Monday, October 3, 2011

New York, New York.

I wanted to start this post with "By the time you are reading this, I will be..." but it sounded too much like a suicide note xD.
Choi! Choi! Choi!
After much debate on what to pack, frantic last minute packing, lost passport drama, and wallet-ache from the awful CAN$ to US$ exchange rate, the Travelling Tines are finally departing tomorrow.
We'll be in NYC for just over a week during which we will say "Eh" a lot and will ask for directions to the closest "washroom".
We will also be visiting our beloved Labbit and Domo. The four of us are going to gorge ourselves on food and drink after which we will go shopping.
Oh and somewhere in between all that, we will be doing intellectual things like visiting museums and other tourist traps.
Do any of you have any recommendations on things to do in New York?

See you in a week!! Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers!! I'll be sure to share photos when I'm back!
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  1. You lucky butt, have a good time!
    I always end up going to the states when the US $ goes back up. Bad timing. I don't know why I'm not like those other Asians that exchanges 10k at a time when CAD is higher.

  2. "Choi! Choi! Choi!" XD Have fun on your trip and take lots of pics!

    (Thanks for the suggestions! :)

  3. super jellyyyyy!!! have an amazing time dear!! eat a lot for me XD & take pix so i can live vicariously thru u T_T

    have fun at airport security! i had a hoot last time when they asked me to pick btwn a pat-down & a body scan. boy was i excited to get to choose!! >.>

  4. Have a great time in New York!! It's so bad that I laughed at the suicide note part haha.

    I haven't been in NY so I can't suggest anything, sorry. I just want to go and eat all the awesome food there.

  5. Have a fun flight and enjoy your NY trip!! :D Take lots of photos ^^ would love to see what you get up to :D Also, when i read the title of the post, i was thinking of Alicia Keys' "New York" song haha

  6. I am expecting many pics, of sights, hauls, and food, thank you!! Have a great time on 5th Avenue!

  7. have fun!!!
    ahhh so lucky xD
    my plans to go keep getting foiled >_<

  8. Enjoy! The weather is gonna be great here in ny for the rest of the week!

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