Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lush Emotional Brilliance preview

Lush recently invited us to the preview of Emotional Brilliance, their highly anticipated debut cosmetics line, at their newly renovated Robson Street store.
The collection officially launches on July 21 and consists of 13 lip colours ($22.95), 11 liquid liners ($22.95), 6 cream eyeshadows ($22.95), a mascara ($18.95), a bronzer ($18.95), a highlighter ($18.95) and a finishing powder ($18.95). All of the products in the collection are vegan, not tested on animals, and come in packaging that is 100% recyclable.
Newly renovated Lush @ Robson Street.
I brought along my new 40mm pancake lens for its first field trip. I actually like it a lot more than my nifty fifty! It's significantly sharper, faster and quieter than the fifty.
Emotional Brilliance swatches:
Eyes Right Mascara, Charisma Skin Tint, Feeling Younger Skin Tint, and Emotional Brilliance Translucent Powder:
I haven't been in Lush for a while (I've had to resort to ordering their bath products online as the shop's smells sometimes sets off my allergies), so I had no idea that they had added a perfume range!! I absolutely adored how Lust smelt! I have a soft spot for anything Jasmine scented and Lust was pure Jasmine in a bottle. I totally need to pick up a bottle sometime.
Meet Anthony and Dan, these two gentleman were in charge of mixing up batches of Ayesha fresh face masks for everyone to take home. We had a good chuckle about the effects of asparagus in your body. Apparently I have not yet matured beyond toilet humour.
The concept behind the Emotional Brilliance line is rather simple, it's essentially "mood ring makeup". Instead of following the latest colour trends, it's makeup that resonates with your mood and emotions. You spin the colour wheel and once it stops, you pick the first three colours on the wheel that appeal to you.
I ended up with Drive (purple), Lifted (yellow), and Motivation (turquoise). At my colour reading, I was told that Drive is my strength and what people immediately notice from me, I subconsciously seek to be Lifted (yes, especially from the 32,000 documents that need to be reviewed on my desk), and Motivation is what allow me to attain what I subconsciously need (procrastinate much?).
As all the names are rather innocuous and banal, Emily and I wondered what happens on days when we wake up feeling like ass. We suggested they to add colours called "Crap", "Annoyed", and "Cynical" to the line in the future.

So far I have tested the liquid liner, the lipstick and the mascara. The liquid liner suffered some slight smudging in the inner corners, but other than that it lasted through a whole work day plus 2hrs of cardio. I don't find the lipstick moisturising per se, but it's not too drying either, the formula has quite a bit of slip and lasted around 3-4hours on me but did leave a stain. I really hope they will redesign the mascara packaging, the applicator is just too short and I feel like I'm going to poke my eyes out every time I use it. The formula is mediocre at best, it won't clump but it also won't add any length, volume or hold a curl.
Overall I find Emotional Brilliance to be a very nice collection and I hope they'll eventually expand the collection to include things like foundation and blusher. There is a good range of colours to appeal to everyone, pigmentation is most excellent, and the colour wheel game adds a bit of frivolous fun. At first I felt like the price point was a bit too high but you really do get a lot of product for the price - the glass bottles contain a whopping 9g of product. My vegan friends will also appreciate the addition of a new makeup range they can use.
Make sure to check out this collection and your local Lush store!


  1. Yup... Definitely intrigued now. So gutted I missed out on the event, though!

    Drive looks absolutely lovely on you and Motivation is a STUNNING shade!

  2. Waaaahhhh!
    lol finally a post that shows a bit more of their new line xD

    I like the bottles, but yes, the mascara wand is too small. It would be hard to utilize the length it has.

    ps I gotta check out lust perfume as well...

    1. The bottles are definitely cute, but omg the cap is so darn slippery, I actually dropped one of the bottles on the floor at the launch (thankfully did not break!) and I saw several of the girls struggling to get a grip on the cap.
      Are you a fan of jasmine scented things too?

  3. Amazing! It's launching on the 21st here too~ ^__^ I love the idea of their packaging for the eyeliner and mascara... but it doesn't seem very suitable XD

    1. Hah! for once a collection launches on the same date in the whole world!
      Yeah it's definitely cute packaging but not very utilitarian. The eyeliner is still okay but the mascara was impossible!

  4. Your new lens is effing awesome. Mah gawd *jaw drops*

  5. The bottles of colour are intriguing...they can be a lip gloss or a liner...and goodness....what would you use the yellow for? Are they meant to be mixed and matched as lip glosses?

    1. Dude I asked the same question, what in the world would one use the yellow for?! Especially when I'm a yellow person!!
      In retrospect I should've picked a pink -________- I blame the colour reader's bouffant 'do for distracting me temporarily from my senses.

  6. wut? Lush sells makeup now? i can't spend too long in there either, gives me a headache. bwahahhaa i am as immature as u are when it comes to asparagus XD

    1. He was going on about the effects of asparagus on the skin and I was like "it has interesting effects on the body too..." xD he was apparently told he could not say that so he's glad that someone else brought it up

  7. Wowza those swatches are niice! You're always going to such fun events. :D

    (Haha...ok, so it's not just me XD

  8. Motivation is such a pretty shimmer! I had no idea Lush was going to sell its own cosmetics line. How cool to attend the event. Everything looks so colorful and cheerful!