Sunday, December 19, 2010

Viva La Nails!

I was made aware of Viva La Nail's sample packs back when Sparkled Beauty did her review a few months ago. Unfortunately, by the time I got around to checking them out, the sample packs were out of stock! So I put myself onto their waiting list and alas a few weeks ago they were back in stock!
I ordered their "Free sample product pack" which contains 3 packs of nail stickers and 3 packs of water decals which normally retails for £12 but is free to bloggers and youtubers (is that actually a term now?!) I only had to pay a £2.95 shipping and handling fee.
The samples took about 2 weeks to get to me.
I believe they have different sample packs every time, the one that Sparkled Beauty got also had sample packs of things like sequins, crushed shells and rhinestones and was worth a retail value of 20 quid whereas my pack only contained stickers and water decals. 
In addition to things like stickers and water decals, Viva La Nails also sell an incredible variety of nail supplies such as tools, acrylics, gels, fimo stick slices, konad plates and polish and they even have a whole cache of nail tutorials. They're based in the UK and charge in Sterling so keep the currency exchange in mind when purchasing.
I did a NOTD using the butterfly stickers:

The stickers were really easy to use, I just lift them off the backing sheet using a pair of tweezers and stuck them onto wherever it was I wanted on my nail. I had to lift and reposition a few them and they didn't take off any of my polish which is a huge plus for clumsy folk like me. 
Most of the stickers have little accent stones on them for that extra bit of bling. It does, however, require quite a few coats of top coat before it stops sticking out of the nail surface.
The water decals work in a similar way as fake tattoos; you cut out the design you want, soak them in a bowl of water, slide them off the backing sheet and press onto your nail.
The polish that I'm wearing is Color Club's Revvvolution, a black holo. Very pretty to look at but a pity since it chips off in chunks :(

In other news, I recently got an ostentatious new camera! Now if only I get around to reading the manual and figuring out what exactly is the different between an "f-stop" and a Stop sign, you might actually see some decent photos around this here blog.
Allow me to regale you with a photo I risked the toes of my right foot for:
 I hope I will be able to get at least one more post in before Christmas, however, if I don't, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it). Keep safe and I expect lots of posts on what you all got for Crimbo!


  1. Those nail decos are a good deal! I always see them at shoppers for like $8CA for maybe 50 stickers :S

  2. i wish everything would just come in sample packs lol! they are definitely such a good deal and i'm loving that nail color!

  3. Your nails are gorgeous! :) Love it!!! Those sample packs are so worth right!? :)

    You'll figure out your camera in no time. I hate looking through those dreaded manuals. I get more confused in the end than I was in the beginning :p

  4. Yay you got the pack. Too bad they don't send out other stuff anymore besides stickers and decals, but you pulled off an awesome mani here :)

  5. Now those decos are for lazy people like me haha. Less effort than Konad ;P
    Ooh I like those light trees, they look so cool!

  6. I just tried my first nail decals too and am now crazy for them!! How many coats of top coat did you put on? I just did 2, so the stickers still stuck out quite a bit :( And holy crap those lights are awesome.

  7. Oh I should have put myself on their waiting list too, I remember you tweeting about this. Your NOTD is so pretty, love the decals as they came out perfectly.

    Yay on the new camera. Very nice quality and professional looking pics.

  8. I love your NOTD! Very pretty color with very pretty butterflies :D
    The pic you took with your new camera is stunning!

  9. those water decals are so pretty!
    Viva La Nails have a great website. I'm considering placing an order with them for some new konad...

  10. pretty!!! i always have problems with stickers as they seems to like sticking together instead of sticking to my nails

  11. So pretty!! My nails never turn out like that... I always manage to bang my finger or smudge it some way that it's beyond rectifiable..