Friday, January 8, 2010

First award, tag, small haul and food pr0n

My first blog award!! Nat gave me an "I <3 your blog" award! Awww, thank you sweetie xD you love me! you reeeally love me!! When I first started this blog, I didn't think anyone would even read it let alone love it xD. It was gonna be my equivalent of JLo's Oscar worthy performance in El Cantante.

She also tagged me to find things around my house that was pink! Ahahahahaa! I've always vigorously denied that I like anything pink, thus I was pretty sure I wouldn't find anything. I've been proven wrong lol.
Exhibit 1:

Exhibit 2:

Ok, so I do have a lot of pink stuff xD. I tag everyone who reads my blog with Purple my favourite colour!

Went to The Body Shop the other day and hauled a little bit xD

Snacks from Japan and cheap Xmas chocolates!Milka!!my fav!!but somehow it tastes different to the ones I had in Europe... Does anyone else find North American sweets to be much sweeter than their European counterparts?

Lastly, we went to a Japanese restaurant close to our house called Toyotomi for dinner the other night. Very reasonable prices. If it weren't for the Hamachi sashimi, dinner for the two of us would've only been around $35.
Salmon Tartar with tempura bits

I'd already gobbled up 2 pieces of the negitoro (my fav and must have!) and those were the 2 last pieces of sashimi in the Pookie's plate.

Some roll. Tuna and avocado topped with eel tempura.

Another roll. Spicy salmon topped with avo and eel. We'd only realised we had eel on everything when the food came. It's ok we like eel xD.

Food was pretty good and prices were very reasonable. There was one thing we were after that they didn't have on the menu...

Yeah, yeah it looks like cracked open brains but it's really good!
So how is everyone doing in their first week back at work? I'm still not used to the pace yet, I'd barely begun to relax into holiday mode and it's over already >.< I want my month long school holidays back! Well at least it's not snowing...
More posts coming up! Gonna be putting all my new toys to work!


  1. Congrats on the award!!!
    btw, nice haul and the food looks sooooooo good :)

  2. Congrats! Love your new blog layout.

  3. ooh loving this new layout!!

    and omg foood yummmm

    oh and pink pink pink,love it

    though they tell me this year, my lucky color is purple XD

  4. Yay for food porn! Yum... :D Congrats on your award! Love your pink items especially the plushies. XD

  5. The food pictures look so yummy *drool worthy*! I want some sushi now... hehe~

    Thank you for telling me about the movie, Avatar. I really want to see it in 3D now... hehe~ I'll try to look into it when I have time to watch it.

    How are The Body Shop makeup? I bought one long time ago and didn't like it. I heard they got better, but what is your opinion?

  6. How did you use the Google help? I didn't even bother looking at that when I updated my layout *sigh*. I went the long way... lol~ I'm more illiterate than I thought! :X

    Ahhh~ That's why you got two of the marbleized blush. I should look into that when I got to the mall and see if they have some at The Body Shop. I don't think I've seen it though from what I recall. :/

  7. Hey sweets! :) I know sometimes sells those premium MBD masks in singles so def try to get one to try. I know what you mean about that Stila palette. I was just fortunate enough at the time to snap one up. Grr... And yep, the Mavala is a serum. It comes with a mascara wand to apply to your lashes with.

  8. Thank you for giving me the link to help me with the html. In the future when I update my layout, I'll definitely use it... hehe~ I tried saving the codes for all the stuff on the side (whatever you call that... lol~), but it tells me it wasn't saved. For that reason, I had to start all over from the beginning. Hopefully in the future I will learn... hehe~

    I need to go check out The Body Shop, but the question is when do I have the time too... hehe~ Does Canada have the same sale as U.S?

  9. Thanks for taking interest in my blog! I will definitely do reviews on the CDP stuff!

  10. whoa I've never seen uni served like that before, that is super neat! and man that is niceee food porn yummmm. I love pink lol and for a while I didn't like to admit it since Paris Hilton was all over pink and it was labeled as the "dumb" color but now whatever I wear it and I love it!

  11. Woot! Thanks for doing the tag!

    I only own one blush from the Body Shop. If you can do reviews!!

  12. LOL at your comment! XD Well, call me crazy but CDLM has HG status with me. I'd kill to work at the counter but I'm not much for retail. Bio Oil wasn't too bad. It did heal a scar I had on my ankle but yeah after that it seemed to stop working. :( I do agree with you on the L'Oreal and Garnier anything though.

    Hope your day is going well!

  13. K K, you convinced me to get more Body shop stuff! XD
    I definitely want that baked blush! I didn't get more partly because I didn't want to look crazy... but yeah... i need!!!!
    Whoa...that last picture is scary... i thought it was a dead porcupin :S Haha...what's a uni?


    Hello, I'm a new follower ^^

    WHat is that... thing in your last picture?!