Tuesday, May 31, 2011

China Glaze Sea Spray v. Eyeko Rain Polish.

I made a tiny haul when the China Glaze Anchors Away collection came out. When I finally got around to trying out Sea Spray, a lovely blue-grey, it looked oddly familiar...
 Oh hai Eyeko Rain Polish! 

In the bottle China Glaze Sea Spray and Eyeko Rain Polish look identical. If I had to pick a fancy name to describe the colour it'd be storm grey - a combination of green, blue and grey. Both polishes have a slight silver shimmer in the bottle that isn't really visible on the nail.
Can you tell which finger has which polish on it? I can't unless I look really closely. My thumb is Eyeko Rain Polish and all the other fingers are China Glaze. If I have to pedantic, I'd say the Eyeko is just a smidge lighter and has slightly more visible shimmer, but they are such close dupes that you won't need both. Formula wise they are similar, both are easy to control and opaque in 2 coats.
Close up of China Glaze Sea Spray:
 Closer look at Eyeko Rain Polish:
Eyeko Rain Polish on thumb and China Glaze Sea Spray on all the other fingers:
China Glaze Sea Spray courtesy of my credit card and 8ty8beauty.com
Eyeko polish courtesy of the lovely Old Cow.


  1. I can definitely not tell which is which in these photos! It's a cute shade though either way.

  2. I can't see much of a difference. The Eyeko seems a bit glossier, maybe? Cute manicure though!

  3. This looks very familiar!! The colour suits you *congratulating myself* lol

  4. I can't tell the difference too. :)
    I love my Rain Polish, and it's much cheaper than China Glazes here (jacked up prices!) xx

  5. Nice colour!


  6. Those are cute! Great blog. =) New follower.