring! thanks to the new color-coded packaging, it's super-easy to reach for your favorite color and pick the right lipstick to go with your new spring outfits.
available in a total of 10 different colors."
Nunu sez:
These lipsticks reminds me somewhat of Rimmel Lasting Finish lipsticks, it has a tad more slip but the formula and finish are very similar. A plus for me is that the Essence lipsticks don't have that weird chemical licorice scent that Rimmel lipsticks have, instead it has a faint caramel/vanilla scent.
As you can see, the pigmentation is amazing. It begins to fade around the 3 hour mark but the darker colours will stain. On me, the formula was not drying.
The only sad thing is that the colour selection is kind of meh and too many of the colours have a frost finish. Also try the colours Red Carpet and Fairytale.
For $2.99 each, you really can't go wrong and I whole heartedly recommend these.
Bonus NOTD: Zoya Bevin


  1. The lipstick I'm kinda meh on, but the nail polish is awesome!

  2. Bevin looks way perfect for this time of year! You work that bold pink lip well. :D

    (Munchie sounds like a really appropriate name for a cat with multiple chins. :P My dog got plump off some meds recently and I'm not hating. It's kinda cute XD )

  3. Although the color is very bold, it does look really nice on you! And I love how Bevin looks! It's the perfect shade of mint/seafoam green :D

  4. You're the third person I know who is going to Kaua'i soon! So awesome XD

  5. ohhhh pretty judgy lips!! i kinda like how the rimmel lipsticks smell hahahaha i am weird XD

  6. I like the pretty pink color! I agree rimmel lipsticks tend to taste bad some people like the lasting finish but its so drying :( love your zoya polish! :)

  7. The lipstick looks very pretty and a steal at $2.99. I really love the color of the Zoya Bevin!! Looks perfect for spring.

  8. Bevin is such a beautiful shade!

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