Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas party FOTD and OOTD

Last night was the boy's company's annual Christmas dinner. Due to my lack of social graces, I'm generally kept out of gatherings with more than 3 people, but, since it's Christmas they relaxed the rules of my parole.
Of course 3 days before the event I developed a cystic zit of epic proportions on my cheek which wouldn't go away despite the 4 layers of cortisone cream I put on it so I had to go around introducing it as my parasitic twin Mandy.
Make-up wise I tried to copy a look done by The Glitter Geek. It was only half a fail.

I basically applied a matte black shadow (MAC Graphic Garden) from my upper lash line up to just below my crease, a dark teal (MAC Birds & Berries) to my crease then blended it into the black and just slightly above my crease. I also patted a bit of a lighter teal (MAC Botanical Blue) to the middle of my lid.
Tight line and line upper and lower lashes. Apply more of the black shadow to blend out the liner. Mascara.
Contour using NARS laguna, highlight with NARS Copacabana (Thanks Justine!!! <3), blush was MAC Shell Pearl Beauty Powder, and lippie was Chanel Rouge Laque in Ming (Thank you again Justine!! I love love love the colour!). Everything was set with Anna Sui luxury loose powder (<3 Sheila).

Say hello to Mandy.
Why do I look cross eyed in this photo? Dress: Le Chateau. Faux fur stole: H&M. Shoes (not like you can see them): Michael Kors
The buffet.

The event itself was meh, boring speeches, the food was lacklustre and let's not start on the music. Ah well as least the drinks were free and I had a grand view of all the hoochie dancing.
Lunasol 2010 Coffret and Anna Sui haul coming up next!


  1. SO PRETTY!! I love the smokey look - yours just seems less sparkly, but I love it just as much! Do you have anything like the Blue Flame MES? That would look great foiled over your lid, I think!

    I'm glad you like Copacabana and Ming!! I hope you get use out of both of them. Sorry that the food was not up to par though - that sucks. I don't drink a lot but I'm guessing the free drinks made up for it XD;

  2. omg you are SO SMOKIN HOT! xD *wipes drool off keyboard*

    btw i lurves ur eyebrows <3 pls shape my caterpillars!

  3. love the dress and anything navy blue <3! and you have such a great figure for dress like this :D you looked lovely in the pics ^_^

  4. Great FOTD, especially the eye makeup. Love the outfit, the colour suits you really well.

  5. You look really pretty! Love the dress too :)

  6. HAWT! I like the dress! Hope that pimple disappears soon. There's nothing more annoying than a pimple that screams for attention: "Hello! I'm early for the party!"

  7. I think your make up is great, love the fur neck wear you have, it looks great with your dress. awesome you guys had a buffet, this year my company cut back so instead of the buffet we had cold turket legs :(

  8. You are a striking lady!

    I think you wear navy blue incredibly well and your make up is top notch

  9. Hi Nunu!

    LOL You have a great sense of humor. Love the part about how you're kept out of events with 3 or more people. Sorry you had a breakout but I would have never noticed it.

    You look very beautiful and glamorous! The faux fur wrap is awesome because it's cruelty free and very holiday. ^^ Yay for free drinks and hoochie dancing? at a company party LOL

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. I agree that sometimes you just have to leave certain family members behind for everyone's sanity. Thanks for the great advice.

  10. haha you're so funny. I bet if we were at the same boring xmas party we could've been fun together with our lack of social graces ;) Loving your fur!!

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  11. Ooh gorgeous! I love that you played up the outfit with the fur stole :)

  12. Oh nunu, you look GREAT! You know people went to the dinner to see how gorgeous you are. hehe What zit? You looked fine and crazy gorgeous!

    Yay! Can't wait for your next haul post!

  13. You look so pretty :D What a pretty look for the night! I love your dress, and your e/s. Blue is always fitting for awkward social events. I am the same way!! :p haha

  14. ooh la la! you look great! its nice to meet mandy btw. LOL! is she still living on your cheek right now? :P

    i like going to events because its the perfect excuse to dress up! the fur stole was a nice touch! sorry the food was blah... but hey, you're an awesome cook, i hope you gave them some tips ;)

  15. LOL macnunu!!! you have a way with words to make them sound so funny!

    i dont think i've commented since my first comment (perhaps over a year ago...ehhh) but just wanted to let you konw that i'm still following you and you've given me some great laughs this year (chinese parents pt 1 and pt 2 which i shared with my bf and since then you are his favorite cyber person) so i thank you for that :D

    and happy holidays!!!! I prolly will comment next christmas haha

  16. parasitic twin or not, you looked great in that dress with the navy eye makeup!

  17. Company X'mas parties are usually meh. Haha...well, I can barely see Mandy. ;) You look hot!

  18. Ah~ you have a killer body! LOVE the dress and especially love the colour! You look so beautiful. And the fur is just the nice touch to make yourself look uber rich haha =)

  19. which two cream blushes do you have? haha

  20. I really like that Le Chateau dress... such a pretty colour!


  21. love the blue smoky eye look and the blue dress. really glamorous for the holiday.

    btw, check out my blog and my holiday giveaway