Wednesday, September 8, 2010

FOTD and NARS swatches- Brown and plum Autumn look.

A look I had in mind for a while. Browns and plums always make me think of Autumn.
Products used:
  • MAC Devil May Dare palette
  • MAC Fafi Quad 1 palette
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
  • Anna Sui loose powder
  • NARS Multiple in Portofino
  • Skin79 Pearl BB Cream
  • Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer palette
  • Maxfactor 2000 Calorie mascara
  • Gosh Brilliant a Levres lipgloss in 0059
  • MAC Hey (champagne beige) as all over lid colour
  • MAC Pink Venus (frosty pink) on outer half of lid
  • Coastal Scents purple and plum (fourth row from the right, 1st and 2nd colour from the bottom), dip brush alternatively between the two colours on upper and lower lash line, blend upwards on the outer corner of lid.
  • MAC Devilishly Dark (chocolate brown with bronze shimmer) darken crease.
  • Blend.
  • Mascara
  • Stipple on foundation
  • Apply Skin79 Pearl BB Cream to highest point of cheeks, forehead and down center of nose. Blend into foundation.
  • Dab NARS Portofino to apples of cheeks and blend outwards lightly with a fan brush ( I found that this to be the best way to blend NARS Multiples. Fingers just don't do the job)
  • Anna Sui loose powder to set.
  • Lipgloss.
I was looking over the shoulder of me Godmum's son the other day while he was surfing Facebook. He had a bunch of girls on his Friend list that have profile photos like this: 
What kind of pose is that??!! What is the youth of today coming to?? SMH

In other news, I recently went to yet another NARS makeover event where I bought more stuff xD.
Multiple in Portofino:
No relation to the Italian fishing village of the same name, the NARS website describes it as a "shimmering coral". It reminds me of MAC's Peachykeen blush, only that Peachykeen, being a sheertone shimmer blush, is a lot more shimmery and less pigmented.
Swatched: Left: MAC Peachykeen, Right: NARS Multiple in Portofino
This is my first Multiple and I think I've found a new line of products to hoard. It gives a really gorgeous sheer wash of colour that stays for around 4-5hrs. Application is a bit tricky, I struggled quite a bit at first, I either applied too much and ended up looking like a clown, or it went all over the place. In the end I learnt that a fan brush was the way to go.
I also picked up the Rajasthan duo eyeshadow.
This is a new release that came out with the recent Autumn 2010 collection. I believe it is a limited edition.
The NARS website describes the colours as a metallic beige and a blue-black charcoal. I've worn this duo once or twice already and it does a really sexy smokey eye xD

I can't believe summer is over already. The infamous unrelenting rain of Vancouver has begun and I am utterly miserable.


  1. oh nars.... <3

    i love purples though i can't figure out how to work out browns.


    it's so hard finding rajasthan ... :(

    i wish i could keep you.

  2. Rajasthan is such a lovely duo. I am glad I bought that.

  3. That lipgloss really really suits you. I wonder which person with awesome taste in make-up could've gotten that for you? Mmh... :)

    LOL at the puffy cheeks face, I have no words. Don't even know why and what it's supposed to look like either.

  4. the Nars e/s duo is so pretty love the colors! really cute fotd

  5. my feet are also half a size different, i think it's quite common. i've always wanted to get a multiple but it's so pricey! this look gorgeous!

    its great that u really put your 88 palette to use all the time. i bought mine last year and touched it only twice... i really need to use it more often!

  6. Another pretty look! Loves it!

    The duo mat never left patches on my face and I get pretty oily and I rarely blot my face during the day due to laziness lol. I'm going to be sad when it's winter time and I have to give up the powder because I'm afraid my face will be dry and then it will cause flakeyness lol.

  7. Nunu, I you always pull off darker eyeshadows really well!

    Haha, that 'what kind of pose' pic is funny! ;)

    Love the NARS duo eyeshadow a lot! Maybe, I'll pick it up on my London shopping tour. :p

  8. Nars duo eyeshadow look soooooo pretty :)

  9. lol! Love the SMH photo.

    I like Nars Multiples in concept (and the colors seem cute), but the shimmer scares me a little. Oh and that eyeshadow duo is so pretty! I wish I picked it up, but alas.. I told myself to be good. ;-;

  10. (A 50 year old? Ouch.)

    Pretty Autumn look! :) And LOL at your impression of their profile pics!

  11. try being in constant heat wave, it's just as horrible!

    you pull off plums well! :)

  12. Hi Nu Nu!!

    I've missed your blog and your comments. I have a lot to catch up on. :) (hugs)

    Gorgeous fall FOTD! NARS Portofino looks lovely on you, a perfect apple like flush. The gold NARS eyeshadow looks lovely and versatile.

    How do I vote for you on the Maple Leaf contest? I'm don't have FB and FB confuses me haha. Sorry, I'll definitely do it once I figure it out. XD

  13. LOL that fugly pose is very popular amongst Asians!!! I call it the 'act cute' pose.

    AND go watch the newest episode of Diamond Club!! The girls look horrible --> this is putting it nicely =.=

    Thank you for the recipes, they look delish!! Miss NuNu is a talent in the kitchen!!! I want me some of that black bean cod *slobbers*

    I can't make the 'lining the inner corners' work for me. I get too heavy handed and my line look uber thick --> fugly --> fail *bahh* Your gyaru look isn't 'powerful' enough, you should have stacked 10 more pairs of falsies on hahaha xD

  14. Wow beautiful make up & i love your limited edition Nars it just came out here in Australia too. I have been thinking if I should get it... thanks for the swatch and thanks for dropping by :)

    Just followed :)

  15. I love the plum shade on your eyes, very pretty FOTD :)

  16. You look great with that look!

  17. Love the plum colours on you! I really need to start using my 88 palette...its been sitting in my drawer since the day I bought it :P

  18. um, eotd request with the nars duo please, dur! <<3

    oh, and maybe a pronunciation guide to the name? =)