Sunday, September 5, 2010

FOTD - Gyaru inspired look

The result of reading too much Popteen xD
This look was probably one of the most fun to do! I loved the results but it's way too much work xD
Key points of this look are glowy flawless skin, greatly exaggerated eyes, barely there eyeshadow and blush and pale pink glossy lips. I am also wearing Geo Nudy Brown contact lenses which have a pupil enlarging effect.
Products used:
  • MAC Intriguing Scarlet Warm Eyes palette
  • MAC lipglass in Underage
  • MAC lipstick in Hue
  • Formula D blush in Flushed
  • Paul & Joe Protection Fluid Foundation in 15 Sable
  • Skin79 Diamond Pearl BB Cream
  • Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen in 002
  • Dollywink liquid liner in Black
  • Anna Sui loose powder
  • Sephora eyeshadow in Aspen Summit
  • Mascara (not pictured)
  • NARS Laguna bronzer (not pictured)
  • False lashes, upper and lower

  • MAC Warm palette - apply Sweet Joy (light beige) all over eyelid.
  • MAC Warm palette - apply Warm Suede (warm medium brown) on outer V and crease.
  • MAC Warm palette - apply Well Spiced (dark brown) to upper lash line and outer half of lower lash line. Extend and blend out.
  • Line upper lash line - thin on the inner corner and thick on the outer corner. Extend "tail" as if for an exaggerated cat eye.
  • Line lower lash line. I created a false inner corner by using this method to give the appearance of larger eyes.
  • Apply upper lashes - DO NOT cut the lashes to fit your eye. You want to apply the lashes so that the outer corner of your lashes extend beyond your natural outer corner. This elongates the eye.
  • Apply lower lashes - I cut mine into multiple bunches then glued them individually to outer edge of my lower lash line.
  • Curl lashes and apply mascara to bind your real lashes to the falsies.
  • Line lower inner lash line with a white eyeshadow or eye liner. 
  • Fill in brows.
  • Stipple on foundation.
  • Apply Skin79 Pearl BB cream to forehead and highest point of cheeks and blend out. This BB cream has a shimmery/pearl finish which gives your skin a glowy finish.
  • Highlight bridge of nose with Dior Radiance pen.
  • Contour face with NARS Laguna bronzer
  • Apply Formula D blush lightly to apples of cheeks.
  • Apply lipstick and top with gloss.
  • Dust face lightly with Anna Sui loose powder
  • Put on your most kawaii look!!!!

Cho kawaii desu!!!

My best Popteen pose!!!
With Kitty!!!

Ok, now excuse me while I puke xD
Random: Am currently in love with wavy hair now that my hair is finally long enough.



  1. omg you're so prettyyyyy!!

    And you can totally pass off as that Tsubasa person who created dollywink XD

    Which lower lashes did you use? it looks so natural!


  2. Nunu, you can do no wrong! Love the lashes and cute poses lol. I could never pull it off.

    Aww love for the sleeping kitty!

  3. AWW, cute kitty! :)

    I love this look!!! It's a lot of products used! I'm thinking that the gals in the magazines probably use 10x more stuff to look "minimal" :p Hehe I love this look on you! :)

  4. I love the hair!! I can't seem to get my hair to cooperate enough to do that for me. sigh The lashes are really nice too, I love it. XD I'm looking for a nice nude/pink sort of lip color... I think M.A.C. Myth is really popular in Japan (or was, until fairly recently) as the perfect nude lip color. Have you tried that? I was looking at it last time I was in Bloomingdale's but the salesboy was checking out the Mr. in the mirror and he got a bit skittish so we had to leave. haha! Love the kitty! :)

  5. What are you up to?

    You are waaaaaaaaaaay to stunning to be a gyaru!! I love this look on you.

    *gives you back you spear* GO catch us a kudu for the braii!

  6. You've got fab eyes and love all your pics....

  7. LOL, you're so cute here :D. Look very gorgeous and your eyes are so big :)

  8. Thank you for sharing... love how you do your make up :)

    I'm a new visitor :) just followed

  9. adding bottom eyelashes really make a difference =) brighten your eyes!

    p.s. kitty is so cute *blush*

  10. *giggles* Your cat is adorable. I love this look, girl!

    IMO, this form of eye makeup is the nicest on Asians (: Lots of black and lashes!

  12. Love the way you did your eyes. It is a lot of work, isn't it? I wonder if Japanese girls spend tons of time in the morning putting all this makeup on...^_^

    Your kitty cat is too cute!!

  13. Kawaii!! You eyes look so dolly-like! Got to give this one a try!

    Responding from your last comment. I saw from a picture on your blog that you were wearing the sukey. You wear her well!! Judging by what you said she's going to be a great investment for being a sturdy bag, I need one of those!

  14. pretty! im digging those pop of lashes on you!

    great job with the eye-lining, they look v precise :)

  15. i think you were made to be a gyaru! holy cow you're a doll!

  16. LOL "excuse me while I puke" Great job on the FOTD. :)

    Ahhhhh look at the keyboard cat!