Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Daiso High Curling Mascara

I went from saying I don't really do mascara reviews to doing 2 mascara reviews in 1 week. What a hypocrite. Does the fact that it only cost $2 and is quite awesome make up for it?
$2 from Daiso
They sez:
I don't know, I can't read Japanese -____- and I already threw away the package.
Nunu sez:
I'd heard whispers of an awesome mascara lurking within the hallowed halls of Daiso, so I made sure to drop by when I was in Richmond visiting the parental units.
There are actually several varieties of the High Curling Mascara and they come in different colour packaging. For the life of me I can't figure out what the difference between the one that I have (green packaging) and the one in the orange packaging, they both say "High Curling Mascara". Yes, I am a wealth of useful information. I can't find brand name either but it's made in Korea.
Like most Asian mascaras, the formula is a bit on the drier side, however, I was able to get 2 to 3 coats without any major clumping. It's not waterproof but I didn't notice any flaking or smudging when I wore it.
I don't curl my lashes but this mascara managed to lift to my lashes and added quite a bit of volume and length.
Where else are you going to get a $2 mascara that gives you results like this?? Gooo buy naooooo!
The switch from Summer to Autumn has been absolutely awful for my eyes! They're so sensitive and red T.T
Bonus blurry self portrait of my fotd taken 2 weeks ago when we went to a wedding.


  1. Next time I pop into Daiso, I'll look for this too! :D It's good for $2!! ^___^

  2. Gurrllll! That's awesome! And you look so tan, love it!

  3. Damn, i need to go back to Daiso and hunt this down now!! XD

  4. your lashes so longgggg!!! and so many judgy eyes staring at me bwahahhaha

    1. Yah I apparently lucked out on lashes. It gets annoying sometimes though, especially when I wear glasses cos they keep poking at the lenses.

  5. I have to get this mascara the next chance I shop for asian cosmetics. $2?? So cheap. Love your makeup and hair in that picture.

  6. i will definitely grab this on my next trip to Daiso :) Thank you

  7. That's pretty impressive for two bucks... go Daiso...! Your FOTD is lovely...Very pretty...

  8. woah~ nice xD seriously daiso beauty amazes me at times :)

  9. I want oneeeee!! That's amazing, its cheap and it WORKS! I never believed in curling mascara's as i have asian lashes, but this one looks like it works!