Tuesday, December 6, 2011

London Drugs Revlon and Almay beauty event

Finally a beauty related post! I tagged along to the Revlon and Almay beauty event hosted by London Drugs a few weeks back. It was actually a bit intimidating being in a room full of media PR types who all appear to know each other so I was glad to have Sheila and Michelle to huddle with.
This event is apparently one of the first of its kind! For some reason beauty brands tend to neglect those of us on the West Coast. We're vain too! Come market to us!! xD
Up and coming products from Revlon and Almay were showcased, including the highly anticipated Revlon Lip Butters and their new Photoready mousse foundation.
Of course I immediately bee-lined towards the nail polish table. They were giving out free manicures! Sadly I still had my gel nails on or I would have jumped at the opportunity!
The new Revlon Colorstay polish collection
Oh hullo dusty green colour on the right, you are so coming home with me when I see you!
The Revlon Lip Butter, the product we have all been lusting for, has finally arrived in Canada! Look at the huge range of colours!
These babies are so amazingly pigmented!!!
and so shiny too @.@
New Almay Intense i-color palettes:
Me giving stank eye whilst being made over with the new Almay Intense i-color dual ended shadow stick:
The finished look!
Me + Michelle post makeover:
Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow palettes! I've spotted these at Shoppers Drugmart and London Drugs already!
Revlon Colorstay palette in action:

I swatched the blue+green palette and it didn't really impress me. The colours were far too chalky :( I hope the rest of the line is not like this?
Latest additions to the Revlon Photoready line! It includes a concealer, a mousse foundation and a contour and blush palette.
I was really excited about these Revlon Photoready Airbrush mousses, I'm hoping to pick one up when they arrive at my local pharmacies
I've never encountered a foundation like the Photoready Airbrush mousse. The texture is really light, coverage is light to light medium, and it has a satin finish.
Celebrity chef Anthony Sedlak was there to provide a *very* healthy dose of testosterone and much appreciated yummies.
A man who can cook. He claims to be single too!
Pan seared scallops <3
As always, I include photos of Sheila stuffing her face xD
Michelle + Sheila

Look! you too can get nails to match your bag!
I shall never be a food critic. This was some kind of cheese cracker thing with a sliver of rolled rare beef on top.
Some kind of potato cake thing with a chunk of mozzarella(?)
Dessert!! a profiterole!
Lemon meringue slice:
Chocolate mousse and macarons. I might have stuffed my bag with the latter D:
I leave you with this:
Big thanks to London Drugs, Revlon, Almay and Cynnamon for the awesome event! I'm so excited about the new products and can't wait til they hit the shelf! I hope this will be the first of many West Coast beauty events!


  1. Wow! That really sounds fun!!! You're so lucky! I dream of participating in events like this one!

    I can't wait to try the Revlon foundation! I love foundation and I love Revlon, so this is a perfect combination! I hope I will like the product! Unfortunately, I am already skeptic since the bottle is opaque... It's as if they're trying to hide something! :o

  2. What a fun event!! Looks like you all were more interested in the food than the makeup!

  3. These photos are BRILLIANT! Sheila is a good sport! ahahaha

  4. I really want to try those lip butters but I have not seen them around at all! Your lucky you got to go to an event like this! The food looks so tasty too!

  5. Such a fun event! I can't wait for the lip butters, I think I may grab all of them... XD

    Mmh the food looks delish!! <3

  6. Gah! This looks like it was a lot of fun!

    I grabbed some Revlon Lip Butters last week... I think I'll get 2 more shades before I post the review :).

  7. What a great event! I feel the same! West Coast deserves some attention with new make-up too. seHaha, I enjoyed your food descriptions. I can never properly describe food...but only going so far as "It tasted so good!"

    Yay for Revlon Lip Butters! :D Lately I've been on the search for them...but I really want to try "peach parfait".

  8. OMG my photos!! Thanks, I will proceed to steal them off your blog, hahaha.

    I should start my own album of ugly eating photos taken by you.

  9. great photos! u guys sure looked like u had a lot of fun. also the food looks so yummy... mmm macaroons.

  10. great photos! glad the lip butters have reached you guys.. now to anticipate it's release here XD the event looked amazing :O amazing products. Hmm, i seem to notice that about revlon's latest eyeshadows.. (not these ones) a bit too chalky for my taste :(

  11. Aww don't you look cute! I see a few polish colours i like, going to run to the stores to check them out! Argh I can't find the lip butters anywhere :( I really want some! The food looks amazinggg!!! xX

  12. ooh, the lip butters look amazing!! Such pretty shades.

    You look so pretty in the pics. Love your smokey eyed make over!

  13. Teeheehee this looks like fun! I can't think of anything better actually - makeup and food in the same place.

    Ahahaha @sheilas eating photo! She eats in such a dignified way! I look like a piggy when I eat lol

  14. It is interesting that the Revlon nail polishes/laquers are shaped different outside the US. I like the bottle-shape better than ours, looks more modern.