Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dior Addict lipstick travel collection

Mama pirate was kind enough to help me pick up a few toys during her recent trip to Asia.

When I was in Calgary, I was somehow convinced (more liked bullied *ahem* Justine *ahem*) into buying my first Dior Addict lipstick. I have to concede that despite its high price, it was love at first use, so when I saw this travel exclusive set I had to have it.
For US$77 you get 3 Dior Addict lippies. Converted that's about CAN$75, making them $25 each. As Sephora Canada sells these at $31 plus tax, I reckoned the set was quite a deal.
Inside you get 3 full sized lipsticks, the colours are #579 Must-Have, #680 Millie, and #222 Beige Casual. I think Must-Have is a Dior counter exclusive?
Too much prettiness.
 From left: Must-Have, Millie and Beige Casual
Dior Addict lipsticks have a very high shine, almost jelly like finish that feels wonderful on this old pirate's pruney lips. I absolutely adore its moisturising formula. The pigmentation is meant to be sheer but much more intense than the Rouge Coco Shines which I feel are glorified lipbalms. 
Lasting power is around 3 hours, after that it begins to fade gradually.
From left: Must-Have, Millie and Beige Casual.
 Diorkiss (far left) thrown in for comparison:
 Beige Casual:
All in all, a very good purchase!
Now they're all gonna hang out and make some pretty babies.


  1. *coughs* But wasn't the purchase worth it? SOOOO Much better than the Rouge Coco Shines!!

    I can't waiiiit!

    They all look lovely on you! :) x

  3. Some of my face lipsticks - very pretty!

  4. Oooh I love the Millie color!

  5. domo says you better be using those lipsticks often or else domo will come up and take them from you bc domo wants to be pretty too! rawr!

  6. hooooo, beige casual is pretty!

  7. Omg, so pretty! That is an awesome deal. =D

  8. Great swatches! I love the case of the lippies! So cute.

  9. amazing that you got a deal with those lippies! esp when they are DIOR and look fab on you :D

  10. GORGEOUS! And I think that IS quite a deal although that's nearly $100 for 3 lipsticks! LOL But in true Dior fashion, these probably retail for wayy more and you get 3 very wearable colors. :) Nice!

  11. they look so pretty! moisturizing + pigmentation= dream combo! wants to just buy any air ticket just so i can get them in duty free..XD

  12. love the lip purchases!!! the drinks look delicious hehe, i'd be a frequent visitor to that table too haha!

  13. Such pretty natural shades! I think I like the Millie one the best although the beige would look great with smokey eye looks.