Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yet more L'Oreal Color Infallible swatches

Exactly what the title says, I have yet more L'Oreal Color Infallible swatches to share with you.

Sahara Treasure, Gold Mine, Bronze Goddess, Emerald Lamé, Black Onyx and Golden Mahogany (a colour I don't own) all recently arrived on Canadian shores as part of the L'Oreal L'or L'or L'or collection. All Night Blue is from their permanent line.
 Swatches from left: Black Onyx; Bronze Goddess; and Emerald Lamé.
It was insanely difficult to correctly capture Emerald Lamé. For some odd reason, greens tend to throw my camera off kilter. The photo below is blurry but is the one that best shows what Emerald Lamé truly looks like - light emerald green with an intense golden flash.

 Swatches from left: Gold Mine; Sahara Treasure; and All Night Blue
Gold Mine was a bit difficult to swatch - it is a sheer pale gold.
 For your ease of reference, here are swatches of the other Color Infallibles in my collection.
Swatches from left: Endless Chocolat; Permanent Kaki; Purple Obsession; and Time Resist White.
 From left: Burning Black; Hourglass Beige; and Flashback Silver.
 What my current collection looks like:
I still refuse to buy the light blue, peach or black ones. Or the dodgy matte ones.


  1. All Night Blue is the most gorgeous blue ever! I need to get these!! THanks for your gorgeous swatches :D

  2. So many! I want these so much after seeing your swatches! I'm loving All night blue to death right now by just looking at your swatch!

  3. I need to beef up my collection, that's for sure! I have Flashback Silver, Permanent Khaki, and Burning Black.

  4. They look great! But I don't know why, I haven't fallen in love with them yet... I've swatched them on my arm at the store, but it just didn't give me that OMG feeling. :/

  5. Damn those swatches look crazy niiice. @_@

  6. *_* so purrrrdy. omg All Night Blue...i love it!!!

    slow clap for not getting the asian hooker light blue.

    are some of these the US colors??

  7. Hello Kitteh Lady! ;]

    Ahhh, these infallible swatches are GORGEOUS! I have "Burning Black" thanks to Vicky ^^ but I WANT MORE! And like you...I don't think I'd buy any of the matte ones. These ones are just gorgeous to look at though. Hoping to find them some time after the holidays...haha.

  8. Oh what gorgeous shades. All Night Blue looks so pretty and striking and I love Emerald Lame. I think I would wear Sahara Treasure the most though. Thanks for the swatches.

  9. What a fabulous collection you have. I wonder which is your most favest one?

  10. I really need to stop looking at all you guy's swatches otherwise I'll end up with loads (I've only just bought the L'or gold ones for myself) XD Actually I've have a few shades not available here thanks to Justine and friends from Singapore haha.

  11. I'm trying hold off on shadows but Sahara Treasure is gorgeous!

  12. Wow thanks for the swatches! I think I have to get Burning Black!