Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Photographic evidence that the 2 Tines occupied the same city for 8 days A.K.A More photos from NYC

2 nights ago, Tine2 whined about the lack of photographic evidence on my blog that the 2 Tines occupied the same city (and apartment!)for 8 days. I have been working some very enjoyable 14hr days lately so photograph editing took a bit of a back seat. In any event, here are more photos from our trip to New York, New York.

Did you know that you can't get cellphone signal inside New York trains? This provided exciting times for us when we tried to arrange to meet up with people whilst travelling to and from places. We did, however, manage to find Labbit in the end and she took us to a ghetto Target where her and Tine2 proceeded to bully me into buying a leopard print, kitty eared beanie. The we went to Applebees for lunch cos we're so klassy.
Tine2 and laaaabiiit:
Then we found Domo inside Bloomingdales(?!)! and after I made them go in to every F21 in the city we finally settled for a dinner of Korean BBQ. I have never seen so much banchan in my life.
We had dim sum the next day where we proceeded to throw peace signs, take photos and fight over the bill like good fobs.
Then I dragged Tine2 to the Museum of Natural History with me where I proceeded to make excited squealing sounds over every fossil. Look!! it's Tyrannosaurus Rex! EEEEEEEeeeee!

My favourite nurse standing next to my favourite dinosaur. Yes I have a favourite dinosaur and no my favourite FRIEND was not Ross!
In a hallway filled with rat and bird carcasses (creepy) we found this lil guy. I <3 opossums!
The infamous blue whale!! He is humongous and it was so hard trying to take a photo of him!
Hahah I thought this toy looks like my cat Munchie xD
Rockafeller Center
Do you think he's trying to make up for the size of something else?
St. Patrick's Cathedral. Tine2 and I both took photos of this place cos our mothers kept asking if there are (Catholic) churches in New York City. Yes there are surprisingly lots of them.
I will still insistently call it "mot-chi" xD
More Shake Shack! Delicious Shake Shack! See how the receipt says "Justine" even though I ordered under "Christine"? This was further evidence that Justine and I are the same person xD
This was before she discovered that her sausage burger was buried under a mountain of sauerkraut
Said sauerkraut mountain:
Laabbit wearing her cat dress and throwing fob signs:
Grand Central Station. There was a surprising lack of flash mobs happening.

We did find this snazzily dressed fellow though:
I whinged and whined until everyone went with me to Braai for dinner. Braai is an Afrikaans (South African Dutch) word for barbecue. Our server was from Soweto and we spoke in clicks.
Our one and only complete group photo:
My biryani(a kind of spicy stew on rice)was freaking awesome!
Koeksusters and Malva pudding:
I taught everyone the Taiwanese way of posing for sticker photos:
Note how Laabbit and I have the same cat dress but in reverse colours. Yes we are crazy cat ladies are we are proud.
Domo said this pose is called "The Starfish" and "The Jellyfish" combined.

As you can see, my obsession with the nudie bars of Time Square was still going strong:
Next installment of photos will contain Justine's birthday and our "we're too cheap so we're just gonna stay on the ferry" visit to the Statue of Liberty!


  1. Love how Domo is sits mysteriously there in pictures.. that's my kind of Domo :D

    Your photos are great! I love all the food you've had :D African BBQ sounds good!

  2. Yay! So many pictures, I love it! All the food looks SO YUMMY!!! I wanna go on a trip too!!!

  3. Omg you guys look like you had sooo much fun!! I'd say thats pretty good photographic evidence if any! XD

    You and Laa-bit wear the same thing but reverse intentionally? Prettttttty cute!!

  4. wow. your mochi picture and the sauerkraut cover the sausages looks so good!

  5. So many amazing pictures! Am so jealous of the lovely food you got to eat.
    The museum of natural history looks incredible! I would love to go there one day. My husband too as he LOVES dinosaurs! He's a bit of a dinosaur nerd.

  6. hee the labbit and domo are so cute! fabulous photos and the toy (hamster?) is kawaii looks like hamtaro XD I want to go travelling soon <3

  7. There are so many comments I could leave for all these photos that this would just be a long ramble so I'm just going to say your trip looked freakin delicious! :)

  8. LOVE THESE PICTURES!! Your adventures in NYC looked so much fun. I enjoyed Domo's little cameo as well. lol. Oh man...hungry now. You ladies look lovely!

  9. What great pics! Thanks so much for sharing. Domo looks really harmless in her pic, lolololol!!

  10. wow really great pictures! I love to see traveling pics :3

  11. im such an idiot for reading your post in the middle of the night.. now i have the munchies for African, Korean & fatty food :( The pics look great - so.. close. too bad im staring at a comp screen & not the real thing. OMG! I wanna go back to my museum now~ T-reeeeeeex.