Monday, December 10, 2012

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Review & Clinique Service As You Like It

When Clinique invited me check out their newly renovated counter at The Bay, downtown Vancouver, I spied with my little eye, the new Chubby Stick Intense!
I cackled gleefully when I discovered that they had generously included 4 of them in my goody bag!
If you were disappointed with the original Chubby Stick due to its lack of pigmentation then the new Intense line is perfect for you! Featuring 8 new shades, the new Intense line combines the original moisturising formula with an extra pop of colour.
I found these to be much longer wearing than the original Chubby Sticks, on average 4-5 hours, with the darker colours lasting even longer and fading gradually to a stain.
I much prefer the formula of Chubby Sticks over Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balms. These feel creamier, smoother and more moisturising, and all without Revlon awful peppermint scent and taste!
The new Chubby Stick Intense are CAN$19 each and available now at Clinique counters.
Onto swatches!
Curviest Caramel:
Heftiest Hibiscus:
Mightiest Maraschino:
Broadest Berry:
Yeah, I have no idea what is up with those names either.

Oh and if you do happen to be at the Clinique counter in downtown Vancouver, make sure to check out their new Clinique Service As You Like It!
Developed with the customer in mind, simply pop on one of Clinique's complementary bracelets in the corresponding colour and you'll get the exact type of service you want. Whether you wish to browse alone at your own leisure (pink bracelet), you are pressed for time and need express service (white bracelet) or you have all the time in the world for a full consultation (green bracelet), what you want is what you'll get. I'm personally all about the pink bracelet as I am quite an anti-social shopper haha!
While I was at the counter, I noticed how self-service friendly the new layout is, testers are laid out and easily accessible, products are clearly labelled with their function and price and they even have these iPad where you can get a nifty printed list of recommended products for your skin woes. Quite often shoppers feel too intimidated to ask to see or test out a product, so being able to take a product off the shelf yourself without a pushy assistant breathing down your neck is definitely an improvement!


  1. Those Chubby Stick Intense shades are gorgeous!!!

    1. I knew you would approve my dear lipstick bandit

  2. Oh wow, they look awesome on your lips...I have one given to me by dear Kat and I love it :)

    1. I love mine too! Especially Mightiest Maraschino!!

  3. First, I LOVE the idea of the bracelets. Pink all the way! I mean if I need their help, I don't mind seeking them out, but being asked constantly is a bit annoying.

    Second, the names are pretty :T but I love that you can see that they are super creamy on your lips. Hibiscus would be one I would look into, in the future.

    1. Ahaha now if only they can prevent people from thinking the bracelets are a free gift! I saw people just randomly taking a handful of them and walking off lol.

  4. Thank you for the review and swatch! I`ve had my eyes on these for a while now, they just look so chubbi and cute with so many colors. I never got around to buying them though :(

  5. i much prefer these balms without the minty scent!!! :D hurray! caramel looks gorg. on your lips!