Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cargo 50% off haul and The Body Shop blush review

OMG. I finally do a beauty related post. I'm sure all my beauty readers have long abandoned me as this was turning more and more into a cooking blog >.<
Don't leave!!! I promise I'll do more beauty posts!!!
So by now I'm sure everyone knows that Cargo is pulling out of Sephora stores and thus all their products have been reduced to 50% of their regular price. Being Asian, a good deal pulled me in even though I've officially declared Sephora to be the root of all evil.
So what did I buy?(so far)


Cargo Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Barcelona.
A look inside.


Sephora describes the colours as: Shimmering Periwinkle; Matte Royal Purple; Matte Vibrant Violet and a Pale Teal Sheen. I'm unedumacated so I'm probably wrong, but I didn't find any of the colours in the palette to be 'matte' in any way. Their finish reminded me more of MAC's veluxe pearls. All four colours carried an equal amount damn I am just not in the know how to describe colours and finishes! Although you can't see it, the teal contains a gold shimmer which is so pretty in the light!! The royal blue is gorgeous too, although I have absolutely no idea where I'd wear that to =.=". Yes I'm extremely guilty of buying things which I have no intention of using hee! The packing is a bit bulkier than what I'd like, but I do love the clear lucite and the huge mirror included. At $14 it's a steal, I'm gonna go back tomorrow and pick up a couple more but definitely in more subdued colours xD.

On another note, a couple of you seem to be interested in the blushes I picked up from The Body Shop, so I thought I'd do a some swatches and do a mini review.

Let's start with the marblized blush trio, I got mine in Warm Sunset. Size wise, it's quite a lot bigger than a standard MAC blush and is approx the same size as a MAC Shape & Sculpt powder.

A closer look,swirled together is a light peachy pink, a ruddy red orange and a dirty brownish bronze (can you tell I suck with describing colours?)

Swatches: From the left: 1. mixed together; 2. lightest colour; 3. medium colour; 4. darkest colour.

Closeup of the mixed colour.

As you can see from the swatches, these blushes are really pigmented. You really have to apply with a light hand and blend like crazy, otherwise you'll end up with clown cheeks lol. They remind me of MAC msfs with a lot more pigmentation, and none of the frostiness. For me, this would be more of a "summer" colour, as I dislike peachy tones during the winter months because it looks really fake on me when I have no tan. I prefer cool pinks during winter to give that 'flushed from the cold' look xD.
The second blush I got from The Body Shop is their Roseflower blush in Fuschia.

Smells just like roses. No seriously, it's rose scented! but the scent is light enough not to be grandmotherly.


It reminded me of a slighty pinker version of NARS Super Orgasm actually, with the large flecks of gold glitter. Nunu no likey Super Orgasm, thankfully the glitter is just from the overspray used in the rose pattern and would soon disappear. It's not full on shimmer, yet it's not matte, it's got a bit of a glowy sheen to it.

On mah cheeks!Really natural, just the type of flushed from the cold look I like during winter!

Roseflower blush with Dior Rose Diamond skin shimmer as highlight. @.@ glowy! Excuse the spot on my cheek, we've been eating hot pot lately n I've got hot pot face, but c'mon this was my bare face with zero foundation and cover up! I owe it all to the My Beauty Diary masks that I've been using every 2nd night. It's still the shizniz!

And that's it for my round up of Body Shop blushes. I hope I've encouraged some of you to spend some money xD.


  1. your skin looks great bare!!! i like the roseflower blush! and yes, you have encouraged me to go spend money. hahahaha

  2. That looks beautiful on you, sweets. :D I love how all the products are so pigmented.

  3. Pretty! TBS really upped their ante lately. I remember their stuff to be not so pigmented and boring back then. Now, we don't even have one TBS in town anymore, so my TBS connection is really abandoned.

  4. hmm body shop blushes look good, do they stay on? there was a bodyshop sale where you pick any 3 things for $30 I'm so sad I missed it -_-

  5. I love using my rose flower one~
    I actually had to use a needle to flick out the glitter from the compact, cause it was just getting annoying after awhile.

    And great snag on the Cargo shadow~
    I meant to pick up London myself, but ended up getting Shanghai :T (I was in and out of Sephora in like 6 mins cause I had to meet friends). Wish I didn't find out about it so late, so that I could have gotten more stuff XD

  6. YOu lived in Jo'burg??? Woooohoooo!!!

    I am actually part S African myself. My Granny was from SA but my Grandaddy from Seychelles.

    I am going to Cape Town next week with work and although it is a very pretty city I soooo prefer Joburg.


  7. Cargo quad is so lovely...Sephora is having huge sale...unfortunately everything I wanted got sold out wthin 6 hours Flat!!!

  8. lol okay! I will wait for bodyshops 3 for 15 sale! I never buy anything full price from that store anymore it just leads to me getting mad when it goes on sale later -_-

  9. OOOOH That's the blush you sent meeeee. It looks so pretty!!! I can't wait to put it on :D :D :D

  10. Thanks for the swatches!

    I realized I wasn't following you! That's fixed now!!

  11. Aw, thanks for your sweet comment! I hope to get well soon too... being sick sucks!!!! :P
    I went to check out Cargo at Sephora that place got raided!!! Everything good was gone... Aw well, saves me money...
    Ha, I got the Body shop blush, it made me look too orange, and had to return it :P

  12. LOL omg, maybe thats where my extra weight is from XD
    You are utterly hilarious :)
    Anyway, I only started using primer about a year and a half ago, and it has been part of my routine so i don't forget. I seriously don't want to, cause like i said, me, halfway through the day without >_<

    oh and the stamps on the pictures? when i get bored, what else is a gal to do? lol

    hope that you have a lovely weekend!

  13. Thanks so much for the tip!! I did find the beauty diary sheet masks today :) I've bookmarked your site- keep up the food posts Hun! Btw didn't ask what your name was?

    Thanks so much again

  14. *Mouth drop in awe* The food looks delicious!!! I need to try to make this some time... hehe~ Thanks for the recipe. This is a stupid question, but is risotto an American recipe? :X I told you it's a stupid question... lol~

    I'm really digging The Body Shop marbleized blush... woo hoo~ It looks hot!

  15. Ahaha, you are awesome! Giving up medicine for law must have killed your parents! To think they had a chance of having a doctor for daughter! XD
    Although I must say, lawyer is probably just as highly they should be just as happy.
    And don't lawyers make more money than doctors?
    So have you tried the bb cream yet? You know it's weird...most bloggers love bb creams, and it seem to work well for most people! But for me, none of them work...I've tried at least 4 or 5 bb creams.
    I think it works better on people with pale skin. So if you're not tanned like me, then it should be fine...
    Well, hopefully it looks better on you than it did me...