Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekend in poor quality cellphone pictures

We were getting too comfortable in our relationship with Sushi Garden as our go-to cheap sushi joint so we decided to try out somewhere different but close to our abode. 
The first potential was SushiHolic. We got there at 7:40pm only to discover it was packed and there would be a 20-30min wait and that the restaurant closes at 9pm. 
Our second option was Sushi Moto which is located at 2221 Holdom Ave, right across from the Holdom skytrain station.
Cute paper lanterns above our booth
Someone's collection of figurines. I love this type of restaurant decor, it gives it such a personal touch and nosey diners like us enjoy snooping through the collection. I love that they put a light saber on a stand that's normally for a katana xD
Takowasabi - raw octopus marinated in fresh wasabi:
I'm not usually a mollusc fan but was intrigued by the menu's description of the dish. It was our first time trying this dish and we are now HUGE fans!! It was amazing!!!! chewy pieces of octopus in a savoury wasabi and pickle marinade that you scoop onto sheets of roasted seaweed. This is a MUST EAT item!
Saba (mackerel) sashimi. I love saba and for $9 that is a lot of sashimi!
Spicy chopped scallop roll and negitoro roll:
Baked scallop:
Again, not being a mollusc fan this was in fact Mr. Nunu's order. He gave me a couple of spoonfuls and I really regretted not ordering one for myself!! It was creamy savoury awesomeness!
I somehow forgot to take a photo of it, but we had another roll called the "Lion King" roll which is a California roll topped with baked tuna and tai and finished with a drizzle of misonnaise. It was interesting but not a standout.
I really recommend trying this place if you're in Burnaby! They also have very reasonably priced beer/sake and sushi combos! No TV or I'd totally be here for all the playoff games.
In other news, I needed a new storage solution for my nail polish collection. The Ikea Helmer is heralded as having the perfect dimensions for most nail polish bottles, however, it is also unforgivably ugly. I must've looked at it on at least 5 separate occasions yet I couldn't come to grips with ugliness. Not to mention that it is beige and made out of metal and would stick out like a sore thumb amongst all our black and white furnishings.
Finally Mr. Nunu discovered these Ikea drawer inserts that we could add to our Expedit bookcase and they worked out pretty well. The drawers come in a set of 2 for $40, and each drawer can house about 60-70 bottles of polish.
I end this post with the reason why I can't have blog sales. Everything we own is covered by a thin coat of cat fur and saliva.
Now I'm off to find me a mixer so I can bake my Christmas cookies!


  1. Wow, those drawers look great! I should really buy an Ikea furniture to store my makeup and all!

  2. Just had Sushiholic the other night. It's way too small and not as cheap as Sushi Garden but must try their Awesome roll. It is pretty awesome :D

  3. the food looks so delicious! and wholy nail polish collection XD hahah

  4. That is a lot of sashimi for such a cheap price. LOLOLOL, baked scallop is the ONLY mollusc-ey thing i'll eat - other than shellfish etc.

    Holy moley, that's one awesome collection ;DD

    HAHAHAH, awwwww. even your kitty loves the same things you do ^___^

  5. LOL - your kitty licking the naked palette is priceless...how cute!!!

    Love the sushi pix...

  6. *gasp* u gonna bake?!?! *slow clap*

    saba sashimi is the best thing evarrrr! & so cheap too, only $9 for all that.

  7. BAKING? OMG! I love the Kitteh pics - do I ever know about cat fur, lol!

    I LOVE Octopus (tako) it's one of my faves!

  8. LOL! They put a light saber?? Aish. I guess that works...too...? XD

    Sushi pictures making me hungry!! Everything looks so yummy. I'm like that too when trying new food...I'm always so hesitant but then it usually ends up being something I really like! haha. Oishii~

    Aww...kitty!! Cuute! :]
    Happy Holiday baking!!

  9. Food looks yummy! I've had the wasabi thing but usually its made too spicy over here. Agree that the Helmer is unforgiveably ugly and glad you were able to find a nicer storage solution :)

    I want to make holiday treats too...I just saw a recipe for Cookie Monster muffins and am itching to try them.

  10. Aw it's so cute that the sushi restaurant has figurines. I hate waiting so long at restaurants so I always go somewhere else too.

    I've never had mollusk before but you make it sound so good, especially with seaweed.

    Aw your kitty is playing with your makeup!! ^^ Love the nail polish collection and storage. I don't really like the helmer either haha but it holds a lot.