Saturday, March 31, 2012

Essence Stay With Me lipgloss review

I was in Shoppers Drug Mart taking advantage of their $3.99 Revlon Lip Butter sale when I noticed the Essence display at the end of the cosmetics aisle. I'd clean forgot that Essence Cosmetics were rolling out in Canada! I've come across the brand in my visits to drugstores in America but never really paid them much heed, but hey since I had time to kill I decided to start swatching some of the lip products...
These things were pigmented!And insanely cheap!! $2.99 for a lipgloss!! Nothing in the entire display was over a fiver!
In the end I grabbed 4 of the Stay With Me glosses and one of their lipsticks, but I am still on the hunt for more of their products as they will make excellent package fillers.
Without further ado, here are some swatches:
 Swatches from left: My Favourite Milkshake; Me & My Ice Cream; Candy Bar; Kiss Kiss Kiss:

Essence sez:
"the name of this lipgloss could not be more appropriate: if you try it once, you'll never want to give it up again! the color-intensive texture is so wonderfully creamy and durable – without leaving a sticky feeling behind, that it's simply irresistible. the special shape of the precision applicator allows an effortless application.
six trendy colors are waiting to awaken those spring feelings and invite you to a creative styling session!"
Nunu sez:
Ah, ja ze Germans know how to make 'em well. I could easily believe that these were high end lip glosses that cost tens of dollars instead of the paltry $2.99 I paid for them. The gel-like formula is non-sticky, moisturising and lasts around 2-3 hours depending on what you do. Pigmentation is awesome but darker ladies might want to avoid the lighter shades because the milkiness does tend to accentuate lip lines. These glosses also have a yummy sweet fruity scent.
The hourglass shaped applicator is quite unique and something I've never seen before, it works rather well by hugging the curve of your lip and I much prefer it over brush applicators or the MAC doe foot applicator.
For $2.99 you shouldn't walk, you should RUN to your nearest Shoppers Drug Mart and nab them all before the word spreads xD.


  1. LOVE Candy Bar! Will definitely pick that one up when I go into SDM again.

    Also, SACRED BOVINE is my new favourite exclamatory phrase. Right up there with MOTHER OF PEARL and HOLY PHO.

  2. I really love the two light pink shades! Very cute and girly :)

  3. awesome! good to know about their pigmentation and awesome price point! :)

  4. Candy Bar looks amazing! And they all look seriously pigmented. :D

  5. I'm instantly drawn to the last 2, but they all look pretty cute! I should really drop by Shopper's more often.

  6. The colours are really beautiful, the applicator is such a strange shape, good to hear that it works well though.

  7. Crazy pigmented and so cheap!

    And i have never ever seen an applicator like that before. It looks so cool! XD

  8. Only $2.99?! Who cares if I have enough lippies already. I'm checking these babies out! ;)

    (Haha...I love fat cats :P)

  9. I love all the colors on you! They're so pigmented and affordable too. I see a lot of my UK blogger friends mention Essence products a lot. Haven't tried them myself though.

  10. Essence just arrived in Australia too, and I'm loving these lipglosses! I have the one in Me and My Milkshake. :) xx

  11. i really like candy bar and kiss kiss kiss theyre so pretty!