Friday, February 24, 2012

Benefit Hervana Blush review and fotd

Yet another Enabled by Justine post.
While I love their Full Finish lipsticks (seriously THE most moisturising lipsticks EVAH!), I've never really paid any attention to Benefit cosmetics. Despite this, I was somehow talked into making an order for their Hervana blusher back in December during the pre-sale.
Like all Benefit blushers, Hervana comes packaged as a small cardboard box. A plastic tray insert on top of the blusher pan holds a slanted brush. A small mirror is included on the lid. It is definitely not the most travel friendly packaging in the world but if it's just going to sit in your drawer then it doesn't really matter.
Hervana consists of a psychedelic swirl of beige, peach, pink and fuchsia. The individual colours cannot be used alone and mixed together it produces a warm medium pink. Some of the shades have a slight sheen to them but the overall finish is quite matte. The powder is finely milled and wears well for 5-6hrs after which it starts to fade.
I would recommend using a stiffer flat blush brush as fluffier brushes won't pick up enough product.
On darker skin Hervana might be more of a highlighter because even on my fail pale self I had to layer it several times to show better. I would recommend testing it out first to see if it turns ashy.
I paid $28 and the box contains 0.28 oz (7.9g) of product. For comparison, a Chanel Joues Contrast blush is $43 for 0.14oz and a MAC blush is $22 for 0.10oz. So a few bucks more than a MAC blush you get almost 3 times the amount of product but for $2 you can get an amazing love you long time blush from Daiso. I therefore conclude that the Benefit Hervana blush is pretty but not necessary. The results just aren't unique enough for it to be a MUST BUY.

So psychedelic xD

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  1. Love it! It's like getting 5 blushes in 1 box! LOL That's my kind of deal :D Looking good on you, as fail pale as you are ;) jk!

  2. That last pic is too cute! I still haven't tried Benefit blushes because I hate the packaging... doesn't sound like this one would show up well on my skin though since I'm naturally tan. Alas, saving myself some money!

    xo, alison*elle

  3. Lovely! I really thinking about getting this.

  4. I love your makeup!!! It's very pretty! I'm going to try to recreate it. :P Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. It looks nice on you, Nunu darling! I have Coralista and it's really nice on me. I still can't believe how much more blush I can get from it compared to MAC et al. The packaging is quite bulky and not too friendly for those who travel frequently but honestly, I can live with that. Btw, I need to check out Daiso to see if they have that blush. We do have one (or two) stores here, which is nice.

  6. Love the blush on you! It gives a nice fresh glow :)

  7. pretty fotd! I've never tried their blushes b/c I don't really like the packaging, but the multiple shades look gorgeous! their creaseless cream shadow/liners are one of my favorite products to use.

  8. So pretty, gives such an angelic flush to the cheeks. I love the makeup you did for the whole look, which L'Oreal eyeshadow is that on your lid, or is it a combination? Gorgeous lippie as well - I'm a sucker for peachy shades :)

  9. the blusher looks really nice, it has been on my wishlist for a few weeks now! I'll have to remember to buy it next time i'm shopping! x