Sunday, December 25, 2011

Rimmel HD Glam Eyes review and swatches

Thanks to the kindness of Vicky, my smuggler of all things across the pond, I managed to get frostbitten paws on two of the Rimmel HD Glam Eyes palettes before they hit Canadian shores.
I believe these have recently cropped up in pharmacies in the US and go for around $5 a pop. I have yet to see these in Canadian pharmacies but if the Revlon Lip Butters are anything to go by, we should be seeing them sometime in the new year. 
Packaging is in the usual meh plastic compact with a see through lid. A duo ended sponge applicator is included. 
The true standout of these palettes is the ingenious way in which the shadows are arranged to form the shape of the Union Jack/British Flag. As an ardent lover of all things Pommie (except for their horrid food), the palettes made me squee a lil xD.
There are a total of 6 colour combinations: English Oak - warm neutrals/browns; Black Cab - smokey greys; Royal Blue - blues; Purple Reign - purples; Green Park - greens; and True Union Jack - a mixture of bright fuchsia, blue and white. I picked up Green Park and Purple Reign.
Left: Green Park. Right: Purple Reign

Green Park swatches:
Purple Reign swatches:
Texture wise the shadows are incredibly soft. I did these swatches using the included sponge applicator and it made huge dents in the shadow. The finish is akin to a MAC Veluxe Pearl - a smooth pearly sheen.
The above swatches are all 1 swipe and the pigmentation, as you can see, is utterly amazing. 
Wear time was impressive too, I wore the purple palette sans primer for work and it stuck around from 7am-7pm with no creasing although it had faded slightly.
The one thing that really annoyed me about this palette was that apart from the shadow in the main cross pattern, the shadows the four corners were next to impossible to get to because they are SO TINY! You'd probably have to use the corner of the smallest brush you have to get anything out.
For $5 each, these palettes just can't be beat and I am so hauling one of each when they hit Canada!
May all your wishes come true!! I hope you all spent it with your loved ones, consumed large quantities of food glorious food and got lots of presents!!!


  1. Merry Christmas!!! It's great you have a friend to get you over the sea goodies. The shadow packaging is so cute and the swatches look vibrant. The texture looks buttery soft too. :)

  2. God, I love the design. They're so creative aren't they? :) Hope you're enjoying them immensely Nunu :D

  3. Wow! The pigmentation is great! I never would have thought that these shadows would look so nice! Merry Christmas to you! ^-^

  4. wow theyre soo pigmented!! merry christmas!

  5. merry christmas to you too! i've seen them in Toronto before actually I think it was at a Walmart Super store. Good to know the shadows are as good as they look!

  6. Thanks for the review! Happy Boxing day!

  7. Wow the pigmentation is amazing. Merry Christmas! :D I'm a new follower ;)

  8. Yeah.. b/c of the small sections of shadow due to the pattern, I'm not a fan of palettes like these, unless the colors are supposed to be blended together, like a bronzer palette. I do like the green toned one! Will there be a fotd for these?

  9. Wow, i never expected such great pigmentation from Rimmel products :O The swatches look great =D Does the sponge tip grab a lot of the products? (coz you said it dented the shadows.. so im wondering if it uses up the shadows a lot faster?)

  10. Hehe. Vicky's such a sweetie~
    I received Green Park from Jian and used it for the holidays. They're SUPER soft~ and yes...kind of hard to get the brush in each little crevice. The design is really cute though...-sigh-

    Purple Reign looks gorgeous as well though...!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!! xx Totally consumed lots of foooood~ I'm still really stuffed thinking about it all and eating up all the leftovers. lol.

  11. Can't wait until these are released in Canada!