Monday, October 17, 2011

The one where I forgot what I'm wearing in my FOTD....

Yes it's finally happened, I'm losing my mind.
This is why I gotta take a photo of the products I used otherwise by the time I get around to typing up the post, I'd have totally forgotten what I've used.
Who are you people? What am I doing here?
Oh look a chocolate biscuit.

If I reeeeally dig into the back of my mind, I think I used L'oreal Infalliables in Hourglass Beige, Permanent Kaki and possibly the Chanel Ombre Perlees green shade. No idea what I used on my cheeks or lips though. Judging by the perfect finish of my skin here I am pretty sure I used Chanel Matte Lumiere foundation.
This lame excuse for a post is up until I emerge from editing my NYC photos.
p.s. after the last disastrous post where I inadvertently changed my skin dark olive, I'm now experimenting with absolutely zero mucking about of skin colour. Let me know if this is better.


  1. Welcome back! Like the look, even though you can't remember what you used!

  2. Can't wait until I see your NYC photos. I totally forgot how many coats of np I use in a NOTD so I have to take a picture at the end holding up the number of fingers equivalent to coats so I remember.

  3. I love these colours on you! I cannot sport such cool shades and so I am in awe x

  4. Love this look on you!

    I often forget what I used in FOTDs...which is why I hardly post them.

  5. Oh wow. Blue looks amazing on you!
    And yes, agreed with the forgetting products used anecdote. Been there, done that, and if i really want to post a list up, some of it might be made up: 'I Think i used that...' LOL

  6. lovely lovely!! your blending skills are fab!! i have a freakish elephant-like memory. i never forget anything...i remember all things useless & random. not so much for things learned in a classroom though XD

    mb nxt time tell me what u use & i'll remember for u HAHAHA

  7. Love the look ;D Doesn't matte too much about you not remembering.. i'll just sit here & admire your work on the computer screen XD

  8. Your sarcasm always amuses me haha. Very pretty look though ^^v

  9. Wow the Chanel Matte Lumiere foundation looks freaking amazing...!!